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"I am a Navy pilot currently flying with an Army unit in Ballad, Iraq. I would like to thank you for allowing me to use such a great product in flight during my 12 years of flying for the Navy. I haven't strapped into a cockpit without one and always carry my Benchmade on person. Although completely worn, it shows the durability of the Benchmade product. As you probably know, Benchmade has truly supported the war-fighter. Thanks again. -LCDR S. Bird"

Benchmade receives emails and letters that express customer testimonial to the products they have purchased and put to use, or put away for collecting purposes. We thank you for every opportunity we can assist you and appreciate the time you took to write us. Here are snippets of original notes where some were edited for privacy and length. Have a story or testimonial you'd like to share? Submit it to us!

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Robert W. writes-

"So I ordered a Barrage 583 because it had everything i wanted and seemed like one of your more flagship products. I have been impressed left right and center so far. The first thing that astonished me was the speed at which the knife arrived. With such an extensive product line i thought it would have taken weeks to get my knife (as it has with other companies). It came in less then a week. When i took it out of the box i was surprised how light it was, usually a knife of quality has weight, you guys blew that myth right out of the water. I couldnt find any sort of unwanted movement on the knife. The knife feels sturdy and the materials are top notch. Another thing that really impressed me was the packaging, the knife came inside a custom made cloth bag, inside a nice custom, labeled box with a manual. And boy were you guys right about the knife being extremely sharp. don't think ill ever use anything else again"

Ryan P. writes-

"I purchased a Benchmade 527 before my deployment to Afghanistan in 2012. It was an excellent utility knife and I used it regularly for everything from eating to medical procedures. I always have a knife on me at all times and this one became a constant item even back in the States. On my last deployment to Afghanistan in 2014, I was treating a wounded soldier during a firefight when two RPGs and and IED were detonated within 25m of my position. A large piece of shrapnel hit my upper left arm and shoulder. Due to the location of this knife as well as a Rite-in-the-Rain notebook, my injuries were not nearly as life threatening. If I did not have those items in my shoulder pocket, the shrapnel would have severed my arm. As it was, I only received a minor fracture, minor shrapnel wounds, and a moderate TBI and was able to continue the mission. The 527 is still relatively intact, it could use a cleaning, sharpening, and the clip was torn off, but it still serves me well. I considered replacing it, but I think I will have it fixed instead. Great product! "

Richard J. writes-

"I purchased a 15060-2 Grizzly Creek folder about 2 months ago. I really like the knife. I had a problem with a broken Omega spring in the lock. I contacted your company, sent the repair form and my knife in as instructed, and my knife was back in my hand repaired, cleaned, with screws replaced within seven days. No questions or hassles. No months long wait to get it back. That ladies and gentlemen of BKC, Inc. is absolutely standing behind your product. I couldn't be more pleased. I'm planning to buy a fixed blade in July. It's going to be a Benchmade. Thank you for your quick service and a great folding hunter. "

Ryan N. writes-

"I would just like to say thank you for making an awesome durable knife. I just recently purchased another BM knife 583 Barrage It was a replacement for my last one that I carried for 10 yrs It was given to me by the military when I was on a tour in Iraq.
That knife was in my pocket day in day out everyday, used on 100s of different applications. I would still be carrying it to this day but unfortunately I lost it in the woods a few days ago hence the reason I purchased my new 583 Keep up the good work BM Hopefully this one will last me another 10 yrs I'll always stand by BM of the best!

Craig P. writes-

" I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for making and outstanding knife. I carried this knife with me while in Afghanistan and it served me and our country well. The quality, construction and durability along with the edge that stays sharp like no other.

When I returned home last year after spending almost 3 years, my kid often asked me why I always carry my Benchmade (came up many times in conversation). I always said, I never know when I might need it. My oldest son went to Montana State University the year before last. When he came home in the Spring he said he wanted to go to school in California and play baseball. So on the 9th of September we left Victor Montana at 6am heding out to California (he was following me in his car). We made Arco Idaho about 9:30am and 16 miles south of Arco I was looking at him in my side view mirror and to my surprise I watched his car cross the center lande and then dart back to the right side of the road. I watched his car go off the road and roll end over end and then roll (I didn’t think it would ever stop; we’re doing 70mph). He rolled so many times, he was still rolling when I got turned around. I raced back to the scene, jumped out of my car and ran down to the wreck. My heart about stopped as I see him hanging upside down in his car, not moving. I touched him and started talking to see if ok, after what seemed like forever he mumbled. He said he was ok in a groggy voice. So I crawled under the car to release his seat belt, but it was so tight I couldn’t undo it. I reached for my Benchmade in fear the car may catch fire and cut the seat belt and freed him.

Thanks Benchmade :) :)

P.S. - He walked away without a scratch and is in California going to school getting straight A’s.

P.S.S – My kids don’t ask any more why I always carry my Benchmade. :)

P.S.S.S – Almost forgot. Can you repair my knife as I think the belt clip screws are stripped.

Jay V. writes-

"Dear Folks at Benchmade:

A couple of years ago I began collecting knives. I went the predictable route of picking up pieces that were lower cost, like Kershaws. I amassed a small collection of these over the course of a year, but then found a Benchmade blue box at a yard sale. The guy selling the knife was liquidating an estate and had a price on it of $20. I talked him down to $10 and walked away with my first Benchmade knife - a nice little Mini Griptillian that I still carry regularly.

Since that time, I have purchased 16 more Benchmade knives while selling off everything I had collected previously. Yes, I am now a confirmed Benchmade carrier.

This year (2015) I have purchased a 757 Vicar, an 808 Loco, a Customized 580 Barrage, an 855-01, a 635LE and a 477 Emissary. All of these came to me with the blades "dead center" and SHARP. These pieces are outstanding examples of workmanship that shows pride in the product. I am awaiting the arrival of a 940BK that I made a deal for on the Benchmade Community Forums.

It appears to me that there is no going back. Thank you for your outstanding knives. I once thought that there was no sense paying your prices for knives. NOW, I can't understand why anyone would settle for less!

Rob C. writes-

"My experience with Benchmade is one of a growing love. In 2002 I had not heard of Benchmade, but a friend I worked with @ ********* sold me his very used BM (Stryker). I liked the feel and smoothness but didn't really care beyond that. It was 3-4 years later I realized that I had been putting it through years of heavy use and it was as smooth and tight as when I bought it. my respect and love for that knife continued to grow from that point and It became an old friend. I had bought a few other brands of folders over the years and sold them because nothing felt like the Benchmade, to this day it locks up tight and functions like a dream (still haven't needed the warranty). I have since then bought a few more folders (all benchmade) and I swear by their quality.. true quality is best realized over time. "

Nick C. writes-

"I have plenty of knives ranging from folding to fixed blade to everything in-between. I have several tops brands including Ka-Bar and SOG. This is my first Benchmade knife and my only regret is that I wish I knew about your company sooner. The marksmanship is incredible and fits perfectly and comfortably in hand. The blade is sharp and elegant and cuts just about everything. If I could go back in time, I would trade every single one of my knives for a Benchmade and I greatly apologize for just now discovering your company. Thanks for all you do and feel assured that I will never ever buy another knife unless it is a Benchdade knife, anything else is just simply not good enough. "

Eric H. writes-

"I first purchased a Benchmade knife three years ago. It was a Torrent, and it was my first high quality knife. Not a week after my purchase this knife saved my life. I was at my house when I saw three pitbulls running through my front yard. They quickly surrounded two children and their father in the street in front of my house. I ran outside to try and help. The dogs instantly turned to me as I moved towards them. One jumped and bit me across the face narrowly missing my eye. I won't get into details, but I walked away knowing I owed my life to having a Benchmade knife in my pocket.

Unfortunately I have recently lost the knife. I believe I dropped it in a public place while reaching for change in my pocket. I would not consider a lesser knife after owning a Benchmade.

Lawrence B. writes-

"Received the Benchmade 67 a year back. One of my favorite purchases that I have recently made. Sharp, flips well, and strong. I use it daily to cut rope and packages. Wonderful knife, amazing piece. "

Doug H. writes-

"I received my custom made Barrage recently and it is everything I was hoping it would be and more. The quality and craftsmanship is unsurpassed. Thanks Benchmade! "

Evan S. writes-

"Dear Benchmade, When I was 12, I wanted a benchmade so bad. I saved up money doing chores and odd jobs and bought a 710. That was 1999. I carry it almost everyday. It shows surface wear, but it is still functioning as well as the day I bought it. I'm 28 years old now. During that time I have had other knives that have come and gone or broke. The only issue I have had with it, was recently. Two of the three screws that hold the clip on fell out and got lost. I sent Benchmade an E-mail, to which they responded, "We will happily send you a new clip and screws for free". I have been so happy with my knife, and now with their customer service! Someday when it wears out or when I get a new one it will be a Benchmade for sure! Customer for life.! "

Alexander C. writes-

"Hello Benchmade, my name is Alexander, I am 14 years old, and I absolutely love your knives. Ever since I first got into knives, I always loved Benchmade the most. The quality of the knives are fantastic. I have never had a problem with one. Benchmade delivers what they say they will, and I can always count on that they are sharp, pristine, and awesome when I open up the beautiful Benchmade box. The knives have a look and feel that just seems right. I just got into balisong flipping and the mini-morpho has been amazing. I am looking for a balisong gold knife to come out soon in hopes of me claiming one to add it to the front of my collection. I can always trust Benchmade with every purchase and love seeing new knives come out. I have always bought from Benchmade because they have a special place in my heart. They are the best knife company out there. "

Shane S. writes-

"So I've been a spyderco fan since I began my love for knives. I've always thought nothing can beat American made and especially Colorado made, that's where I'm living. But I've also been curious about what Benchmade had to offer. When I first felt the Griptilian in hand, I thought it felt kind of cheap and plastic-y but I jumped the gun and bought my first and only Griptilian 550hg. I love it and have never felt anything as durable and smooth. Now I can not stop going to my authorized Benchmade dealer and looking at all of the knives. You guys always respond to emails and are so kind. Which is another great factor, the customer service is on point. I love Benchmade and I will forever be a fan and customer. "

Matt H. writes-

"I have carried a knife since eight or ten years old. I've owned and used every one of the common brand knives. Four months ago I was again fed up with whatever $30 - $50 knife I was carrying and wanted another just about the time we visited Smokey Mountain Knife Works on vacation. I remembered that knife my brother carried in the Marines, Bench....something. I found the counter, recognized the knife and purchased a 583 Barrage with the Tanto blade because I figured it would be easier to sharpen. I use a pocket knife many times every day and I sharpen often.

Not only is this knife so far superior to anything I have ever owned, used or been exposed to, it is irreverent to call it "my pocket knife". The blade lock is supreme, dead solid. In four months I've cut rope, wood, acrylic, boxes, deburred aluminum and a hundred other things not including the typical daily uses. Last night while trimming a piece of wood to fit with my Benchmade I realized that in four months I haven't sharpened it. It's not dull yet, I just came to the realization the edge has lasted probably six times longer than any I've owned.

So it took me thirty years to find a real knife. Thank you.

Paul P. writes-

"Benchmade, I am retired now but after 12+ years working around the world from major cities to the real bush with some 10 years in the middle east Your product has always been at my side and has come to be the best tool one can have .A fine knife that will do what its made for. Often I have had native peoples [read Yemen] state that it is good to have such a knife .And yours is that knife .Recently a young person asked me what should he bring to the field as it was his first trip to the hot climes of he east. My answer first a good knife and a good pocket compass forget all the electronic b.s. they will fail when needed most, not so your product an old Pardue 154 CM Drop point has served me well and still does. Thanks Benchmade "

Seth H. writes-

"Last year on christmas i recieved a 551 Gripitilian. I had never herd of the brand, but needed a knife ,so i stuck it in my pocket and started to carry it on a daily basis. Since last christmas i have worked a few different jobs and have had that knife every day since. It served me well and i was amazed about how good craftsmanship was, it served as a knife, a scraper, a screw driver, and many other "on the fly" tools...... About a week ago that knife was taken from me and now i feel like I lost a good friend, or my right hand. If anyone is on the fence about the purchace of a BENCHMADE product, you will not regret it. I was spoiled, and i refuse to buy anything else..... "

Steve R. writes-

"Since receiving my first two Benchmade knives in early 2004 (Osborne's 960 & 921), I've only bought Benchmade knives. My answer over the years to "Biggest influence in purchasing Benchmade" question on your form has and will continue to be, "It's the only knife my family buys." This thank you note is long over due but I hope it would find its way throughout your facility and gives your craftsmen and service staff a since of pride.

Thanks for consistently delivering excellent products and customer service. Our family has purchased almost 100 of your knives since 2004 because of how well your knives stand up over time and your unmatched service standards. You get it right every time and I don't know of many companies who can say that. I appreciate that American hands have designed, constructed, and delivered the knifes will be held one day by children and then passed to my great grand children.

Joseph F. writes-

"I have been carrying a Benchmade for about a year now. Before I carried a number of knives. Sog Gerber buck all kinds of knives but nothing has put up with the abuse I have put my griptillian through! I'm an avid outdoorsman and I use many tools on a daily basis. My Benchmade has field dressed and skinned many deer and other animals I have harvested. I'm also a firefighter emt and have used it on scene many times and it has never failed me. A customer for life you have gained. "

Richard C. writes-

"I have a Benchmade knife (Model ATS-34) I've worn on my hip for the past 15 years or so. I use it daily for the intended purposes, but today my Benchmade probably kept me out of the hospital.

I had lay my bike down to avoid a car this morning. I got some road rash on the right side of my body. Fortunately, the Benchmade was on my hip and took the brunt of the damage. My injuries would have been far worse without my knife there. I literally slid across the a street with most of my weight centered on my hip / the knife.

I wish I could post up a picture on this testimonial. The knife was ground down pretty good. It still functions perfectly, though it's appearance definitely has more character. I've eaten enough asphalt to know how much worse my accident would have been if it had been a knife from any other manufacturer / brand. I'm grateful your company over-engineers it's knives and I have to marvel at the quality of your product. Design details, like a triple fastened belt clip, turn out to be lifesavers.

I got some scrapes and my clothes got shredded, but I'm walking around and all smiles because of my Benchmade.

Thank you.

Brendan W. writes-

"I bought my Benchmade Contego about two years ago and use it on everything and is still razor sharp, I noticed that the clip was becoming not as tight when I purchased it rightfully I have properly pulled it over 2,000 times. I call Benchmade and their customer service representative was extremely nice and told me that she would send me another clip, I would have never in a thousand years think that a company would stand behind their product on every part and they did, and with no cost to me I received my clip with 5 business days. I would have happy paid for it but eh lady said no cost we appreciate you as a client and if you ever need anything don’t hesitate to ask. Best customer service ever I am a benchamde buyer for life and the great customer service just reinforces my decision to only buy Benchmade Knives. "

Greg H. writes-

"This year I received a BM infidel for Christmas and have not stopped carrying it daily. One night I was driving home in the dark on a small country road and came across a deer that was still alive but struck by a car. I could not leave the animal suffering so I stopped to dispatch the animal with infidel in hand. As I got close enough to deal with it the animal rolled and knocked me down. I dropped the knife and pulled my pistol. As I drove away a little more beat up than when I arrived, I had forgot to pick my knife up. The next day I went back only to find a destroyed knife in the road. I was heart broken. That day I called BM and told them the story and sent the knife in. BM charged me very little and sent the knife back looking new. The products are great but BM took care of me in such a way that not many companies will do. Thanks Benchmade, from your forever customer. "

Torre V. writes-

"I get issued a Benchmade griptilian about every 3 or 4 years so by this point I have a stable of them. I carry a knife always, unless in bed at home or in the shower. This morning I went out for a daily run so I grabbed my griptilian with sheepsfoot blade, stuck it in my running shorts pocket and hit the road. During my run I desided to do a few sprints. We as soon as I picked up speed I somehow flung the knife out of my pocket. I felt devastated. As it flew thru the air it opened, bounced on one driveway, tumbled across the next yard, skidded along the next driveway and ended up in a muddy ditch. I ran to it and quickly dug it out of the muck. I closed it with out looking so I wouldn't ruin my day. Once I got home I cleaned it off and looked it over. The only scratch on it was a mild scrape on the pocket clip and the edge was rough. I ran it thru my benchmade field sharpener and it's good as new. You guys make an awesome product and I think for the money a griptilian with the sheepsfoot blade has to the the toughest knife you can get. Thank you. "

Berdell A. writes-

"I went to a knife and gun show recently with the intent of buying a knife for my up coming deployment. After talking with a bunch of vendors I settled on your knives. The first one was HK branded auto Mini Entourage. So I didn't buy them at the same time. I wanted to see what other options were available. About 30 mins later I ended up at the same vendor and purchased your 950SBK Osborne Rift Axis. So far I am very happy with them! I am sure they will be useful while I'm on deployment with the USS Jason Dunham DDG109. "

Anthony L. writes-

"I have used my 580 SBK for multiple situations. My first time was 3 years ago when an old man was driving his Jeep and rolled it in front of me. His vehicle was smoking and we ran to the vehicle and he was bleeding from his head. He was slightly alert and could not turn his vehicle off. As a result, his vehicle was on its side and I used my Barrage to smash his sunroof. I went into the vehicle and turned off his vehicle. While putting him in C-Spine we were able to safely remove him from the vehicle by cutting his seat belt.

