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Benchmade has made its reputation in the marketplace over the years through the quality of its products. We have prided ourselves on providing our customers a quality product that distinguishes itself from the competition through what we call the 3 M’s – the Mechanisms, the Materials and our Manufacturing capabilities.

That said, our ability to deliver a quality product is totally dependent on our most important asset, the people here at Benchmade. All the way from our owners through to everyone who works here, the passion we have for producing a quality product is one of the vital ingredients in Benchmade’s success. That’s something that no quality management system by itself can instill; that comes from the very top, from the leadership of our owners, Les and Roberta De Asis and their management team.

To support that culture of excellence, we do have a Quality Management System (QMS) that we continue to build and improve. Our QMS is based on the ISO 9001:2008 standard, and is specifically tailored to our company’s needs. Attention to detail and continual review of our processes also ensures we are able to not only maintain but to improve all aspects of our ongoing operations.

For each USA made Benchmade product, from the New Product Introduction process where the fundamental design is fine tuned through a series of methodical review and approval steps, through the controlled manufacture of the components to tolerances and standards often found only in aerospace and precision industries, all the way through hand assembly by trained team members where each individual knife is checked against cosmetic and functional criteria and standards for component and product quality and performance, each process step is designed to produce the desired result – a Benchmade quality product.

We also have a well developed rapport with our customer base, which provides us with another key ingredient, which is the Voice of the Customer. That and our Customer Service, Sales and Marketing teams keep us in tune with our customers’ needs and provides feedback for further enhancements and improvements to our products.

In summary, it is the company culture, leadership by example and the individual contributions of each employee, supported by an ISO 9001:2008 based Quality Management System, that make Benchmade products what they are. As we say here, “Make it Cool, Make it Solid, Make it Happen, and definitely make it Benchmade!”

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