My time this knife came in handy was during a bird hunt and a hunter did not see my friend. They shot him at about 40 yards and got him in the face. Again my Barrage was able to safely extract all of the shot from his face.

Most recently about a month ago we were out crabbin and thought we saw a sunfish tied up in a Commercial Crab Pot Buoy. Upon approaching it, we noticed it was a Dolphin. It's tail was wrapped up and could not swim. The dolphin stood still while we cut the ropes free. We retied the buoys and continued our thing. The dolphin stayed with us for about 20 minutes before swimming off.

My Benchmade Barrage is the most important tool. From, cutting, wood, ropes, vines, seatbelts....this knife has come through 100% of the time.

My next purchase will be a black edition. Thanks Benchmade. I have photos of all the events as well.

Josh H. writes-

"I have carried a Benhmade since 2005 and the quality and reliability is second to none. I have used my Benchmade McHenry and Williams 710 everyday, hard use in the Fire Service and any other daly task I came across. Benchmade is the the best customer service oriented company in the business of knife making. They take great care of the ones that truly enjoy a quality product that will last a lifetime. "

Risto H. writes-

"So i got my first benchmade 2 years ago for anniversary present, and it was mini griptillian with tanto edge, i was so impressed with the quality of the knife i barely used it as an every day carry knife.

As i got more used to the thought of carrying it around all day, after i understood how durable and sturdy it is i started using it everyday. But after awhile i wanted to chance little something about it, the pocket clip. So i checked ebay every now and then for cheap low rider pocket-clip for my mini-grip never found anything affordable. Then one day i decided to contact benchmade about my "problem" and they sent me 2 low-rider pocket clips for free!

Basically i just wanted to thank benchmade publicly for their grate products and customer service.

Ps. just got 3 days ago 940 as my birthday gift, and guess what is also wearing the original benchmade low-rider pocket clip. Thank you guys and keep it going!

Chris L. writes-

"In 2009 I purchased a Infidel and took it with me to Afghanistan. It was on my hip everyday of the deployment and went with me on every mission I went on. Luckily I never had to use it in any of the combat situations I was in, but it was used daily and was put thru it's paces. When I first purchased it I was concerned about the price tag on it but it is more than worth what it cost in durability. Unfortunately customs wouldn't let me leave Afghanistan with it because the said "it's probably a fake you bought at the market and you can't bring those weapons home." I just wanted to let benchmade know that y'all make great products that are made to withstand anything including a one year infantry deployment to Afghanistan. And to keep up the good work, one day I will be able to purchase another infidel and I know it will withstand the tests of time. "

KC B. writes-

"I thought it was time to share my appreciation for the Benchmade brand. I am a combat veteran, having served in both Iraq and Afghanistan. During my first round in A-Stan, I was issued a 9052BK AFO (perhaps a previous nomenclature at the time, but same knife) and was immediately impressed by the quality of the knife. After retiring the knife I had been carrying from another manufacturer, the AFO became my everyday carry. With all the sand, grit, and filth we wallowed through every day in theatre, all it took to keep the smooth auto action snappy was a quick shot of whatever aerosol lubricant we had on hand. And man, did that thing hold an amazing edge.

During one of my sojourns into Iraq I had an unfortunate opportunity to call upon this tool to save my life in a close quarter engagement with an enemy fighter. Somehow – and I am still not sure how the slick little bugger pulled this off – the fighter came up behind me and got hold of my rifle sling. I ended up grappling with him for a second and found my left forearm arm tangled in the sling. I managed to pull the AFO from my vest with my right hand, deploy the auto blade, and slice my sling free which allowed me to rapidly gain back the space I needed with a couple well placed strikes with the AFO. The rest is probably self-explanatory since I am here writing this.

Since then, my trusty AFO was always with me, it had become a part of me. About a year ago, the unthinkable happened – she disappeared! I still think someone made off with her one night during a particularly rowdy party. I was devastated, of course. I immediately went in search of another, and ordered a nice shiny new AFO-II Tanto from Benchmade’s website. I, of course, love the new one and have it with me always, but I still miss my original. I just can’t say enough about the quality craftsmanship of Benchmade products – they are the only brand I purchase and trust. In fact, as I write this I am anxiously awaiting delivery of my latest edition; the 3300BK “Infidel” OTF. The UPS guy can’t get here fast enough!

In closing, I humbly extend a huge, heartfelt thank you to the entire Benchmade family. Your unparalleled quality has truly saved lives. Cheers!

Dan G. writes-

"I have brought a 551 Griptilian back in November. Don't ask how. Here in Australia this kind of knife is deemed illegal. Don't know why. Just letting you know that this knife is by far the BEST KNIFE EVER I have owned. I am 45 years old I fish, hunt or hike, every weekend. I work in a warehouse cut cardboard and plastic strap all week. This thing never looses its edge. I could lay down 100 knifes out of my collection and I would pick this thing up before any other. Keep up the dam fine craftsmanship.

One very happy Griptilian owner.

Jason A. writes-

"Just a note to say how Benchmade knives are by far the most superior knives made! Out of all the other good knives and knife companies on the market, Benchmade is far above the rest due to awesome customer service... The staff that make the knives, service them and take customer calls and orders are the best. Benchmade would always have a good knife but the people behind them make them great!! Thanks for your work.."

Daniel G. writes-

"I don't have an amazing story but I did want to thank you for the fine work you do. I have had my Griptilian pretty much since they first were released. I have worked many jobs in manufacturing, automotive and other manual labor type work. All while using my benchmade knife. It's dealt with a lot of use and still is great knife. Thanks again for the fine workmanship that created a knife that has held up to over a decade of being my daily carry."

Chris K. writes-

"I wouldn't consider myself a knive collector or fanatic but Benchmade was the company that got me interested in US made knives back in 2003 and sure started a fire :) Classic, enduring, stylish and practical while flawless in execution and materials choosen. A company with great heritage and truly worth it's name BENCHMADE - 940, 710, 557 - my personal EDC favs."

Dan G. writes-

"I have carried a BM literally every single day for the last 10 or 12 years, for the past one year however I havent been carrying a Benchmade as an EDC, for that I'm using a CRK Sebenza however I'm still carrying the trusty 710 in my left rear pocket as a personal defense tool. I have never had to use it in that manner (thankfully) but do occasionally like to use it to cut string's / light stuff like that. I sharpen all my knives free hand on a set of ceramic stones so truthfully I'm scared to use it for daily use cause I'm scared to have to sharpen it!

Well anyway moving along, yesterday my little sister and I were going to pick up a new horse, she run's a riding lesson business and we were picking up this horse for one of her client's that doesnt have a trailer of their own. This horse had been rescued from a abusive owner in the past who had actually cattle-prodded it's eye trying to force it to load on a trailer and that actually ended up costing the horse it's eye. This made it nervous cause not only could it not see anything on it's left side but like I mention the incident happened trying to load it on a trailer so it's always been leery about loading...

We got the horse to load, the trailer is a 3-horse slant load, we tied it's halter to the mount and went to put some hay into the feed ledge on the trailer for him to much on some food during the few hour trip back to our barn. Note we had never seen this horse before so while we knew the story the horse didnt know us at all to be able to trust us (the incident occurred about 8-10 years ago however horses, like most animal's never forget traumatic abuse like that).

Right after getting the horse on the trailer and before shutting the door (since he was attached in that stall with a tie) he was spooked by the big armful of hay and started to go crazy, he was pulling and pulling and trying to back out but he was stuck in because of the tie. This was a very bad situation and was making him worse and worse, it could of resulted in a broken leg or even his neck.

I reached into my back pocket, even wearing thick gloves (it was about -8*F at the time with horrible wind) found the 710 (of course I often practice drawing the knife)and waved it open and was able to effortlessly cut his tie allowing him to back out and calm down (note I have a "wave" notch cut into the blade near the hilt to assist in opening it while drawing it. The instant the tie was cut he calmed down and walked over to the barn (did I mention it was COLD, he wanted back in his stall lol) and all was well, we got a new tie, got him calmed down and loaded back up and made it home without further incident.

Having the waved 710 no doubt saved this horse from potentially grievous injury and possible even saved my sister or I from injury had we needed to untie the horse. Had I not had a sharp knife that I could draw so easily thing's could of went much much worse.

Thank you for making such awesome cutting tool's. I have always said I carry the 710 hoping I'll never need to use it (since I carry it for the very specific task of self defense) but yesterday I was able to use it in a happy way to help this poor animal out of a scary situation. Now to get setup to actually be able to sharpen it (to date I've only needed to strop it). Tho I cant afford it at this time I hope to purchase a matching 707 in time for the county fair next year for my sister to carry, whether she need's it for personal protection or for another similar situation with a horse stuck in a rope (they're clumsy animals and getting a leg or worse stuck in a rope isnt exactly uncommon in this line of work) or just for more typial cutting tasks, her only knife currently is a swiss army knife on her key chain so I think she'd really love to get a 707 to match my 710.

John W. writes-

"I just bought a Model 531 today to replace my 2005 Model 555 w/ plain satin sheepsfoot blade. There was absolutely no reason to buy a new knife as my mini-Grip. is still in phenomenal shape. It took me a long time to make another blade purchase because I just didn't want to relegate my 555 to the dresser drawer; it seemed an unjust end for such a wonderful companion. In the end I just wanted something a little different, so I got the 531, but I will be buried with that 555. While at my local dealer I happened to pick up a Model 903,and it reminded me of the day I got my mini-Grip ten years ago. I was simply blown away. It just felt so good in my hand I didn't want to put it down! Guess I won't have to spend hours on the website to know which knife I'll be buying next, and I certainly don't plan to wait another ten years! Anyway, just wanted to share this with you and say thank you for your hard work in making such quality products!"

Alex J. writes-

"Hi, I just wanted to let you guys know you do very good work. I have carried a pocket knife since I was old enough to pee standing up. I could never justify spending more than twenty or thirty dollars on a knife. I mean all they are is a piece of steel that your going to abuse. why abuse an expensive one? I assumed anyone carring a benchmade was someone who carried a knife to look cool not someone who used it as the tool it is. Boy was I wrong. Since I bought my first mini grip i've purchased five more of your knives. I've worn the coating off everyone of them. I've beaten the edges down till they needed total profiling. I've chipped tips. I've worn out clips. I've taken your product through its paces. Your knives are a wonderful tool and worth every cent. I've officially worn out my first mini grip today. Its seen three years of everyday pocket carry. Three years of absolute hell for a knife. It's been sharpened onces a week since I got it. Its constantly exposed to the elements. Its the knife I grab when im too lazy to find a can opener. Its the knife thatcut the seatbelt off my wife when she decided to park here wagon upsidedown In a creek. Its the knife I cut cardboard, webbing, rubber hose, hell even steel braided line with. I have driven places because I couldnt fly with it. And today it retires. A nice cosey home in the back of the sock drawer. But dont worry. I picked up a brand new one thats just waiting to earn some scratches."

Miles W. writes-

"As a young man I was always impressionable to the quality instilled in that iconic butterfly Benchmade logo. A good friend of mine had his father give him a Benchmade at the age of 16, he carried it everywhere for years and I was jealous. When we were camping, he was always the one to provide utility in the form of a blade. A few years later I received my first Benchmade from my father, model 9052 SBK. It served me well for a long time, but the large combat-style form factor left me wanting something more portable as an EDC blade. Another friend of mine knew this, and gave me a model 530 as a gift about a year ago. Since then, I have used it heavily and actually lost a few set-screws from the handle supports. I just contacted Benchmade customer service a few days ago in hopes of purchasing a new set of screws so I could fix my beloved knife. Bettering that, the associate who helped me shipped a new set of screws for FREE. Keep in mind this knife was not registered because I do not know where my friend purchased it. I am happy to know that Benchmade not only has amazing products, but outstanding. support as well! I know who to go to when I want to get my kin a proper blade that can stand up to the abuse of everyday life."

Danny N. writes-

"I cannot begin to describe how impressed I am with Benchmade's custom knife process! I designed and ordered a knife on December 22nd and received it Christmas Eve December 24th by noon Denver time. That to me is outstanding service for a custom made product. What made this so special was I had it inscribed to ask my girlfriend to marry me, since I received it so fast I was able to do this on Christmas as opposed to New Years. Again, thank you very much for such a terrific experience."

Matthew B. writes-

"Dear Benchmade, I have always owned SOG fixed blades and folders, numerous knives, always trying to find the best one that held the best blade and had the best look, but I've always fell short. I finally purchased a Griptillian, and WOW! Holds a blade well and hasn't showed signs of rust or wear after weeks and weeks of constant use. I really appreciate what you all have made with this Griptillian. Best knife I have ever owned no doubt, no questions asked. Do you all sharpen correctly for free? If so what's the best way to go about that. Thank you all and keep producing quality blades! Thank you."

Dennis O. writes-

"I'm writing this to tell you how impressed I am with your company and with the customer service I received!!!! I had an issue With the clip on my 551 griptilian she replied to my emails quickly and has made sure I received the correct replacement parts and a catalog Free of charge and free shipping !!!!. It's nice to know the is an American company out there That still cares about there product and customers !!! This was my first benchmade knife but will not be my last !!! You have a customer for LIFE !!!! In fact I just ordered a triage rescue knife for my brother who is a police officer in Charlotte and have had three of my co-workers buy benchmades !! Thank you again !!!"

Nathaniel K. writes-

"I got a custom 556 for christmas this year, and i must say, this is by far my favorite edc knife. the quality is just AMAZING, the axis lock is so smooth, the materials are superior! Its the perfect size for edc, I'm looking forward to my second purchase!!!!"

Cody H. writes-

"I am sure you get this often, but I have nothing but great things to say about your company and products, I have had a great experience thus far."

Tyler T. writes-

"I just wanted to say that I love your products. I truly believe they are 5-star and I reccomend them to all my friends. They are always there when I need them. I really just wanted to say thank you for being awesome, if you have need anybody to try something, or have any free samples of anything, I'd be more than obliged to receive them."

Shane W. - Chief Warrant Officer Three writes-

"I wanted to write and thank you for the above and beyond customer service I received this week. I sent my 551 Griptilian (approximately ten years old) with the older 440c blade in to the Life Sharp program to have my old and well used blade sharpened. To my surprise I received the knife back the following week and I couldn't believe my eyes, they did a complete overhaul. Everything from the clip, spring and screws had been replaced. It felt like Christmas morning and I was holding a brand new knife. This blade is now razor sharp! My last ten years in the Navy I carried this knife every day because I knew I could depend on it. Thanks for making a USA made knife that is 100% reliable and backing it up with a warranty that can't be matched. You have made a lifetime customer out of me!"

Justin Z. writes-

"I am an avid outdoorsman that live in North west indiana and Benchmade has produced a knife ( griptilian mini) that blows away any other knife I have used. I bought this knife three years ago and the the only thing I recommend is when you get it home take the pocket clip off put a drop of gorilla glue on the clip and screw it back in so your clip doesn't get loose. But I carry this knife every day and use it every day from work to the field this knife does it all with no problems. I can field dress game and rinse the knife off and it's good as new no left over bunny in the lock or in between the blade and frame. This knife is the perfect size to clean any small game rabbit / bird the full size griptilian would be what you want for tougher larger game like deer. I would like to try the full size griptilian out for everyday carry but can't justify buying a new one since my mini is still like brand new and I haven't done anything to it. This knife is truly the best knife money can buy and you will never have any problems with this knife but make sure you get the one that fits your life style cause once you have it this long you will never want anything but your Benchmade. . Thanks Benchmade for making a truly universal, uncompromising knife. By the way I had a few spiderco knifes and they only lasted about three months they are not even in the world as benchmade. I kinda wish my mini would show some signs of ware and tear so I could get the full size but I know that won't happen any time soon."

Parker S. writes-

"I was given my first benchmade by my grandfather when I was barely old enough to hold it. I have also admired the quality and craftsmanship of Benchmade. I was all always taught to take care of your tools and your tools will take care of you. Thank you for taking care of me for over 30 years."

Randy O. writes-

"I had never heard of benchmade knifes until one day I was out hunting, walking down a logging road I looked down and there in the mud was a folding knife with the blade half opened and pounded into the road bed, I do not no how long it had been there but the pits in the aluminum handle showed it had been run over many times. After getting back to camp and cleaning it up other than the pitted up handle there was not on thing wrong with the knife,(154CM) it was razor sharp and worked perfectly. Next time I am in the market for I knife I will be looking very seriously at a Benchmade Knife."

Dean S. writes-

"Customized a mini-barrage. Took advantage of your discount offer in October. Ordered two different colored knives. Liked them both, one to keep and one to give away. Please continue being creative with additional offers. Thank you for the opportunity."

Clif C. writes-

"I have an Infidel OTF that's been used daily for Law Enforcement and Training. After a couple of years it got a little slow to lock & unlock, so I sent it in to be checked. Not only did I get it back quickly, some worn parts were replaced, it was cleaned and sharpened, and total cost to me was 0$. Benchmade has great knives and great service, and I'd recommend them to anyone looking for a knife they can trust for years."

Rusty B. writes-

"Hello, I have had a 5 hook for years, love it. A couple years ago I started to carry a 915 triage both on and off duty, I must say that it has been a pleasure to carry that knife. It just feels great in the hand and is sharp enough out of the box for any job presented to it. It cuts through seat belts like a hot knife through butter and the window punch right on the knife saves precious seconds when a window needs to be breached as the tool if with me at all times. Thank you for making such a fine product."

William S. writes-

"My name is William and I am a disabled Army Combat Veteran who owes his life to your knives. On June 12th 2010 while on a resupply run from Kuwaite to Northern Iraq my vehicle was struck by multiple improvised explosive devices (IED) and was disabled and left burning while it and the rest of our convoy of vehicles came under fire. Myself and my driver were injured and trapped in the vehicle. As I’m sure you can imagine the interior of a now destroyed up-armored Humvee is cramped. Add 2 soldiers about 200lbs of gear each now shaken and upside down inside that vehicle and tangled not only in their own gear but the wiring and canvas straps of a burning vehicle. One handed I was able to free myself and my crew with the use of a Benchmade Automatic that I had purchased from a shop at our PX just prior to being deployed from Ft Bliss originally just to open MRE’s easier. I lost that knife when all my gear was stripped from me prior to being loaded on the MEDEVAC. I have purchased two more since I returned home and I promise to always carry one. As the helicopter was about to lift off the flight medic leaned down to me and told me that they arrived and saw the crater and what was left of the vehicle and that they had to wait off station for almost 20 minutes until the area was secured. None of the crew believed anyone was alive. I pointed to his body armor where he had a knife clipped to it and said “Thank God for Benchmade”. My only request sir, is that you share this story with those whose hands made that knife and thank them for me. A Fellow Oregonian. "

Steve A. writes-

"What an awesome knife, i purchased the 162 bush crafter after the end of last hunting season, had to wait until this year to use it, the last day of the hunt shot a huge muley. this knife did all the work, completely field dressed skinned and quartered this 250 pound animal and is still ready, still shaving hair ready after all that. GREAT PRODUCT. the only thing i would change would be an option for an orange handle for visibility. "

Richard C. writes-

"I sent my 940 back for repair and blade replacement. I would like to thank your for the quick and professional service. I expected the knife to be fixed but didn't expect every screw to be replaced. The extreme attention to detail was beyond my expectations. This is my EDC and I don't go anywhere without it. Thank you for returning it so quickly and in such great shape. "

Bob A. writes-

"Recently I contact Benchmade with a problem that had developed with the sheath of my Model 140. Just a few days later I received a replacement sheath and I'm pleased and impressed with your service. I obtained the system during a deployment to Iraq 2005-06. To say this is a special knife to me is an understatement. I own three of your products and have carried each of them in defense and combat operations; they have never let me down. Not once. Thank you for your quick service and fine products, these are blades G.I.s can trust. "

Matthew R. writes-

"I lived in steamboat springs and one fall while working in excavation I dropped my benchmade knife in its soft carrying bag into some straw we were laying out for erosion contol and was unable to find it. Winter came and have we got feet upon feet of snow all winter. I forgot I lost the knife there until one day in the late summer after all the snow melted and it had been rained on numerous times. I went out and the straw was all gone and I saw the soft cloth bag in the mud. I opened the bag and pulled my knife out and it looked great. A couple tiny little rust spots on the handle but still fully functional and still in awesome condition. Well done Benchmade. I'll be a customer for life. "

John R. writes-

"I recently purchased the HK Axis 14715. Being a police officer and a knife guy, I am always looking for a better knife to carry. I have a major problem with the HK Axis. It makes the rest of my knives look like dime-store knockoffs, and the rest of them include a Gerber, a Kershaw Onion, a Smith and Wesson Black Ops, and a 15-year-old and still sharp Emerson CQC-7. The Axis is far superior to all of them, with the stippled texture eliminating water/blood problems from gripping, the smoothest unassisted open I've ever seen, the locking mechanism, and a perfect weight balance... thanks for ruining all my other knives. "

Conner K. writes-

"Hello, I am writing to let you know how impressed I am with your brand. I find your knives to be of the highest quality, and recommend them to all my friends. "

Seth M. writes-

"I recently purchased a fixed blade Adamas knife from you guys. I took it to Wyoming on an antelope hunting trip, mostly untested because of my faith in your company, and I must say, that knife is as tough as they come. I gutted, skinned, and processed two antelope with it, and it's still sharp as a razor. I didn't have a bone saw, or hatchet with me, and used a hammer to pound it through the pelvic bone of one of them. It took it and asked for more. They say you get what you pay for, and you guys delivered. Thank you. "

Anonymous writes-

"I sent my knives in for service after 6 years of use. One.. my rukus needed just a clip. The other my nytrous stryker just needed the screws replaced because they stripped out (years of pocket use clipped to thick BDU’s.) and they not only returned repaired but recoated but also sharpened and reboxed like new!! I carried these knives for years in combat zones fishing hunting and camping they have never let me down...not once. I even used my rukus to gut and dissamble three sailfish in the gulf of mexico. These knives are the best I have ever used and will continus to use them thanks to benchmade. P.S.. There made in America to!! "

Jonathan S. writes-

"Dear sirs @ benchmade Just a line to say I was very happy with the recent service I received in fixing my knife! Fixed broken blade at no charge. I have purchased 3 benchmade knives for personal and gifts and will continue to do so. Thanks for great service and great product! "

Joe R. writes-

"Hello. I just received my Benchmade 940 back today from the repair department and would like to take a moment to express how great of a job they did repairing and sharpening my knife. On the service ticket, my tool was assigned to Austin Coley. He and the whole Benchmade knife company have been awesome. I am a customer for life. Thank you. "

Patrick M. writes-

"Dear Benchmade, My name is Patrick, I work at ****.com and wanted to express my love for Benchmade knives. I recently picked up a Benchmade Mini-Barrage as my daily work requires a pocket knife for daily tasks. Until recently I had never owned a Benchmade knife. After going through many low qualify knives, I now realize I should have just bought one Benchmade. Despite being extremely light, this little knife is extremely tough! It handles anything I throw at it. I can't (and won't) leave home without it. I also found out you guys are based in Oregon; being an Oregon native living in Kentucky it makes me love you guys that much more! You guys have a customer for life. If you ever give away shirts or hats, put me on the list! I stand over by our knife counter at work and preach about Benchmade everyday. "

Mariano B. writes-

"Benchmade Developers, My name is Mariano B. and I am a member in the United States Marine Corps: *** Battalion, *** Company, ***. The reason I am contacting you is several members of my team have recently purchased SOCP Daggers, and Infidel 3300s due to my recommendations. Said members have purchased and used other brands of knives for years thinking that it is normal for a knife to break or malfunction within a year or two due to our line of work. It took me only a minute to show the capabilities, performance and ruggedness of my Infidel and other Benchmade knives. In turn convincing my team members that there is a substantial advantage to possessing a weapon of your companies design. I explained how I have taken my knives through months of selection courses, getting beat up day in and day out. I have personally tested my Benchmade's over thousands of miles of hiking and land navigation over unbearably rugged terrain and thick vegetation. My Knives have also accompanied me through hundreds of nautical miles swimming across the ocean and dives to depths of 130+ft; on free fall jumps from altitudes of 25000ft+; in turn exposing my Infidel and SOCP to temperatures of -32 Celsius at said altitudes for extended durations. The list goes on and on. Thanks to your companies’ product; I have never been afraid of failure or malfunction with my Benchmade. Your designs and superior manufacturing gives me a level of confidence when stepping into the unknown that is insurmountable. My Benchmade is not a fashion statement or just another knife; my Benchmade is a weapon that keeps me at peace and alive. "

Keenan S. writes-

"I am in love with your products and constantly watch videos and reviews about all your knives, I absolutely love the looks and functionality and all the performance of your knives, I am starting a knife collection and would love to own all of your products!! "

Clay B. writes-

"I bought my Griptilian about two years ago and from day one I put it through the ringer. Metal, dirt, plastic, wood, sheetrock, even line-x and it stood tall through it all. It's seen its better days but when the job needs doing I always grab my Benchmade. Period. "

Michael M. writes-

"Dear Benchmade Representative, Hi! My name is Michael M. I am a college student at ** University and I'm addicted to your knives. Seriously, I am a huge fan of your company's products. I really love what you guys are all about, and I wanted to tell you to keep doing what you're doing. I am definitely the unofficial Benchmade rep on campus. I think I might be addicted, but in the grand scope of things, there are plenty of worse addictions, right? Your loyal fan. "

Mike Y. writes-

"I just got my knife (a 3550S) repaired and of course the work was better than I expected. Fast accurate and every detail was taken care of. This knife is "my Girl". She has been with me for many years and even to Afghanistan and back. She has never let me down. More than once I have had the need to deploy a cutting instrument with one hand and she has always been at my side. Awsome company and an awsome knife. Thanks!"

Alex K. writes-

"Hello Benchmade! I am sending this message to tell you how pleased I am with my Adamas(275). I have had it over a year now and it has done amazingly! Whatever heat treatment you use on your D2, keep using it. I have opened dozens of spam cans of ammo with it. I have batoned seasoned oak with it, and it never failed, and it still was sharp after all of that. I also own many other Benchmade knives, such as the 556, 484, 375, 176, and the 5 hook. All of them have been the most impressive knives I have ever had experience with. I just wanted to mention that you folks are doing an amazing job, and good on you for keeping it USA made. Cheers!"

Andrew B. writes-

"I would just like to express my opinion on behalf of your incredible knives and company. I recently purchased a model 32 morpho. It being my first balisong I was nervous about its quality but after having owned a 550shg I knew it was going to be top quality. You did not disappoint. This knife is incredible. The fluid like movements in every swing and the satisfying clank of the the handles as it twirls around is something I cannot get tired of. I will admit, it took me a while to figure out that the retaining pin was actually spring loaded. Once I figured that out though, it was tons of fun opening it. Not only that, but the overall design of the knife is beautiful. The liners and their design are something I can't stop staring at. So thank you for making an incredible knife. Keep up the amazing work!"

Joseph H. writes-

"Ohhh my goodness... This knife is bad ass. My Son-in -law is going to flip-out..... I am flipping out! The customized options that Benchmade offers is unreal.... please expand it. ( You are definitely steeling market share away from your competitors with this service.) Much thanks to every one at Benchmade. "

William S. writes-

"My home was broken in to and my Grandfather's model 42 was taken. After that I need a self defense knife to replace the model 42 since it's no longer produced. I went with the model 3300 infidel. I've had and carried this knife for years. It's been used for everything in my daly live as a firefighter and EMT. I can't say how happy I am with it. I just got it back after it had some issues. It's working great and I look forwarded to waring it out again. Thank you for making a great knife and having great customer service. "

Tim K. writes-

"I would just like to thank the benchmade company for their amazing product: about a month ago I was attacked by two men while leaving a restaurant after dark, thanks to my benchmade spring assist, I was able to fight them both off. Thanks to that knife, I didn't lose my wallet, truck, or even worse my life. Thank you again for your amazing products. I will be a loyal lifetime customer. "

Brandon B. writes-

"I just purchased three knives for family members that serve in our armed forces.I got two fixed Nimravus and one Axis Barrage the reason for buying your knives is the fact that they are made here in the USA and your great reputation.Thank you Benchmade for your great products! "

T. K. writes-

""It's a BENCHMADE". Traveling our great Nation and overseas has made me determined there is no finer company of commercial knifes than Benchmade. Recently a knife was returned for blade sharpening or replacement. The blade was also sticking a bit from normal use and wear and tear. In less than a week the knife returned back home but with a new life as a "new" knife with no charge for the repair and replacement. Benchmade has no other competitor in the commercial blade market because they are simply the finest company for customer service, warranty, materials used, design, and craftsmanship. You truly get what you pay for and what you get when purchasing a Benchmade is more than just having a knife, it is an invest in a "partner" for life that is dependable and always there when needed. Thank you Benchmade for always being there. "

Quin R. writes-

"I recently ordered one of your custom Barrages off your knife customizer and it allowed me to put a very personal touch on my new favorite Every Day Carry. while in the process of receiving emails on the progress of the custom knife, my excitement for arrival was incredible. while waiting, i came across a Benchmade Adamas 275, and did some research on the designer Shane Sibert, and immediately decided to purchase it to hold me over until my custom 580 arrived. now that both knives have arrived i can honestly say i will never purchase from any other company than Benchmade. the Attention to detail and quality is overwhelming. thank you for delivering such an AMAZING product, with great customer service, made right here in the USA."

Ryan W. writes-

"In the spring of 2009 I purchased a 426 Gravitator. When I first held that knife I knew it was meant for me. It opens so smoothly and the grip fits perfect in my hand. I haven't held a knife since that has felt so right in my hands. It has been my EDC (at home, and overseas in the middle east) ever since. Granted I have other knives that I sometimes carry mainly cause the 426 is too good to be true, and I am testing to see how much or if I miss carrying the 426. Recently the 426 suffered to having the screws that hold the frame together come loose, and with the way the knife is built I could not tighten them myself. Subsequently I sent it in for repair. I had heard how good the warranty service was from others about Benchmade, but had never experienced it myself. I am speechless how good the service was. My knife was returned 1 week from when I mailed it. My knife has new screws, new clip, new shaving sharp edge, and all cleaned and oiled up... The knife feels brand new again just like the day I bought it. Its like holding my knife that I have carried for 5 years for the first time all over again. I am one happy customer."

Weston B. writes-

"I have a few Benchmade products: the Infidel, the SOCP Dagger, the 8 Hook Med, and the 7 Hook. I have carried my Infidel at all times for over 2 years, stays sharp and is a great conversation starter, but the spring has weakened severely over the years. My SOCP Dagger stays in my Hummer attached to the door and is used on a daily basis. But the two that are the most impressive to me are my 2 cutters, the 8 Hook Med and 7 Hook. I have worked on an ambulance for 4 years and have struggled with subpar trauma shears until I got my first Hook about 8 months ago. After seeing mine, over 20 coworkers, ER doctors and nurses, and other first responders in Tuscaloosa have all thrown their shears away bought one! They ease through cotton shirts, thick denim pants, leather belts, and work boots effortlessly! And after any bloody job, cleaning is very quick and easy. Thanks Benchmade! You have truly acquired a lifetime customer and advocate."

Dominic T. writes-

"Thanks for the all the quality products over the years. you have some of the most beautiful pieces of cutlery tools out there."

Tyler R. writes-

"I own one of your pocket knives and I use it on a fairly regular basis. At first I thought it was a little expensive to spend on a knife but my brother, who's a linemen and uses them all the time, insisted on your company. After it got a little dull, dirty, and the belt clip was loosening he said send it in. Again I was on the fence thinking it would come back barely any sharper and with the same clip. I was wrong Dead wrong! It' looks like a brand new knife!!! And it didnt cost me anything other then shipping. Keep up the amazing work and keep turning out great products! I will tell whoever I can to buy Benchmade. It's hard to find customer service that can beat yours."

Jack H. writes-

"I just want to show appreciation for your products. I use my Mini Griptilian almost everyday when I go hunting or fishing or just generally everyday use. I currently have 3 Benchmade knives. I use a Benchmade knife because, in my opinion, it holds the greatest edge out of all knives and is very durable. The knife I have is also very good-looking."

Jerry C. writes-

"I just wanted to say thank you Beanchmade for the best knives I have ever owned. I currently am using a Barrage for work and play and it has amazing. I would destroy lesser knives within weeks sometimes months! I have been using my current Benchmade for almost 2 years without an issue. I especially like the Axis Locking feature. Keep up the good work!!"

Victor L. writes-

"I'm a deputy constable in *****...i was patrolling my usual area when a call was dispatch via radio of a major accident at a near by intersection!! I was near and responded code(lights and sirens). i was first on scene and saw a blue car in the ditch. I saw a 2 kids and there father. the 7yoa complained of some pain and I saw the seat belt burn on his neck & abdomen. I checked on his father saw the blood coming from his arm, he was awake but disoriented. As I check the rest of the vehicle, I noticed a 3 yoa child in its safety seat but was leaning to the left side of the car. I was so scared for her as she looked at me with those eyes and sweat running down her forehead. At that time EMS was on scene. myself & the paramedic ran around to the other side of the car and began to open the door to take her out. The seat belt would not disengage so I used my Becnmade 9101 and it cut them like a hot knife thru butter!!!! She was pulled out safely and transported to the hospital!! Thanks Benchmade..... "

Mike V. writes-

"Just wanted to share my story.... I was involved in a motorcycle accident on the 101 freeway here in California. And I had on me my benchmade knife. When I went down I was going 75mph, when I hit the ground I flipped around 17 times before coming to a stop face down facing oncoming traffic... When I came to and finally got my bearings back I checked myself and making sure I had everything I had on me, wallet, keys, cell phone, etc.... And when I checked my knife it only suffered a few scrapes.... And compared to my street bike which was totaled in the crash it's a amazing that the knife only sustained a few scratches.... And still works and has no issues to it what so ever..... I'm proud to carry a benchmade and will never carry anything else... The durability amazed me that I could take a 75mph hit to the ground and have my knife survive yet my bike didn't..... Thanks for makin such a great product...."

Brent P. writes-

"I acquired my first Benchmade ; a Volli one week ago for EDC purposes. I'm totally blown away by the finish, materials, engineering and overall quality of your knives, and of course the awesome Axis Lock. The knife performs brilliantly and at this point I can't say that I'm planning my second purchase, but more like what my sixth or seventh Benchmade will be. Thanks for producing such great knives!"

Justin G. writes-

"I got my 5300 series auto presidio in July of 2012. I have used that knife in some of the worst conditions for any metal. It has survived 15 foot seas that more then soaked me and my shipmates, being coated In salt water and jet fuel for hours while my ship conducted a underway replenishment, the blade was welded with enough amps to melt the blade and all it took was a little sharpening to be good as new, being knocked out of my hand it has slide across non-skid and stay in a pool of salt water until I could go grab it. In no way am I kind to this knife and yet it served amazingly until the other day when the axis lock springs finally gave out to corrosion and abuse. But the fact that this knife has survived so well in salty air for two years of forward deployed service made me decide to purchase two more benchmade's a barrage and another auto presidio just so I didn't have to go a day let alone three weeks without my go to tool. Well done benchmade everyone asks about my knife and I'm always glad to say it's a benchmade. "

Brian D. writes-

"Thanks guys for the best knives I've ever owned and taking care of me with me your 2nd to none customer service when I needed your help to replace my stole items. Benchmade ROCKS !"

Stephen W. writes-

"I just wanted to say that this was the best knife I have ever owned! I bought this knife more than 12 years ago when I was still volunteer firefighting. I wanted something that I could carry with me wherever I went. The Axis lock was the best opening knife ever! It was also the most comfortable knife to hold. I had the partial serrated blade, cut through things that I probably should not have. The best thing I remember was the pocket clip screws got stripped and a wrote you guys and you replaced them for free! Best customer service ever! Unfortunately, my wifes car and my truck were broke into and they took my Benchmade! ARRRGGGG! I just wanted to let you know I love your products and I can't wait to get another one."

Omar R. writes-

"Dear bencade staff, a million thanks to all of you. I recently sent in an auto Stryker to be repaired, and to say that I'm impressed would be an understatement. I have carried this knife all through my military career, and it performed flawlessly. But upon getting hired as a police officer in Las Vegas it stopped working as well. One call to you guys and a few dollars in shipping later and I was assured that it was going to be handled. What I recived back was nothing short of amazing!! Not only did I get a knife with a new pocket clip but it was shapend and back to being flawless!! I only have benchmades and with service like this how can anyone else have another blade. Best of all? This all took place over the course of a week!! It felt like you guys have a tech just waiting to take care of me. A million thanks, you guys have set the standard that no one else can reach!"

Nick writes-

"I just wanted to drop a note and let you know how much I enjoyed the whole process of creating a personalized knife. I wanted to give my daughter an engraved pocketknife to honor an achievement in her life and was searching the web for engraving services when I came across your site. Much to my surprise, you not only etch a few words onto a knife but offer pages upon pages of graphics to add to the blade. To completely floor me, you also offer handle colors, spacer and hardware colors as well. I was able to completely customize my knife with graphics and get her equestrian team colors on the handles! I have had Benchmade knives before and I know the quality is great, but when the package came in the mail I was speechless. I purchased the Mini-Barrage (order #422512) and it is truly a work of art (and I helped!). Seriously though, give yourselves a pat on the back because the whole process of personalizing a knife is easy, engaging and fun. I can hardly wait to present this knife to my daughter, its something she can keep for a lifetime to remember her accomplishment, and I will be so proud to give it to her. Your team should be proud too! Keep up the good work! "

Mike A. writes-

"Thanks for sharpening my knife, and fixing the clip. I know it's probably a trivial task you guys. But to me it's awesome! I was so worried on how to sharpen or restore the clip. When I recalled you provided resharpening, I had no idea you repaired the clip. Best of all, it was FREE! I've had my 5300SBK Auto since Iraq 08. The knife has been with me at work with the USBP and now it's going with me to the USMS. I think of my knife as a sidearm/backup. I go everywhere with it. To be honest I was getting a little anxious while I had the knife sent to you for repair. But now I have it back with me. I saw that Dale Scott was the gentleman in charge of my knife. My knife also had a broken knifepoint. Dale did an outstanding job restoring my blade without having to purchase a new one! Thank you Dale and the rest of the Benchmade family!"

Larry M. writes-

"I currently own 4 Benchmade knives and there are, without a doubt, the best knives I've ever owned. I purchased my first one about 5 years ago. It was a double-edged stiletto type auto opening and it's fantastic. I realized I also needed an assisted opening for other jobs. Much to my wife's chagrin, over the next 2 years I purchased 2 others. I was in the Marine Corps for 8 years and owned numerous types of knives, Ka-Bars, German knives, etc and they all failed at some point. I've never had a Benchmade fail at any job and I will continue purchasing them. Thank you for a wonderful product and keep up the quality !!"

Jason H. writes-

"I was at the Blade show in Atlanta last weekend with 1 mission. I wanted to find a left handed friendly assisted opening pocketknife. After looking through ALL of the manufacturer booths there were 2 options. The Benchmade 580/581 and the SOG Trident. No comparison, I went with the 581 and love it."

Sgt. Benjamin H. writes-

"I'm a Sgt. in the ** Ranger Bn. and wanted to thank Benchmade for saving my life in Afghanistan. I won't get into detail, but a short foot patrol that should've taken 4hrs became a 5 hr fire fight and a 3 hour walk back to base. the medic needed a durable blade on hand so I handed him my 5000SBK Auto Presidio and he almost didn't want to give it back it worked so well and saved 4 ranger's lives including my own. so I thank Benchmade for what they do and honor them the way they honor the military. Rangers lead the way! "

Sgt. Benjamin H. writes-

" I'm writing to to first thank Benchmade for their great knives and their great design the two I own I have had for years and I have a question. What can I do to get my Brother's a pocket clip? also what can I do about getting my knife repainted? both knives have been in Iraq and Afghanistan and my Brother was killed in action in the Marine Corps. He carried the Emerson CQC7 ATS-34 all three tours in Iraq when he Was KIA. and my 5000 (154CM) knife has served 2 in Iraq and 2 in Afghan. both are pretty beat up, but still sharp and going would just like to get them restored so they last longer and also to honor my brother and his service."

Lt. J. M. writes-

"I supervise nine handlers on a prison K-9 Unit. I have carried a Benchmade knife every day for 30 years both on & off duty. While I own many Benchmade knives, my standard carry knife for years was an AFCK model, now discontinued. That has always been my favorite due to it's size & weight. While assisting a local police department last year I lost that knife in a deeply wooded area. I came back every day for a month attempting to locate it but never found it. A year later,while training dogs in that area recently, something caught my eye and, yes, there it was, my AFCK, a little weathered, and missing a handle badge, but still functional. After disassembly, sharpening, and a cleaning and a lube, it is back in service and as good as ever. You folks make the best knives ever. Thanks for all you do."

Chris I. writes-

"Thank you Benchmade, for the swift repair and return of my Torrent model knife. You did a great job on the repair and I appreciate the high level of customer service delivered by your team."

Sara L. writes-

"My husband knowing how much i love knives bought me an H&K pocket knife for Christmas. I absolutely love this knife. in Dec. 2013 i lost it when chasing after my puppy. It was snowing then and i was unable to find it. When the snow melted we still did not find it. in Oct. 2013 I found it (mind you we mowed and weed eat this area several times. It was pushed into the mud. I took it inside and washed it, and oiled it picked out the mud. The whole time i was think how much is this going to cost me to fix since it had been out there almost a year in all that weather. Well to my surprise it was still sharp had no rust on it and oped and closed perfectly. I also have sever other benchmade knives and i total recommended these products to anyone. they may cost more then you want to pay but they last and are worth every penny you spend."

Horatio E. writes-

"It has been a passage ritual in my family for all the men to get a great knife at the age of 10. My dad got me a nice Case pocket knife and a Ka-bar hunting knife with matching hatchet. He also taught me about the best Solingen and British steels, and what to look for in knives for my 3 sons. I got them nice American made Buck hunting knives. BUT now I know what to get each of them for Christmas this year (part of my family being LEO, especially)!! My Benchmade 580S Barrage is a superb piece of steel engineered and made with intelligence of use and obvious pride of workmanship. I have made it a permanent part of my daily life, and want to thank you for just being an American company with legacy quality knives."

Peerce L. writes-


William D. writes-

"For a great product, my first benchmade was the AFO II auto which is built like a tank but refined like a high end 1911, but wanted something more casual for general settings, received a mini-griptillan today, love it, really nice every day pocket knife, instantly a favourite."

Rob H. writes-

"Last Saturday, May 10 I got a call that another brother Seal was involved in a horrific auto crash between Sierra Vista, AZ & our home in the Elgin/Sonoita area. There were two vehicles burning as I ran toward Gary's vehicle. My Auto Triage was in my hand ( carry a Griptilian in front top pocket, an auto Adamas in left cargo, small Bone collector in right upper pocket, & my auto Triage in my right cargo. I also carry the fixed Contego on my left hip. Yes, I'm very impressed with Benchmade and each knife I carry fills a job application). Emergency personnel were on the scene, very professional, so I backed off. Gary was airlifted to Tucson, stayed a couple days in ICU and came home yesterday. This morning we went to the wrecking yard to gather belongings and equipment. His Suburban was so twisted that none of the doors worked. We needed access through the back. Enter my auto Triage 9170 SBK with glass breaker. I don't know what I expected, but it was not what happened when I struck the glass breaker against the corner of the window. Everyone stood there (including wrecker personnel who are used to torn up vehicles) with their mouths hanging open. I struck the corner of the back window of the Suburban with the carbide glass breaker. The entire window powdered into pieces no bigger than my hand, most much smaller. I didn't get covered with glass. Everything dropped inside the vehicle or on the ground. I've been wanting to test this knife. Test complete and passed with flying colors. Now I'm looking at your other knives with the small carbide glass breaker. I'm running out of pockets, but my 9170SBK will always be on my person even though I have knives (other brands) with glass breakers in each vehicle. If I'd had to gain access to Gary, who was trapped in the vehicle, I could have done it without putting him in danger from flying glass."

Mark R. writes-

"I was 19 years old, shopping at a gun show and saw a knife that would become a lifelong companion. Fast forward 14 years and this daily use knife is still the best tool i own. Cleaned regularly and sharpened sparingly, I would never buy another brand. Its endured regular use though the MRBC,(Army Engineers HOAAHHH).....and everyday use through my job as a tool technician in Detroit. I love your knives, and will always refer and return to Benchmade for solutions that make my jobs easier. Keep making the best, Thank you. "

Russell L. writes-

"Finally got my 1st Benchmade....a 550 Grip in OD Green with a black sheeps foot blade,i have carried knives since I was 14 and have EDC'd everything from Buck, Gerber, S&W, Kershaw, a balisong and many others but this Grip is by far the best knife I have ever had in my pocket, I will be buying many more of your knives. Keep up the great work. "

Jay B. writes-

"My ideal knife is a tough as nails OTF auto. Having consulted my knife aficionado friend, I decided to go with a Microtech blade. It is the most expensive paper weight I have ever bought. It is unreliable and breaks routinely. Under the lifetime warranty I have to send it away for several months and pay shipping 3 ways. Twice now it's been returned to me still broken. They are far and away the worst company I've ever dealt with. Beyond that, they will not return my calls or emails. I decided if they're known for making the best OTFs, then OTFs just aren't for me. After it collected dust for a year I decided to buy another auto. This time I went for the Benchmade Auto Stryker and I love it. Being an Oregonian, Benchmade's reputation, and the Stryker being pretty much the coolest looking knife are what led me to my decision. I ended up breaking the clip after accidentally clipping myself to a hole in a chair. Totally on me and not at all a fault in the product. Still, my heart sank. I prefer the knife without a clip, but in Oregon I can't legally conceal it so I need the clip. Surely I'm out for 3 way shipping and without my knife for 3 months. Nope! Within seconds someone was taking down my address to ship me a new one. Perplexed, I pulled out my credit card and offered to pay. No, no, no, it's covered under warranty. Knives are a lucrative business. After all, they're just sharpened metal at their core. And good customer service should just be the standard, but it isn't. You make an outstanding product and your customer service was shockingly good. Sure, I'm bitter from another company, but still. I am a loyal Benchmade convert. I may even try out the Infidel one day... Thank you! "

Michael W. writes-

"I wish I knew about Benchmade when I was in the US Army. I would have carried it when I jumped out of Airplanes! My Dad told me about you guys, He was also my Army Recruiter. He is a Firefighter for many years in the military and after he retired he still was a firefighter and Volunteer Firefighter. He in the last 4 years became part of the Dive Team for the Fire Department. So I got him your Discontinued Diving knife that he used while diving. I had it custom laser engraved with Firefighter Crest and his Ham Radio Call sign. A long with one of your Auto knife he uses daily and on fire calls and accidents that was given to him by a fellow firefighter. And as a knife collector I'm slowly trying to get some of the discontinued H-D knives currently. But thank you for such wonderful quality blades and knives!"

William C. writes-

"Just bought my first benchmade today and im so pleased and happy i was like a kid getting the most wanted gift at christmas. Thank you for the quality knives you make and i ensure you this wont be my last one but of many benchmade's i will purchase. "

Ethan G. writes-

"Thanks for the great life sharp and laser marking service! I really appreciate the work you do and for the cheap price! I went a little over a week without the knife and had it back! I love benchmade and I will never buy a non-benchmade knife. Thanks again."

Donnie H. writes-

"Why I never owned a Benchmade is beyond me. I have numerous knives top name brands. But I purchased a Barrage Osborn design 154cm, partial serration the other day and I wouldn't trade it for all the others combined. It came out of the box hair popping sharp and ready perform. I love everything about it. The tight and snappy action is great. I have been searching for a combination like this for a long, long time. Thank you for this knife it is my every day carry."

Chris E. writes-

"I have a Griptilian that was issued to me when i was in the USMC. IT went with me through all my pre-deployment training, as well as my deployment. I used it every day for everything. It is still in my pocket after 4 years of being home. This is simply the best knife i have ever owned. I have only had to sharpen it a couple times, and it still works. If you get the option to buy this knife, do it."

Ben L. writes-

"I just wanted to say thanks for making a knife of good quality. Your knife a fixed blade 141 helped me to uncover three I.E.D.s during my deployment to Afghanistan in 2010 with 1/8 Marines Company B 3rd platoon. Your knife aided in not only my life but the life's of those in my team. I just wanted to say thanks."

Terry F. writes-

"I just wanted to say thanks for the great service I received. My daily carry 3300BK Infidel, required servicing due to an accident I had. The process to get it back in action was very professional and fast. I cannot express enough how nice it is to get great service nowadays. Not many manufacturers have the level of product pride that Benchmade exhibits. Benchmade makes great knives that inspire confidence. Thank you and all of your personnel, keep up the good work, we depend on you. Thanks again."

David O. writes-

"When I was a boy I had dreams of being a knight. Today I'm a mechanic studying to be a military paramedic someday and until a few weeks ago I'd never realized how dissatisfied I was with my life. Knighthood still remained a dream, deep down I knew it'd never come true, until the day I bought a sword. There's a feeling you get when you finally hold something you've wanted forever, when I bought an automatic Adamas from a friend this feeling was realized. I had drawn excalibur for the first time. The knife feels like an extension of my arm. I have dressed dear, breached doors, smashed windows, spread peanut butter, shaved my face and sent countless receipt papers to Valhalla; the Adamas takes all of it like a champ. Thank you Benchmade, thank you Mr.Sibert, thank you all so much for letting me live my dream. "

Christian C. writes-

"Tragedy has befallen me, friends. I have lost my Benchmade. The day began as a benign a day as any other, and after work and dinner, I partook in a Tucson ritual known as the "Tuesday Night Ride," where hundreds of bicyclists gather at the University of Arizona to celebrate nothing in particular and ride 10-15 miles through the streets of central Tucson together. I would have never imagined tonight would mark the end of my intimate relationship with my Benchmade. I remember the moment I gazed its beauty-- a Mini-Griptilian in my favorite color, Olive Drab, with a matt black blade-- at my neighborhood REI, and I swore I WOULD have it. The fates soon aligned in my favor and I had the privilege to purchase my own... Feeling as though it was designed for my only hand, fitting each crevasse of my hand like a puzzle piece, the Mini-Griptilian quickly became my EDC knife. It brought comfort to me as I felt its gentle presence in my right-side coin pocket. No longer would I ever find myself shy of a cutting edge or the precise tip of a well-made blade. To walk without my Benchmade was to walk naked into a world of uncertainty. The first presents I can remember receiving as a child was a pocketknife. I was one sent to the principal's office in first grade for bringing an antique pocketknife to Show and Tell. With its blade too rusted to be opened by my feeble hands, I was sure it was hundred years old. I was gifted my first Swiss Army Knife in second grade, and though I love it and still own it, I always resented that it wasn't the classic red knife used by MacGyver, my childhood hero, which I would eventually come to own as well. Through the years, I was gifted various knives by family, including by cherished loved ones no longer with me. Knives were a central part of my upbringing, and have been a huge part of daily life for me for as long as I can remember. They evoke a feeling of youth and the unknown that few such objects can arouse in this technology-saturated era. Over two decades of knife ownership, I had still never bought my own... Until I bought my Benchmade. Stories of the love between a man and a blade have permeated the worlds of fiction, poetry, and history through the eons, but the relationship I have with my Mini-Griptilian is as personal as any other. I've used it to cut open boxes, sure... But I've also used it to separate Cholla cactus pieces from comrades' legs, whittle spears, gut fish, release splinters from my hand, cut beer lines, adjust sticky pressure regulators on draft systems, liberate craft beer signage from its packaging, cut bike tubes into improvised elastic straps, clear thorny bushes from outdoor belay stations, and the list goes on... I have used my Mini-Griptilian everywhere. I've dropped it, abused it, used its edge for far more than slicing, and left it in clinging to my coin pocket untouched for a week at a time. Yes, I sometimes wear pants for a week at a time. Yet, despite this all, my Mini-Griptilian was not only sharp as the day I bought it, but as beautiful as it had ever been. It was loved. No amount of searching will ever reunite me from my knife. Somewhere in the 15 miles of riding tonight, I slipped from my pocket. It wasn't until I arrived at my final destination that the nakedness on my right side became apparent. It was gone. Curse these pants... Though designed to carry a knife, they have let me down. I have confidence that the clip on my Mini-Griptilian would have held strong to my jeans, but it was not so in these pants. I can only hope someone will find that knife, cherish it, and pass it down, as it will surely last the trial of time! Why have I shared this whole story, you might ask. I will admit that the fire of storytelling is always being stoked, but the loss of my knife has breathed life into that fire. Regardless of the effects of this story on the people who read it, Benchmade should know that I cannot think of a better way to spend $100 than on a new Benchmade. It will be the same knife and color, and I will cherish it just as I did its predecessor."

Seth D. writes-

"My first experience with a Benchmade was as a wedding present. My wife got me a 470 Emissary. Unfortunately, this knife is too beautiful, and too sentimental for me to use regularly. I then thought I need to get a worker knife, and it has to be a Bemchmade so I got a 9101 Auto Stryker! Turns out (I didn't know this at the time of purchase) autos are illegal to carry, but legal to own in my state, and it is a rather pricey item I don't want to ding up. So I decided to get one more, a 556 Mini Griptilian. Just upon handling it I knew I found my worker knife! I immediately went home and got rid of all my other pocket knives (except my two Benchies) because I know I would never touch them again! Thanks for making such great products!"

Jack F. writes-

"On a whim. I purchased a Benchmade folding knife at a sporting goods store. I wasn't sure if I'd ever use it for anything other than opening letters and the far away possibility of self-defense. Ten years later, I've have used it for a wide variety of experiences, and thankfully, never self-defense. From slicing open letters and packages to scaling fish and whittling sticks to the unforeseen need of creating a survival hut, my Benchmade has been my trusty ally through calm days and stormy days. I've never needed to sharpen it and its weathered every storm I've thrust upon it, except the most recent storm of its disappearance. I'm secretly hoping it'll turn up somewhere and although I'm distraught at not having it, I know the lucky soul who finds it will put it through their own storms and it will become their ally as well. As for me, I'll just have to pick up another knife and begin a new chapter with Benchmade. The craftsmanship is unparalleled. I won't even bother with another brand. Thanks for saving my skin on a myriad of occasions."

Skip R. writes-

"I've owned my 2500 Benchmade since 98'. I am a third generation fisherman and rely greatly on a good pocket knife. In an emergency situation, to be able to only have to use one hand to open your knife quickly, is priceless! I know! The performance of my knife through the years has been nothing less than excellent. The performance of the service department and the overall "Attention to Detail" of the company is second to none. In all these years I've only broken 2 springs, that's amazing service. You send it to them and they send it back like new! Every commercial fisherman on deck needs to own one of these knives, it could save your life. Thanks Benchmade again for all you do!!"

Jay H. writes-

"While on a boat on a lake we turned the engine off to relax. When it was time to go, the boat engine would not restart. I removed the engine cover and found the starter gear was not extending onto the flywheel. I jammed my mini-griptilian into the starter gear to push it forward about an inch into the flywheel. I yelled at the boat operator to start it up, it worked, and only rubbed a little bit more black off my knife. Love this knife, I even bought 8 of them for groomsmen gifts. I will never get rid of this knife but am currently in the market for a 585BK."

Domenick A. writes-

"I sent my mini-grip in for LifeSharp maintenance. Got my knife back with small chip removed and a razor-sharp edge. Many thanks. You have a customer for life."

Joshua G. writes-

"Me and my wife purchased benchmade knifes. We just wanted to let you know We are absolutely impressed( and I use to live by gerber). You have made a customer for life.but we were both curious if we could get a sticker for our car to support your products. "

Mike D. writes-

"I went looking for a new EDC knife with good quality steel, American made, great locking mechanism, and a glued to your hand feel. I picked up and handled probably 20 or so knives and came home with a Benchmade Mel Pardue 556 mini Griptilion. I took the knife from the box and it instantly felt like a quality knife in the hand. Everything about this knife is a product of thought and consideration of what a quality carry knife should be. The second part that sold me is Made in the USA! I commend you on making your products in the USA as well as discotinuing the models that were made overseas. You will have my business and it is my pleasure to support American businesses."

Chad S. writes-

"My mane is SSG Chad Slocum. I have served in the military for about 13 years now. I have a Benchmade 9050 that has been with me for ten of those years now. I love this knife! It has been with me now for three deployments. I have abused this knife in ways that would make most knife lovers cringe. It has had a rough life in both my civilian and military life. I am thinking of getting a new one. This will be hard to do considering I Have had this knife on my right hand side for so long without any issues other than cleaning it and sharpening from time to time. Thank you for the high quality product. Keep up the good work. I would like to share a picture or two. Not sure how to though. Thanks again "

Richard T. writes-

"I am a 100% beleaver in everything with your name on it. I think Your company knows its consumer and it damn well knows good quality. With my job in the military my Benchmade is a knife I use everyday and it requires no special care in return, in fact it's down right rugged as hell! But one thing I constantly have had to do while I've been at my last duty station (I'm a mechanic/ electrician) for the last 5 years is replace multi tools. I use the hell out of my multi tools and it just makes sence to have one. They are so damn useful! But I tried the Gerber and then I tried the leatherman... And now I'm currently in the market for another one since these dang things don't seem to wanna work for to very long. But I can't find a damn multi tool that 1. is tough enough to stand the test of time and 2. has the tools and set up that I want. It always seems I have to give up one useful tool for another. Here's my request Benchmade... Make a multi tool that will last, something I can hand down to my child someday, make one that doesn't just come with a standard set up, but one the consumer can customize, with the steel used and certain items they wish to have( a good multi tool should have interchangeable parts), and make one that comes with the Benchmade quality your consumers have come to know and love. You guys rock! Thank you for your time and your amazing products!"

Ivan W. writes-

"I recently purchased my third Benchmade knife, the Nimravus 141bk, and couldn't be happier. This being no surprise coming from a company I've trusted for years. All my questions and concerns were answered promptly, courteously and clearly, which is hard to find in any company. It's obvious you treat your customers with the same care you treat your knives, amazingly! I'm 28 years old and I'll be a customer for life. My only criticism (constructive!) is that I'd like to see more customization when ordering; Blade Material, Handle Grips and Sheath choices would be awesome. I was a bit disappointed I couldn't get the Kydex sheath for my fixed blade. The lack of such is certainly not a problem, it would just be the cherry on top. Even though I just purchased the Nimravus, I'm already looking to get another Barrage seeing as how I was careless and lost my last one. (still breaks my heart) Keep up the excellence, I look forward to growing old with Benchmade at my side!"

Edward S. writes-

"In 1999 I purchased my Mini-reflex from a small tactical store in Virginia Beach, VA. The spring broke a couple years later and I had it repaired at a non-authorized store but the spring soon broke again. I called Benchmade customer service and explained the situation. Without hesitation they offered a full replacement. I was headed to Iraq for my first deployment in 2004 and did not want to leave without my trusty Benchmade. I asked and customer service sent me a replacement before I had the broken one in the mail. My knife traveled with me on four more Iraq deployments and three years in Korea. I have used my Benchmade on everything from cutting C4 to steak at the mess hall and on occasion it has been used on IEDs. I am now in Afghanistan and lost my Benchmade while out on a mission. I was on the website preparing to order when customer service came through once again and offered some assistance with purchasing the replacement. It has been 15 years and I have never and will never consider carrying a different knife. I remember the stories of my grandfather and his Old Timer pocket knife, Benchmade is the one my grandkids will remember about me."

William D. writes-

"I sent my knife into benchmade about 2 weeks ago and recieved it back today. It was small problem but one i didn't want to mess up. The knife is near 20 years old and my favorite pocket knife and best steak knife, it has opened several covertible tops and many car seats that were on fire. Many thanks to benchmade and to dale scott the repairman. I have 3 other benchmades and if you are going to buy one knife, buy the best, Benchmade. Thanks much."

Glenn B. writes-

"Dear Benchmade, I recently went into 'Whole Earth Provision' here in Houston, TX. I was looking to replace my 10 year old 'Kershaw' folding knife. The man at the counter was helping me, I took out my blade and showed him why I liked it. I'm retired Army and I've used knives a lot. I told him that it opened good with one hand and would not slip when lots of blood or oil was on your hands. He immediately said, I've got a blade to show you! He brought out your 'Griptilian' 154CM with OD green handle and black blade. I was very impressed with it. In fact I bought it then and there. Now a few months later, I like it even more! What a great knife! It beats my old folder all to hell! Thanks for making a really good knife for a good price. I will be buying one for my daughter soon. Job well done! "

Conner S. writes-

"Just wanted to say how pleased I am with your products, I've preached Benchmade since the first day I bought mine and laid my hands on it. I purchased a mini griptillian sheeps foot blade about 3 1/2 years ago and have put it through hell and back and it held up as I'm a mechanic and use it for just about everything. Well, today at some point it fell off my pocket and I couldn't be any more heart broken. I'm on a tight budget as we all know, kids can be expensive. Ha! so I'm not sure when I'll be able to replace it but I'll be definitely be getting another benchmade even if it means using something inferior for the time being. Thanks"

Brian K. writes-

"I recently sent my old benchmade 9050 automatic knife in for a broken spring to be repaired after 5 years of hard use, they not only replaced the spring bit they replaced all the screws, the belt clip, cleaned and oiled it, and sharpened it, it is this great customer service that will keep me buying benchmade knives for the rest of my life, I currently own 4 benchmade knives and plan on purchasing several more in the future for myself and as gifts."

Hunter B. writes-

"I currently am a EMT/Firefighter and have went through many knifes trying to find one that works.I bought the 960 triage around a year ago and was highly impressed.After cutting out a car windshield,breaking multiple windows,and cutting countless seatbelts i can truly say NOTHING compares to a Benchmade. They have wonderful customer service along with the best knife known to man.I am in the process of buying another knife from them because no others compare.Thank you Benchmade for your superb products,outstanding customer service,and support for Military,Fire,Police, and Rescue.It is truly appreciated."

Thomas M. writes-

"Just got my knife back from warranty service and wanted to send a personal thank you to you guys. I put four hard years on my mini-presidio and sent it back for a check up. Knife came back with a brand new blade free of charge. I have always been an informal salesman of your knives and brand in general but I can definitely say that I will be a customer for life. Quite simply, there is no other knife company out there that makes such a quality tool AND stands behind it like you guys do. When people ask what kind of knife to get I always say Benchmade. PERIOD."

Jeremy H. writes-

"I remember my first Benchmade. It was a Stryker with bk coating and I must have bought about 16 years ago. That was the sweetest knife I ever owned at the time and I must have flipped that thing out 10,000 times just to feel that smooth action of the blade fly out and then hear it snap into place. I had to have said the word "modified liner lock" more than 100 times, as I would explain to people how my knifes locking mechanism was "better than yours". Then came the love of my life. Well the locking mechanism of my life (axis) and still my #1, for every day carry, the 710. What a masterful piece of work. I am on my second 710 (since I loose stuff so often) and have carried a McHenry and Williams at least once a week for the last 10+ years. So the thing is, I have a ton of your knives and each one of my many Benchmades tells a story. Whether it be about my salmon creek fillet being used to cut sashimi from a fresh caught tuna in Cabo or my all time favorite EDC, the McHenry 710 slicing through an old plastic 55 gallon trash can like a stick of butter just to show my friends What a well sharpened blade can really do. Each of of those stories was shared with you and I'm glad to have had you along for the ride. I will never buy another brand in my life and therefore know I will never have to worry about about a failed tool when I might need it the most. Like you all say.... "No time for maybe."."

Chris M. writes-

"I'm new to Benchmade knives and I bought a 300sn a month ago. I like it so much I just bought a 300-1 also. What a great knife."

Bill D. writes-

"I was first turned on to Benchmade by Gerald Willey of Willey Knives at the Delaware state fair in 1995 or 96. I bought a Benchmade Emerson tanto blade,(stupid me traded it after a few years) since then I have bought a bunch of Benchmades. In the mean time I had been carrying a 550 Griptilian. I have used the grip almost exclusively for the last 15 +- years. I carry my others on the nights and weekends. I am around a bunch of guys who only carry a leatherman and sometimes I get teased about not abusing my Benchmade. I mean I use it hard but I don't clean barnacles off of a boat shaft, I use the leatherman for that. I beat the 550 through wood with a hammer to make plugs or sticks to hold the choker open on a chain. I try to keep it very sharp in case I really need it. So I had finally wore out the blade I was getting afraid that the tip was going to catch me while it was closed. So I sent it back to You guys for a new blade. Mean while I was forced to carry my Rift. I know it can take it but I didn't want to scratch it. The blade was replaced and I had it engraved with the marina's name. When I received the knife I was happy to see the new blade was 154cm and hollow ground but the hole was also changed from the big oval to the little round hole.I really don't like the hole.I still carry the 550 and all the sharpening pays off. Being around boats and barges you need a good sharp knife. Although today wasn't an emergency when we loaded a truck I had to cut some carpet and The Benchmade sliced right through it like a freakin' light saber. My brother waited a few seconds and said "That is a sharp knife." Coming from the trash talker himself it actually made me smile with pride. One of the other guys at work generally refers to it as The Benchmade. Like your motto It's not a knife it's a Benchmade. Keep up the good work and thanks."

Stephen F. writes-

"I received my Axis Stryker (909BK) today and I'm very impressed with it. Razor sharp right out of the box. I've already put it to work cutting up cardboard boxes, whittling wooden tent stakes and it still pops hairs off my arm! This isn't my first Stryker but is my first Axis lock. I'm very impressed with its function and ease of use. I now have a new EDC. It fits in my pocket perfectly and and is easy to draw and deploy. You folks have made this old retired "Grunt" a happy camper! Thanks Benchmade!"

Josh S. writes-

"I bought a Custom Griptilian with N680 Steel, Best knife i have ever owned. One day while crabbing i accidentally left my knife in a crab pot and tossed it back to the bottom of the ocean, basically wrote that knife off. About a week later we were running our crab gear, looking into it as it was coming to the boat i noticed a white thing hanging off of it. Low and behold my Knife was still hanging onto the pot. First thing that came to mine, was, okay a week in salt-water that thing is going to be rusted out and I'm probably going to throw it away. Not even close, Even after a week sitting on the bottom of the ocean in salt water, there was almost no rust on it, the only place that had rust was the three screws holding the pocket clip on, the N680 blade was immaculate, the knife still functioned perfectly, and was still sharp enough I could shave with it. After a little cleaning and a lube job, its back in service out on the boat with me every day. Great knife, and if your going to be using it in a salty environment its well worth it to spend a lil more money and get the high quality steel."

Joe S. writes-

"It was difficult for me to spend $180 for a knife, but I am glad that I did. I bought my first Benchmade well over twelve years ago and still have that 940 Osborne to this day. It has never let me down."

1stLt Kyle D. writes-

"Dear Benchmade, I am home in Canby on post deployment leave and brought one of my knives back to get sharpened. I am with Assault Amphibious Vehicles in the Marine Corps and I took my infidel on a training op where it got covered in salt water. Soon after the salt water does what it does best and the knife rusted. When I dropped it off the sales room explained they could replace the blade for $25. A day later when I returned to pick it up the blade and internal components had all been replaced. I explained how the blade got all rusty mentioning that I am in the Marine Corps. The repair room then immediately said all repairs were free and thank you for my service. That was very generous of your company and I greatly appreciate it. Not only are you local, but your product is the best and you treat your customers and military in a superb fashion. I really cannot thank you enough Benchmade. Semper Fi."

Sgt Shane M. writes-

"Good Afternoon, I wasn't really sure how to email this in but I wanted to say thank you guys for making such an awesome product and standing behind it. I have been running the Infidel for a little over a year and a half now and it has yet to fail me, it is amazing. That knife has been to 7 countries and is with me more often than my cellphone is, I couldn’t imagine not having it. I don’t know how many people take the time to just say thank you to you guys, but you guys definitely deserve it. So thank you for representing what is still good about American manufacturing and business practices, and most of all thank you for being there for us, your customers."

Hunter B. writes-

"I currently am a EMT/Fire-fighter and have went through many knifes trying to find one that works.I bought the 960 triage around a year ago and was highly impressed. After cutting out a car wind-shield, breaking multiple windows, and cutting countless seatbelts I can truly say NOTHING compares to a Benchmade. They have wonderful customer service along with the best knife known to man. I am in the process of buying another knife from them because no others compare.Thank you Benchmade for your superb products,outstanding customer service, and support for Military, Fire, Police, and Rescue. It is truly appreciated."

Thomas M. writes-

"Just got my knife back from warranty service and wanted to send a personal thank you to you guys. I put four hard years on my mini-presidio and sent it back for a check up. Knife came back with a brand new blade free of charge. I have always been an informal salesman of your knives and brand in general but I can definitely say that I will be a customer for life. Quite simply, there is no other knife company out there that makes such a quality tool AND stands behind it like you guys do. When people ask what kind of knife to get I always say Benchmade. PERIOD. Thanks!!"

William D. writes-

"I bought my Presidio 522 Ultra in 2006 when I was still in the Marine Corps easily the best investment I made that year. I carried that knife everywhere, it was by far the best knife I have ever owned, outstanding workmanship and quality, held an edge very well and was easy to sharpen. I had it all the way through Afghanistan where it came in handy more than once in some very sticky situations. No matter what was happening around me I could always rely on that knife. But like they say "all good things must come to an end" unfortunately when I left Afghanistan in 2008 my knife was confiscated by customs. It was a hard day when they told me that I had to turn it over to them. I thought about just staying behind with it. I look forward to owning another soon and will always push Benchmade to others who are looking for a good quality product. I am thinking of going with the Presidio auto."

John W. writes-

"Dear Benchmade, No exciting story to share, just my experience with knives. My father, retired Air Force, gave me his issued field knife years ago. Ever since I've felt it important for every person to carry a pocket knife on them, as you never know how often you need one until you carry one. Sadly, being young and irresponsible, I lost this knife and the sentimental value attached to it. A friend of mine once accidentally left his Benchmade at my house. While it was there, I was in awe and starstruck at the quality. I absolutely fell in love. When he came to get it, I asked him what he paid for it. I scoffed at the price. That was 15 years ago. After 15 years of going through several sub-par knives purchased from various retailers, gun shows, etc. all the while, he always had the same Benchmade he always carried. I finally broke down and forked over the premium a Benchmade calls for. Hesitant to spend so much on a blade, I was nervous about buyers remorse. Holding my new Benchmade Barrage 581 that I picked up and examining the quality, fit, and finish... I find it to be worth every penny. I look forward to passing this knife onto one of my children, as I have no doubt in my mind it will be around for several years to come. The only problem is, now the wife wants one! Thank you and keep up the great work!"

William S. writes-

"I had an unfortunate accident yesterday involving a car. My father is a diabetic and he was hypoglycemic while driving, after accelerating into a snowbank at over 100mph my Benchmade Triage flew through the air out of my pocket lodged in the windshield. After realigning my bearings I pulled it out of the windshield, the only damage was some scratching on the G10! Afterwards I successfully extricated my father and I from the car before it caught on fire. I owe my life and the life of my father to your company's product. I will be buying benchmade for years to come!"

JP L. writes-

"As a Paramedic and an avid hunter/fisherman, I depend on my benchmade every day. I currently own three different models and between them they've done every thing from cutting seatbelts and clothing in bad situations, to cleaning game both big and small in the field, to cutting me when I fail to respect their wicked edges. By far, the best knives I've ever owned and the only knives I rely on both on the job and in the field. Thanks for making such an outstanding product and for keeping it Made in the USA. "

Andrew W. writes-

"My first Benchmade I actually found sitting on a water fountain; when I realized what I had found (A Mel Pardue design) I scoured the entire office building looking for the person that lost it. I couldn't find them, but I wish I could return it to them; I know that If I had lost a knife that good, I'd be at a definite loss. But they would be happy to know that I still put t to good use whenever I can, like they did previously. Best knife I've ever owned."

Ed H. writes-

"I've had my 550 SBT GRIPTILIAN since 2005 and this knife just won't fail! I keep this knife on me at all times and I've never had a problem with it and it has always performed perfectly. I recently sent it back through the Life Sharp program and was extremely happy when it returned. It was like a brand new knife. Cleaned, oiled, and sharpened to perfection. Quality and craftsmanship go a long way and my knife is proof of that. Thanks to all at BENCHMADE for a perfect product."

Chuck T. writes-

"Hi. I'm a old country boy, in the Ozark Mts. My Benchmade Auto. Knife, is a very important to me ! I do my chores, feeding my live stock. It is handy to have a auto. When I have 1 hand tied up & need my knife, at the same time. It works great for me, on the farm. It's a tool for me not a weapon! Thank you Benchmade for a great tool ! Chuck"

Brian D. writes-

"As an infantry Scout (RECON) you MUST have a reliable knife that will hold it's edge and is strong enough to get the job done without fail. The Griptillian with the partially serrated blade can handle almost any edc issue. The nimravus SHOULD be the fixed blade knife issued to the ground troops and the ADAMAS is the best of both worlds. If you all 3 of these you're ready for anything. "

Lee W. writes-

"I love your company and have been using your products for a number of years. I will continue to use them in the future."

Daniel C. writes-

"I would just like to let you guys know that I appreciate the quality that every knife you create has. I have been a loyal customer for a fews years now and after buying my first benchmade (the hk ally) I don't believe i will ever purchase a different brand. This past christmas i received an Adamas Folding Knife from my grandfather and it is by-far the most impressive instrument i have ever owned. I apprecitae the hard work and quality. Thanks. Keep up the good work. "

John Z. writes-

"Finally broke down and sent in my 580 Barrage for repair and sharpening on New Years Eve. I didn't want to part with it. Just got it back and it's good as new. Must admit it was a tough month without it as I instinctively reached for it many, many times a day. Whether at work at the firehouse or at home raising and homeschooling our twelve kids, I know the valve of great tools. Benchmade's got great tools and solidly stands behind them. Unfortunately my kids are growing up in a time when most "things" are considered disposable. It's neat for them to be able to see first hand, use and appreciate well engineered, well made, durable products. Thanks, "Big Daddy" "

Marc B. writes-

"I've carried a knife on me for as long as I can remember, and I'm very fussy about my knives. 3 Years ago I purchased a mini griptilian, and for the first time ever haven't felt the compulsive need to look any further. It's used almost daily, at work and at home and never leaves my side, I get a laugh when people are in desperate need of a knife for misc task and then enquire as to why I carry a knife with me when I accommodate. Last week I was working alone in a remote location off of a ladder, at a height of about 10' around some very dangerous ground, so I wore my fall protection harness. I over reached and kicked the ladder out from under myself and fell 6' when the harness did it's job and arrested my fall. What is not known is that you have about 30 to 60 minutes suspended in a harness until blood flow is cut off from the leg straps unless rescued death is certain. So there I was dangling 2' from the ground, unable to reach or kick off anything to get myself unhooked. After struggling to reach my pocket I pulled out my Benchmade and holding on to it for dear life I easily cut through my lanyard, freed myself and saving my life. Thanks for a great product I feel the need to always have with me. "

Cooper T. writes-

"I have always been into collecting knives, i collect certain knives for the purpose of collecting and certain ones for use, i have owned 10 benchmade knives including 5 griptillians 2 mini griptillians an socp dagger, a nimravus and a contego. I currently still have the socp dagger and one mini griptillian and it is my go to every day carry knife for when i know i will be putting my knife to hard use, i enjoy it mostly for the price, its the best knife i have found for that good of a price, and trust me, i have owned A LOT of knives and used almost all of them, and the customer service benchmade has to offer is the best i have had yet, props to benchmade for amazing service and amazig products!"

Brent H. writes-

"I have a Benchmade Balisong Crawford Designed pocket knife that has been on my side for the last 15 years. I love this knife. It has been my knife, a screwdriver, a pry bar, a skinning knife, a apple slicer(after being washed of course:). It has been lost and washed more times than I can remember. I can not brag enough about my Benchmade. Also my wife loves it because I have not bought another pocket knife in the last 15 years. Thank you Benchmade!"

William M. writes-

"I am a 2LT in the Army and as a mechanical engineer I must say that I love the design and function of your knives. After handling and carrying the griptillian it is easy to see the thought that was put into them. They are a quality product that I enjoy using everyday. Hats off to the engineers and other designers that helped to make these knives what they are. A quality time tested product that has been refined through the years. "

Eddie S. writes-

"Not too long ago my family was having some problems, and I have always loved knifes, I made myfirst "expensive" knife to benchmade barrage, first day I brought it home I was sitting at the kitchen table and my mother noticed it, she began saying that her dad had a knife similar to mine (blade shape that is). I never knew this, and me and my grandad were very close so in a wayit made my barrage even more special. My bbrother would always steal it from me whenever I would get home from work so I got him the mini one, it has served us well and we never leave the house without our benchmades and they are still razor sharp. For Christmas we got my dad a 940 Osborne, he loved it and still does. Now collecting knives has become a hobby for us, and we have a hand full of benchmades, now I do plan on getting a new benchmade but have been deciding between s30v or staying with my 154cm,and suggestions? Also I wanted to say Thank you, Benchmade, for bringing joy to us and for making our family feel whole again. We will always be a part of the benchmade family as you will always be part of ours. "

Dakota S. writes-

"Let me start by saying thank you for such a fine product. It has been about a year ago since I purchased my 950 rift. What a quality knife! I was one who thought you were crazy to spend more than 50 dollars on a knife. They never stuck around long, and it didn't take long for me to get tired of them. My father has had his griptillian for I would say at least 8 years. Heck, Im tempted to say 10! It stays sharp and sturdy no matter the task. Finally I broke down...I ordered my first bench made and man was I stoked. I have carried this chuck of steel everywhere. Whether Im hunting, working, traveling, etc., I never go anywhere without my Rift. Im not too hard on knives, but this one has cut everything Iv needed it to effortlessly! I am looking to send it in for your lifesharp service, but it will be hard having to part with it for a couple weeks! Thank you, Benchmade, for creating a durable product in our disposable world. You guys are a great company that stands behind your superior products, and takes care of the customer. "

Sam L. writes-

"NULLI ordered my 580 knife when I enlisted in the Military because I had heard they were the best. I use it for everyday carry, duty and off duty. Never have had one issue that Benchmade's customer service couldn't solve. I broke the handle piece once which was my fault. They repaired it, since then I have spent a year in Iraq and Kuwait with it, used it at my civilian job and have put it through literally every beating it could possibly encounter... and it holds its edge perfectly and has been nothing less than a crucial piece of my daily life. What a quality product through and through. "

James E. writes-

"I am 19 years old and have been into knives since I was a kid. For the longest time I thought it was moronic to spend more than $30 on a knife until I held a benchmade in my hand. Since then I have collect the griptilian and the mangus. What surprised me the most was that the mangus was not just a fun butterfly knife but it made an incredible bush-craft tool. It withstood more tests than any other pocket knife could (even the griptilian) and exceeded any expectations for its practical use as a butterfly knife. Most people would never dream of using a butterfly knife in a such a fashion. It proved to be an excellent bush-craft tool. I am absolutely blown away. "

Kurt G. writes-

"First of all, let me tell you that I am nothing but satisfied with every single piece of gear I've bought bearing the benchmade name. To say that benchmade is my favorite brand is an absolute understatement. Your products have accompanied me on the most epic adventures throughout my lifetime and I thought it appropriate to write you an email thanking each and every member of team benchmade for the hard work and quality they put in to each and benchmade product. I can't thank you all enough for your products and I can say with absolute certainty I will be a return customer for the rest of my life. "

Lloyd B. writes-

"Almost a decade ago as a young 18year old army combat medic I received as a gift from my parents a benchmade nimravus vefore my first deployment. A year and a half through Afghanistan and that knife saw me through everyday, then again 6 months later I took it for another year and a half through northern Iraq. After the military I've carried that knife as a contractor on 5 continents and 20 countries with it always bing by my side. When taking a break from the bouncing earlier this year I bought one of the first 500 bushcrafter's produced and used it daily for 7 months living off the grid in northern Maine. Trapping, fishing, hunting, carving, batoning, it did everything I demanded of it. Back home now less than 48 hours and I am packing my bags for an aid mission in the phillipines to clean up after Haiyan. For me the mission hasn't ended...and my nimravus is still answering the call."

Chris G. writes-

"I find your Griptilian an excellent small knife - attachs easily to belt or vest, and the blade is, and stays, sharp enough for all jobs. A perfect compliment to my larger Nimravus (also a great knife). Thank you for making an outstanding product!"

Jonathon M. writes-

"I have always enjoyed collecting knives but haven't purchased much with any quality. I was introduced to and at the same time got a decent paying job (for a pre-med student). I started collecting knives and it became an instant hobby and I loved picking out which knife I was going to carry that day, whether it be spyderco, kershaw, buck etc. I then saved up what money I had for my first 100 dollar knife and decided that the Benchmade Griptillion would be represent your company. I recieved the knife and wasn't a huge fan of the plastic grip but I liked it a lot of everything else. WELL THANK GUYS. Now that I have this knife I never carry anything else. I always carry the Benchmade. When I walk into stores I look at what they have and I always think, "well my benchmade can do this." So now I have lost a hobby and I have lost the enjoyment of picking out the knife that I will carry that day. Thanks to the quality of this blade and the smoothness of the action, I have no need for anything else. You have killed my hobby and my morning ritual."

Robert H. writes-

"About 6 months ago, I purchased a 940 Osborne, and it quickly became my favorite knife. About 3 months ago, I found an old Mini-Griptilian at work. Nobody else wanted it, or even knew whose it was. The handle was dinged up and chipped. The tip of the blade was broken off, and the teeth on the serrations were completely worn down and/or broken off. The knife was in rough shape. I sent it in, only expecting to get the blade replaced for the $25 fee. When I got it back today, I found that the knife appears to be completely new, except for the pocket clip (I did not want a new clip). The handle was replaced, as were the screws, springs, blade and thumb stud. It was also packaged in a new box. The entire round trip took 12 days and I even received emails keeping me updated on the status of my order. Benchmade knocked it out of the park and made me a customer for life. I just purchased a new Mini-Griptilian for my brother as a Christmas present, and I will use any excuse to give Benchmade knives as gifts in the future."

Hector F. writes-

"I have been carrying my Benchmade Auto for at least ten years. I never had a regular knife before this one. Now I wonder how I ever made it through a day without one. Everyone around me was always asking to use my knife because they knew I carried. I work in the middle of nowhere and this knife has served me very well on many occasions. I have cut down tree limbs with the serrated edge. I have dug out wood splinters, steel splinters and cut apple slices at lunchtime. I have nothing but good things to say about it. Well, my son has been bugging me for years to have one. This Christmas he finally got one. It wasn't inexpensive, but I already knew what I was paying for. It was the ONE gift he actually got excited about. If it serves him as well as myself, I know it won't be the last Benchmade either of us ever buys. As a side note, the company rep was at the store when I bought my son's knife. He took my old knife and took it back to the factory for a rebuild and I can't tell you what a great guy he is!"

Will G. writes-

"I have / had a griptilian. I was using it to open Christmas gifts and sat it down. The day went on and i realized I had lost it. As I searched the trash was taken out to burn and then I realized what happened. The fire went down and cooled off. I went out and started going threw the burnt stuff and there it was blade, liners, and lock. The grip had melted off. I took it inside and to my suprise the lock still worked. Yea its a tad slow but it still locks open and closed. I think with some time it could get back to normal. Best lock ever good job benchmade. I have pics of it now for proof of how amazing this knife is."

Daniel C. writes-

"My in-laws bought me a Cabela's exclusive orange mini Barrage for Christmas 2012. I have carried it almost every day for over a year now and I can't go without it. All other knives in my collection live in a drawer. Thanks Benchmade!"

CW5, US Army writes-

"I just wanted to send thanks to the team that repaired and sharpened my 3350BK mini infidel auto knife. A fantastic job, and prompt service. I'll be heading back to Afghanistan soon and will be using it on a regular basis. I've carried a benchmade knife on all my deployments as far back as 2003. They have never failed me. Thankyou!"

James S. writes-

"My Benchmade has been on my side for over 15 years now.Through thick and thin and has proven its worth every day in my line of work. I am now unable to use her anymore due to the damage she has taken on and hope to replace her one day. I really miss having it on my side. I have not found a knife as tough as my Benchmade and never will in my opinion."

Jon L. writes-

"I'm an avid knife fanatic, with over 20 knives in my current collection (small collection compared to some, I know). From SpiderCO, Gerber, Kershaw, Custom Made, Steel Werks, a few off brands, and of course - Benchmade. My all time favorite knife brand is of course, Becnhmade, for a variety of reasons. My current every day carry knife happens to be the same knife I purchased nearly a decade ago, the Benchmade Mini Ambush 102105. I could write a 5 page paper on the number of times, and odd occurrences where my Benchmade has come in handy. From opening packages, to cutting string, to prying things open... a decade later and one of the cheapest knives Benchmade has ever sold, refuses to give up. The blade shows heavy wear (has sticky stuff on it, from whatever I was sticking into as of late), and the handle looks obviously used, but 10 years later and that should be expected. My all time greatest story regarding this specific knife, was when my wife and I locked ourselves out of our house, about 8 years ago... I kicked the door, slammed by 230 lbs of mass against the door, nothing I could do would open that door. I pull out my Benchmade knife, and cringed (expecting to be break, honestly) and like a crowbar I jammed the Mini Ambush between the door frame and pried/popped that sucker open... my wife and I stood in complete awe, while the knife in my hand didn't have a scratch. This is a true story. I've used this knife for many things not even related to cutting, from a hammer, to a door stop, to a false sense of security in dark allies, it's extremely rare for me not to have this thing in my pocket. Now that I make a real living, I'm in the market for a fancier $200 range Benchmade, however.. I plan to carry my Mini Ambush until the day it gives up on me, which at this point, is unlikely to happen, ever."

Javier V. writes-

"Hello I'm 35 years old and I LOVE KNIVES. I always carried cheep knifes never to think that a good quality knife will make a difference. I was introduce to your company by youtube after viewing many videos on what knife to buy I made my decision to go with your mini Barrage 586S with M390 steel and let me tell you I cannot stop looking at it, this knife has become and obsesion I want you to PLEASE SAY THANK YOU to all your designers and people involved on this type of craftsmanship IT IS AWESOME. To be able to hold this knife and simply with no effort flip it open and just feel that G10 grip handle JUST AWESOME. I'm already looking in to 470-131 Emissary osborn design even though is a little far from my price range but eventually and hopefully you still have it in production when I'm ready to get it. The reason of this email is that I want to make sure you guys know that your knifes are making people HAPPY it is truly a work of art. Thank you."

Artie K. writes-

"A few moths ago I had my eye on getting a Benchmade but I wasn't sure which to get, then I ran across the Rift. My plan was to purchase this around Christmas time with some gift cards I was to receive. After reading a few blogs, I ran into a discussion regarding your 810-1401 Contego made with M390. Once I saw this knife I fell in love and could not wait to place my pre-order. Christmas rolled around and all the gift adds I received were for clothes, I was bummed. Then my Girlfriend, who was late with her gift tells me that she was going to get me a new microwave for Christmas. I turned to her and said OK great, next year I'll get you a vacuum. She laughed and said OK, well what would make you happy? I said other than having you in my life...I want my Benchmade! She placed the order the next day and now I'm eagerly waiting on this gem of a knife to ship...Thanks for making such a beautiful product and I can't wait to use this knife as my EDC!"

Cody W. writes-

"For christmas 2013 i splurged on a gift for myself and bought a classic 551 griptilian. Ive held plenty of them but always wanted one. As a guy with only 20 years of age its understood im a knife novice but i can already say that just having this one knife has changed the way i look upon other knives. I owen half a dozen knives all much less expensive than the griptilian but adding them all up money, performance, and durability wise, they dont come close. Even though ive only had this knife for about a month im beyond impressed with what i was already sure to be the best knife of my collection... so far. P.S. Also within the first week i sliced my pinky open very well with it by opening the axis lock and fliping the blade back towards me :). needless to say that there was no doubting the sharpness of the blade after that."

Russell G. writes-

"About 5 or so years ago, a friend of mine was doing some yard work and he found a griptilian in the dirt he had cleaned it up pretty good and left it on his shelf. When I was over at his house one day he asked me if I wanted it. He wasn't much of a knife guy. So he gave it to me. I never found out who originally owned it so I kept it. I have used it nearly every day for cutting open boxes to envelopes even a little bit of rubber tube. I love this knife and it has worked for me without fail. I keep it sharp with a sharpening kit and I keep it clean and oiled. So I bought my dad one from a matco tool truck for father's day about three years ago. Again no fails so far. I really appreciate the craftsmanship of these knives. I intend on buying one for my brother soon too. Thank you People at Benchmade for making a quality product that I can trust."

Anthony W. writes-

"By far the best knife I have ever owned. It served me so well on my deployment in 2011, that I almost cried when I lost it on the way back state side."

Bob D. writes-

"Hello! I am very much enjoying my mini grip knives! Great design and quality. Thanks so much."

William M. writes-

"I found my first knife when i was in college, it was a Spyderco Endura. I then found Benchmade in my early 20’s and I will honestly say.. They Are The Best Knifes in the USA(possibly the world). I think my count is up to 9 different models.. I love my knives and would like to commend Benchmade with that axis lock style.. Such an amazing lock. I wont buy any other knife and I look forward to expanding my collection."

Dean S. writes-

"WOW. I own and use regularly the 585S MINI BARRAGE. Love it as an EDC knife and I can remember it having a great first day impression as well as it has continued to perform above all of my other knives for years.. Decided to spend the money and acquire the deluxe big boy, 581 BARRAGE. Just got it today and it is impressive. OSBORNE has designed another great knife. ( I have six other BENCHMADE designs). It opens so crisply and is so sharp right out of the box. I just wanted to say thank you to all in design and manufacturing for providing me with another outstanding product."

Rick C. writes-

"I have a Benchmade Osborne 943 - 154 cm. I've carried many different over 50 years. The Benchmade is my favorite. I'm a very active outdoorsman, hunting, fishing, boating and I work in the boating industry. That said my knife is a tool and used every day. My Benchmade has been awesome, clipped in my pocket for 15 YEARS ! Thank you for your great craftsmanship. I would like to get another clip and 3 screws."

Danielle W. writes-

"My dads dependable pocket has always taken care of packaging nightmares as long as I can remember. But if dependability ever went out for a jug of milk, the sight of strapped, taped, wound, cinched packaging left me but one alternative. My pearly whites. Most of us have them right? I've gnawed, shredded & worn through likely all my enamel to unpackage over the years. Who needs enamel anyway? The dentist loves me. Anyway- my world changed recently and while I am still working out the kinks of fitting my knife in the front pocket of my jeans (why are girl pockets made so small?) I am to happy to announce at long last I never knew I wanted, needed, and would love my 530SBK so much. Thank you from my teeth especially."

Connor M. writes-

"I spent three months in the wilds of Patagonia with my Benchmade in my breast pocket. It weathered 100 km/hr winds with me. Cut countless salami packages and dried pieces of fruit. It whittled me a new spoon at least once a week to replace the ones I lost. It was immersed in salt water, frozen in crevasses, baked in the reflective oven of a glacier, whipped by winds, tangled by vines and rubbed raw by blowing sand. By the end of the adventure my hair was long and unkempt, my clothing stitched in sundry places, my breast pocket zipper, now nearly unusable, housed a lighter and a knife. I'd touch the pocket regularly to confirm the whereabouts of the two most important items in that place. Of the lighters there had been many, of the knife? I only need one. Thanks, Benchmade."

Danny G. writes-

"Your knives are so beautiful and reliable. Even our own trusty TSA folks couldnt resist stealing it from me. My Pardue has travelled with me to several countries and all over the US for my job, and unfortunately, somebody decided to make it their own somewhere along the conveyor belt from the plane to the baggage claim. I was very sad to open my checked bag when i got home that night to find a note in my bag that TSA has randomly searched it, low and behold my Pardue was no longer in its safe place... I am now eyeballing a Barrage axis assist as I am getting tired of reaching for my knife but only to find an empty pocket :0( "

Andrew B. writes-

"Just finished a vehicle extrication course had to use my seat belt cutter repeatedly through the duration of the class i thought seatbelt cutters were all the same but mine never failed to make a quick clean cutt others in my class had two or three cuts with other cutters before they failed i will always carry a Benchmade cutter with me and nothing else."

Johan G. writes-

"On Sept. 7th,2013 it was a beautiful day in the BWCA of Northern Minnesota, enjoying the solitude of the Superior National Forest. Sunny and clear a friend and I were fishing when I decided to change lures. As I brought my hand back along my hiking shorts to grab my Mel Perdue designed Mini-Griptilian 556 to cut my line when I heard a odd noise on the gunnels of the canoe. Metal on Metal and then the sound of bubbles as I tuned back over my right shoulder to watch my Benchmade quickly sink to the bottom of Shell Lake. I very promptly started to process and experience the grieving process. 1. SHOCK & DENIAL - Did that just happen? 2. PAIN & GUILT-This knife was a Christmas gift from my brother in law. I don't have the heart to tell him it is gone. I asked for a Gerber as the dollar limit in our family for the gift drawing was 50$, he way surpassed that to ensure I experienced the quality of BKC. 3. ANGER & BARGAINING-I wished I hadn't brought it. But why should I have the best on my trips? Why couldn't have that been my crappy knife? 4. "DEPRESSION", REFLECTION, LONELINESS- How would I make it through my trip without my Benchmade I thought. Next in the grieving process 5. THE UPWARD TURN/6.RECONSTRUCTION I was making it thought with other tools, every cut reminded me of how my Benchmade was gone. While all was not lost, I had to stay strong and positive for my friends on the trip. I didn't want them to know how truly sad I was because of the loss of my knife. Finally, 7.ACCEPTANCE/HOPE- I accepted that it was gone and not recoverable. I have accepted that I will never have that knife back. My hope is that it can be replaced. Due to some health challenges with two of my three young children, I am not in a financial position to replace the wonderful tool. My knife was very lightly used. I wonder if there is anything you can do to assist in my replacement of such a wonderful tool and gift? Until then all I have is my empty storage bag and blue box."

Preston U. writes-

"when buying a product I shop for the best quality material and lifetime warranty I can find. a couple years ago a friend got me turned on to the benchmade knives after showing off his knife with the axis locking mechanism, I was intrigued by how fast you could open the knife with only one hand and reclose it using only a simple flick of the wrist. a few months later I bought one myself at a gun show and fell in love with the knife short after. after years of carrying the knife around and using it daily at a mechanics shop I dropped it open on the floor and broke the tip off. I sent the knife back to you guys and only after a week the knife was back in my possession with a brand new blade, axis spring, opening devise and oiled ready for another brutal use and abuse I could throw at it. thank you benchmade for making such a great quality knife and unmatched warranty that never disappoints! "

Lloyd B. writes-

"Writing my testimonial. Almost a decade ago as a young 18year old army combat medic I received as a gift from my parents a benchmade nimravus vefore my first deployment. A year and a half through Afghanistan and that knife saw me through everyday, then again 6 months later I took it for another year and a half through northern Iraq. After the military I've carried that knife as a contractor on 5 continents and 20 countries with it always bing by my side. When taking a break from the bouncing earlier this year I bought one of the first 500 bushcrafter's produced and used it daily for 7 months living off the grid in northern Maine. Trapping, fishing, hunting, carving, batoning, it did everything I demanded of it. Back home now less than 48 hours and I am packing my bags for an aid mission in the phillipines to clean up after Haiyan. For me the mission hasn't ended...and my nimravus is still answering the call."

Michael H. writes-

"My favorite Benchmade of all time was a gift from a Benchmade employee for doing some consulting work for the company. Although several other Benchmade knives have crossed my path, the 722SBT is my all-time favorite. "

Chris D. writes-

"I had never owned a Benchmade, I had looked at them and knew a couple of guys that carried them but never took the plunge. I was on an elk hunt in eastern Montana in the Fort Peck area of the CMR. We were on a long hike probably 5 or 6 miles in and sat down to glass for elk. As I sat there and not seeing any elk I started to look around where I was sitting. Something caught my eye, it turned out to be a knife...a Benchmade knife. It was coated in dirt and grime, figuring it was broken or destroyed by the weather, I just threw it in my pack and kinda forgot about it. When I got home and cleaned out my pack I found my treasure and started to clean it. What emerged was a model 745 Dejavoo, and to my surprise in near perfect condition. The blade was razor sharp and appeared to have very little use. It became my personal carry knife, and gas been for the last 5 years. As a firefighter for the city of Detroit it sees plenty of action and till this day I don't head to the firehouse without my Montana back country find. I have since purchased other Benchmade knives and have yet been disappointed. Thanks for a great knife."

Paul C. writes-

"I wanted to just express a few words on Benchmade and more specifically, a couple of knives. I own about 25 folders in total-SOGS, ZT, Spydercos and ProTech among them. So far, only 2 Benchmades, although more are on the way! My first was the Contego SBK. Strong, classic Osborne style, wonderful build quality and it turns heads! And it certainly holds it's own against my Microtech Socom Elite! the blade is a tank! The most recent is an Orange Triage- what a GREAT knife for the money! The G10 handles are wonderfully grippy and I think you should use those scales on more models . I find myself sitting on the couch watching football just holding and playing with this knife! The Axis locks are first rate and so much easier to deploy than liners.... I also received a pocket clip you sent me gratis ( a non painted steel) for the Contego which I thought looked better. You customer service rep was so nice! Keep up the great work A huge fan from New England!"

Eric K. writes-

"I just wanted to share a little story describing the durability of your knives. Coming home from work late one day, I, in a rush, changed clothes getting ready for soccer practice. In my haste, I threw my pants on the bed. After I left for practice, my beautiful wife came into the bedroom gathering clothes for the laundry. She removed my belt , but didn't see the MINI GRIP in the front pocket. The pants/knife went through the wash without incident. During the drying cycle is where I became a resident of the doghouse. Sometime while drying, the knife came out of my pocket and opened up...By good graces, my wife was not injured removing clothes from the dryer. She did fine four shirt with slashes in them. That would have been fine to replace only four pieces of clothing. Problem was later when drying sport/ drifit type clothing. All of these clothes came out of the dryer with a ton of snags. I found a thousand burrs on the inside of the dryer drum, plastic dividers, back wall, filter screen and light cover where the knife had stabbed the dryer. After trying to sand and smooth out these burrs for three weeks, I gave up and bought a new washer and dryer (bearing went out on washer a couple weeks later). Knife 1 - Dryer 0 I thought $100 was a lot for a knife, but $1500 plus a lot of clothes is crazy. The tip on the MINI GRIP is still in good shape. I am just a little more careful now when changing clothes. Thanks for making awesome knives."

Doreen G. writes-

"You have made a lifelong customer in me! For my tenth anniversary, I bought my husband a nice Benchmade knife at a local hunting store. I wanted it engraved, but the store did not do that. However, the employee that helped me was an old Benchmade employee. He told me to give your factory store a call and see what they could do for me. I did. And when I explained that I was driving two hours to get this done, you welcomed me and promised that I could get it engraved on the spot while I was there. I trekked south to your factory and was in and out in less than 20 minutes. WOW! Thanks for making a rushed, last minute gift idea a great experience. I was so impressed while I was there that I will be asking for my own Benchmade knife for Christmas this winter. I cannot wait to get my very own. Your excellent customer service and quality products have made me a lifelong customer. We will never buy another brand again!"

Kirk S. writes-

"Thanks to the fine people over at benchmade for replacing my damaged blade. You met your deadline exactly when you said you would and followed through with the quality services you advertise. I will continue to encourage others to purchase your products, and very much appreciate that you have kept your word in every aspect. Thanks again and I look forward to my next benchmade purchase."

John M. writes-

"I recently purchased a Mini Griptillian. What a fine, precision knife. As fine a knife as I have ever owned. There is a special satisfaction to a knife lover to own, carry and enjoy this quality and pecision of an instrument. The Mini Grip is my first knife of modern materials and design. For more than forty years I have faithfully carried a medium Stockman by Case, Buck or Boker. They are all fine knives and have served me well as EDC knives since I was a kid."

John B. writes-

"I wanted to say thank you for making such a wonderful knife. I bought the Steirer Eisen version years ago and it has lived up beyond all expectations. I have dropped it mud, sand, other unmentionables and it still works beautifully. I've used it for everything in my line of work as a officer and still holds a razor sharp edge. Unfortunately the thumb stud has fallen out and the locking mechanism has become to loose to stay tight and straight. Thank you for making such a fine and trustworthy knife. Best regards from a life long Benchmade fan."

Chris M. writes-

"Early Oct 31, my home as well a the rest of my neighborhood was engulfed by flash flooding. My wife, 3mo old baby girl, and our two dogs got to high ground with minutes to spare before the water rose above head level. We returned the next morning to find rescues still in progress, and all of our belonging ruined or swept away. Except for my benchmade griptillian, which while under 3in of mud I was able to find, shake off and begin using immediately for rescue and recovery efforts. Other brand knives did NOT function similarly. I would love to share more along with photos. As soon as we get back on our feet, my wife will be getting one, as well as both vehicles. Thank you for making a quality product that truly works every time I need it to."

Nick M. writes-

"I recently sent my benchmade auto knife to your company to have some work done. I just wanted to write and tell you guys that I am extremely satisfied with the service that was provided. Your company has by far exceeded my expectations in the service that was provided to me. I want to send my gratitude for such a great job."

Daniel P. writes-

"GREAT SERVICE. Over the top. All companies should be so skilled. Thank's SO MUCH."

Matt S. writes-

"Last night at 1 AM as I was preparing to go to bed I heard a load crash in front of my house. I raced outside to find a jeep flipped onto it's side in front of my house. The driver was still inside and was responsive so I asked him "Can I cut you out?" My Mini-Grip was already out of my pocket and flicked open before he even responded and when I heard "Go ahead" it plunged into his soft top jeep. Now I expected it to be able to cut through the canvas but the ease and speed I was able to do it in was what blew me away. The axis lock made it easy to quickly close the blade with one hand as I was reaching in to help the man out. I cleared him of the vehicle, got him stable on the ground, and stayed with him until the police and paramedics arrived. I have been loving this knife since day one but last night cemented it's permanent place in my pocket."

Steve C. writes-

"I just purchased a volli knife with G10 handles. I love this knife! The grip is great, the action is amazing, and the blade is extremely sharp, well-shaped, and very practical. Well done! Thank you."

Brad T. writes-

"Since my first Benchmade purchase(710). I have never experienced a failure with any BM product. 710 is still in the rotation of users after 6 years. Since then I have added to the rotation a 583, 581, 810. Loved them so much I added some Gold Class options for dress situations(750-101, 940-121 & 530-111). I expound the quality of Benchmade to those less informed, when asked "why so much for a knife?". You get what you pay for and I paid for a knife that will not fail under pressure."

Jonathon B. writes-

"I live on the gulf coast of Alabama. While out fishing one day about 20 miles out. I went to release the anchor for the boat and didn't relize I was standing on the rope. When the anchor went over the rope tangled around my ankle pulling me over. The water was only about 75 foot deep I couldn't get myself free from the rope and I started to realize I was going to drown when I rememebered I had my knife in my pocket I was able to cut to myself free and get back to the top of the water. After a few days of recovering from the injurys I sustained during this I realized I had dropped the knife after cutting myself free. I saved for a long time to be able to afford a benchmade knife and I'm very glad I did. The knife may be lost in the bottom of the gulf coast but I'm very thank you to everyone on the staff of benchmade. You saved my life and I have told everyone I know about this I hope they all get knife from benchmade because you never know when it will come in handy thank you to the whole staff of benchmade for making the best knife I ever owned and I will save again untill I have enough to purchase another great knife. The knifes model number was 707SBK-1201 combo edge black blade with blue handle. Thank you once again to the staff. Everyone saved my life. "

Seth N. writes-

"Though discontinued, my Nimravus Cub has seen it all. It's patrolled thru combat tours in the mountains of Afghanistan and streets of Iraq, adventured on Alaskan hunting trips, and endured season after season of wildland fire fighting in the Pacific Northwest. Like its owner it shows the scars of a life well lived and I trust my safety to its dependability. Like many things, you always remember your first. This Benchmade knife is one to remember."

David W. writes-

"I just received my ancient (Clinton Administration era) Mini-AFCK back from your sharpening and warranty service. As you could probably tell, this knife has not spent its life in a display case. But you replaced the broken spacer, sharpened, adjusted and oiled it, and it functions just like new. Like me, it just doesn't look new. Thank you for the great service."

Jeremy M. writes-

"Three years ago my wife purchased a bone collector folder for my birthday. It was my first Benchmade and I absolutely love it. I have been so impressed I will never carry anything else. About a year and a half age I lost my knife. Of course I didn't tell my wife, I just went and purchased another one the next day so she wouldn't notice. Well today I was cleaning up a pile of junk metal that I had unloaded about a 'year and a half ago' and there was my Benchmade sticking out of the mud. It was packed with mud and the top half of the blade was rusty and pitted, I could not get it to open at all. After some brake cleaner, WD-40, and a pair of pliers it now opens and closes as easy as the day i got it. Did I say I love this knife? Anyway, I had to let my wife in on my secret when she saw that I now have two! One of these days I may order a new blade but for now it is still the best knife I own!"

Kurt D. writes-

"All, just a quick note of thanks. I have purchased several knives in the past year. When shopping, I discovered your lifesharp program. I have taken advantage of it a few times and its great. Thanks for the great service, great turnaround time, and great product."

Sean M. writes-

"I was deployed to Iraq with the Air Force in 2006-07 and was issued a benchmade knife. I don't remember the particular model but I believe it to be something similar to the Presidio 552 Ultra, not for sure. Anyway, I loved this knife as it had a good feel and was very handy, I used it for almost anything. "

Jonah P. writes-

"Let me start off by saying i love Benchmade knife company. There are many things that you guys do right. I am only 16 but I can tell when a knife is done right. You guys are american for one thing, and that is just one of those things that is admired by many. I love your products and i am a huge supporter of them. I can confidently say benchmade is my favorite knife brand. I know im only 16 but I have a huge passion for knives. When people ask me what is a good knife i tell them benchmade is the brand to buy. I recommend the Griptilian line as the best knife's for the money. My mini Griptilian's axis lock broke once and i was mad but when i contacted you guys you were more than happy to help me for no charge at all. I can not tell you how happy that made me. Your customer service is wonderful. I can rely on this product no matter what happens. Please pass this message on to the president of the company and tell him i would love to work for him one day. Thank you benchmade for being the best company out there."

Ryan M. writes-

"I have to say after buying my first griptilian I have only bought benchmade knives since. They are always the best built and the blade steel is always quality. "

You H. J. writes-

"I have been Benchmade user for a few years now and I have always recomended and advocated your products to my friends and co-workers. The quality of Benchmade knives are in my opinion the best in the business. Now I've always have been impressed with the products that Benchmade produces, but today I learned just how great the customer service is at Benchmade. I am a service member of the military and will be heading in to the field to conduct training. I was looking for a new knife, as my current knife is being retired from field use. So naturally I knew I wanted a benchmade, specifically the 940BK, which I had being eyeing for a long time. I head to the field this upcoming Saturday so wanting the knife before Saturday, I ordered the knife last night (Sunday) and opted for the 2 day shipping. Next day, I called Benchamde customer service department to get an idea of when the knife would be delivered. The customer service representative informed me that the knife won't be delivered till Monday due the assembling process. By then I would be in the field and unable to have the knife. Due to this I asked if my shipping could be changed to standard shipping and the shipping costs refunded. Instead the Rep didn't hesitate to help and found a way to get the knife shipped to me in time before I head in to the field. In fact few hours after our interaction, the knife had shipped. The customer service reps actions and generosity combined with their support of the military is what completes Benchmade as one of the best Knife manufacturers. Thank you for providing excellent products and service and I look forward in continuing our business through the future."

Robert S. writes-

"Just received my Bedlam automatic knife and I couldn't be happier. It is exactly what I wanted. At first I wasn't sure about the size because, I was used to my automatic mini reflex which is significantly smaller. But a wise man once said to me when you find your match you'll know and the Bedlam Auto fits perfect, I even got it inscribed which makes it even more special. Thank you Benchmade!"

Daniel D. writes-

"I'm in the Navy and we do a very dangerous evolution of mooring a ship to a buoy, while at sea. Last time we did it, I was on the small RHIB (Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat) and putting the Sailors onto the buoy as the ship sailed up to it. After running the lines and the anchor chain from the ship down the buoy and mooring to it, it was time to get the ship back underway. The anchor chain was retrieved and as it was pulled back up, the line that was used to "trolley" the chain to the buoy came under a extreme amount of tension. As the ship continued to back up, the buoy was tilted up out of the water to a wild angle, endangering the Sailors on the buoy who were still attempting to undo the line. The buoy was slick with seal and bird crap and they were about to fall off. Had they fallen, I would not have been able to get them, because they would have been between the ship and the buoy, not enough room to maneuver a RHIB between the two safely for a recovery. As the line continued to strain and they began to slip, they yelled for a knife and I was able to quickly toss my Auto-Presidio (5000) to them and they quickly cut the line. The buoy slammed back into the water and we were able to quickly recover them safely. Any lesser knife could have meant worse fates for these young Sailors and I'm proud to carry your excellent workmanship with me."

Norberto G. writes-

"I am a U.S. Border Patrol Agent and I have carried the Benchmade Knife always. It is a part of my river belt . I will recommend this product to all Law Enforcement Officers anywhere. Bravo!!!!"

Jacob H. writes-

"I am a big supporter of Benchmade knives. Hands down, I think your knives are the best available! I recommend your hunting knives to all of my hunting buddies and many of them have fallen in love with them just as I have. At first they are skeptical, but after buying some and finding out the quality, they are glad they listened to me! I wanted to say Thank you for making such a great line of products."

Scott E. writes-

"Want to say thank you for the excellent service, sharpening, tuning and having my 670 appirition personalized with initials. Great knife, should last for a few generations."

David K. writes-

"My Benchmade survived what is probably the worst abuse a knife could face! My HK Automatic Knife Black Serr DP 440C 14700SBX was in my pocket daily until one spring day it was missing. I looked everywhere but after about a month I gave up hope. This fall I decided to finally burn my pile of old tree limbs and yard debris. A few days later while cleaning up the debris from the fire, I found my once beautiful knife. I wish I had take a picture! Without proof nobody can really imagine just how horrible it looked after about 6 months outside including being in a bonfire and the being rained on yet again. What I found looked more like a civil war relic than a year old knife. I carefully took the knife apart. Much to my surprise, it came apart pretty easily. Unfortunately the black finish on the handle was gone but the protective coating remained intact on most of the handle. The blade was pretty rusty but some time with a ceramic stone and a Dremel tool with a stainless wire wheel cleaned up the parts pretty well. I had to remove one loop of the main spring to make the knife functional again as the intense heat had damaged it. Now it is working again and while it is now gray, it still looks pretty good. Much more to my surprise, it takes and holds an edge! Now that is good steel! This is why you buy a Benchmade! Literally through Hell and High Water and it keeps working."

Joseph B. writes-

"I would like to thank you all for the quality products that you produce. I've been carrying Benchmade knives for about a year and have never had any issues. As a firefighter I can't afford to carry anything that I don't think will function when needed, and I'm proud to say I never respond to a call without my Mini-Barrage and Houdini Pro on me, both have served me and others many times."

Gerald A. writes-

"After almost 10 years of daily use I had a spring break in my knife. I knew that it was a great knife when I received it as a gift. After almost a decade later the knife got even better. The great service I received exceeded my expectations. Great products and Great service. Don't change a thing. Thank you."

Kyle R. writes-

"I purchased my Osborne 940 when I turned 16 because I needed a knife for work. It soon became my everyday in every way knife. Hunting, camping, outdoors, work, play and utility. Hands down the best knife I have ever owned or used. Sadly on a fishing trip for my 20th birthday my girlfriend lost it. I was heartbroken. I'm still waiting to replace it. Keep up the good work-I will only ever carry Benchmade knives"

Karl S. writes-

"Great product and outstanding customer service. I've had my model 890 torrent for two years now,and it out shines any folding knife I've ever owned. Quality of materials,attention to detail and impeccable design is what sets Benchmade apart from other knife manufacturers. Thank you! I use my knife everyday."

Brett B. writes-

"My Benchmade Adamas has been one hell of knife. I can't believe I wasted money purchasing any other knife prior to finding THE knife for me. Today a strong gust of wind slammed by garage door shut, locking me out of the house. On top of being locked out, I had a job interview coming up in 1 hour and 20 minutes. With no possible way back into the house I took my Adamas from my pocket and was able to pry the door and the strike of the door lock open so that I could get back in the house. The meaty robustness of the Adamas blade and design, coupled with the Axis lock truly prevented disaster. There is hardly a moment when the Adamas is far from me. This is the ultimate all purpose knife. Thank you Benchmade. You helped me get to my job interview on time. "

Blake R. writes-

"Unbelievable quality and service! I few more company's like you and America will endure this current administration. Thanks again!"

Chris C. writes-

"I'm writing to say thank you for the amazing customer service that I received. I called to inquire on available replacement parts for my 940 as I had bent the belt retaining clip. Your service rep asked for my knife model, home address and other info, I then asked for the price for the replacement parts and she said its covered, shipping? covered. Three days later the parts arrived and I have my favorite knife back in working order. This is just one more reason why Benchmade Knifes are the only I will carry and recommend. Thank you once again Chris"

Angelo G. writes-

"Just got my Sister a Pink Mini-Griptilian 556, and a Neon Green Mini-Griptilian 556, now she's mad at me for buying two knives. Why?, because now she can't choose which one to carry when headed out for work!, at the same time I just wanted to say that your products are true to its word about your knives being sharp right out of the box, and I would also like to thank you for making such a great product. My 551 Griptilian helped me fend off these local goons who's up to no good, one tried to approach me from behind, and another two waited up front, as I approach I tapped my pocket and quickly deployed my Tactical Knife. I guess what they say is true. Big satin colored knives are more scarier than Black ones. Thanks Benchmade! "

Brian R. writes-

"As a lifelong Buck carrier, I purchased my first Griptillian recently and can gladly say it will be the last knife that I own. Your craftsmanship puts you far and above the rest and the locking mechanism is the best that I have worked with. Well done and thank you for your commitment to excellence. "

David B. writes-

"I am a professional paleontologist and part of my job is excavating dinosaurs. This activity is grueling and success depends on having the proper equipment. At the start of my career, 15 years ago, I bought a Benchmade knife. It has performed flawlessly all this time even though it is used to cut through rocks to extricate fragile fossils. I have dug T. rex bones and teeth which are very rare. I can tell you that your knives are so well made that I do not have to worry about them wiggling around such delicate objects. Your knives are precise scientific instruments in this respect. I highly recommend your products and hope one day you will offer a dinosaur hunter special edition. Such a knife would have a spearpoint blade and a comfortable hilt so one could push it into the rock matrix. Please let me know if you have any interest in my activities as I have many photos using your knives as a scale bar. I really enjoy using quality products and your company certainly fits the bill!"

Michael R. writes-

"Dear Benchmade, I have been exclusively collecting and using your knives for over 20 years (including my, perhaps, not-so-usual EDC during 6 years as a banker on Wall St.). I love your knives! I recognize that many folks buy just one Benchmade knife and it drives them to offer feedback, make requests of future models etc. Unfortunately, however, despite all of my years of Benchmade ownership I can't offer as much. Your knives are outstanding and I have little to bring to your attention. My favorite Benchmade is unquestionably the 2500 (full size) Reflex. I originally had two, one being a limited run with a polished blade and handle (16/100). That knife was my "safe queen" and, unfortunately was lost several years ago. In any event, I'm very curious to know why you discontinued this knife. The 2550 is excellent as well, but nothing matches the 2500, IMHO. Best regards, Michael"

Vincent V. writes-

"Hey Benchmade. I am an active duty Infantryman in the US Army and I use Benchmade knives daily. We have plenty of Infantryman who loves and strictly chooses Benchmade knives. One of my teammates carried his Benchmade on him everyday during our tour in Afghanistan. He brought it back home with him. One of my bosses used his Benchmade knife to cook and barbeque steaks for me and our teams. Another buddy gave me his Benchmade because he was retiring.I know I'm rambling but I own and use Benchmades and plan on purchasing more with the military program. Keep up the fantastic quality products and customer service. Thank you. "

April R. writes-

"Hello! I ordered a knife for my fiance last month and had it engraved with "Will you marry me?" and "Engagement Knife 2013" with our intials. He loved it!!! He always joked about how he should get some kind of engagement gift, since I got a ring, and I knew a knife was perfect. He has many Benchmade knives already - he is obsessed. I wanted to thank you all for the thoughtful card that was included congratulating us and for the beer glasses and the beer opener that was included! The beer accesories were perfect - my fiance owns a brewery in Carrboro, NC! Thank you again for the great customer service and for the personal touch. We will continue to recommend Benchmade and purchase knives from you all. You are an outstanding company who should serve as a model for others!"

Marvin P. writes-

"I purchased a 950 Rift as my first Benchmade. I was seriously impressed with the quality of the knife when I got it. Not a week after I got it in my hands I needed it in a serious situation. I was 50 feet up a tree, a rope looped over a branch a few feet above my head, one end on the ground with my co worker and the other on a 300 pound branch. As I started cutting, the branch started to lower and the rope worked its way closer to the saw. Rather than risk cutting the rope with my chainsaw I grabbed for my hand saw and realized It wasn't there. I was in serious trouble, the branch still had a quarter of an inch left and the wind was picking up. I grabbed my Rift and started cutting. It took some time but I was able to finish the cut without compromising the rope. I wasn't sure it would work, but the Rift impressed me to no end. I will always have a Benchmade on my person. "

Samuel G. writes-

"I recently purchased the new Auto Triage replacing my Original Triage. The first day I got my Auto Triage I put it to use hours into my shift. I received a medical call where I deployed the cutting hook to cut the clothing off an elderly female so I could apply adhesive pads for my AED. Unfortunately the elderly female passed away. I purchased the Auto Triage for these type of situations and it did not fail me. I have 3 benchmade knives and I love them!! I just wanted to share my story with you and let you know the products you produce actually work. "

Eric V. writes-

"The H&K Soldat earned its stripes July 29th after enduring what appeared to be 30 years of wear in under five hours. This blade served dutifully in its use to slice open hundreds of sand bags that played a role in a three decade old research project. I overheard someone saying how they needed a proper knife to take on the task at hand. I offered unknowingly the Soldat to help their laborious task. While I continued to photograph and document the historic event, the Soldat served on, aiding the volunteers. The day ended and I searched for my steel comrade only find it with all its black coating gone, the edge was duller than a butter knife's handle. Dismayed, I knew that the damage was done, but was proud to have the historic day engrained into my knife. As the name implies, the Soldat soldiered through and re-took a hair-shavin' edge. The exposed steel hasn't rusted at all, despite spearheadeding into gritty, water-soaked sand bags for hours (in a lake that used to be acidic nonetheless.) "

Tyler C. writes-

"I recieved my mini reflex 2550 recently and I must say it is by far the best knife I have ever had. I am involved with fire/ ems services and I'm sure that this knife will serve me extremely well at an emergency scene if I needed to use it. It's my first auto knife and I have heard many stories about autos having blade play and not locking up solid but this knife is absolutely fanstatic. But honestly I'm not surprised its a Benchmade! "

Jim G. writes-

"I've carried pocket folders every day since I was 8 years old-I grew up on a farm, and it was an essential tool, so if I had a pocket in my pants, it had a knife in it. Over the years, I've had many different makes and styles, but none comes close to your 610 Ruckus. It's as close to a perfect extension of my hand as any blade I've ever seen; perfect size and blade weight, perfect Axis ambidextrous locking mechanism, opens easily with one hand-either one when it comes to that. Easily the best knife investment I've ever purchased, I'm only sorry that when I bought it, I didn't realize it was a limited edition; I would have bought several. I don't know if you ever reconsider making knives you've discontinued, but I for one will heartily recommend you consider making another run of the 610. Change handle materials or blade finish if you must, but leave the basics as is. I'd be surprised if they didn't sell out. I myself will buy at least 2 more, as its my EDC, and likely always will be. My son has expressed interest in it, but presently he will have to wait until I die to get his hands on one."

John B. writes-

"I wanted to take a moment to thank you for making a great product for Firefighters and EMT's. I work for a fire department in the Upstate of SC. And on the 11th of August we were called to one of the buildings under construction for an injured person. Once we got there it was clear the gentleman had a lower leg injury, and that he was in severe pain. We used the 8 MED-Hook to split his jeans, and then realized his boot needed to be removed; this is where my hook really amazed all of us. With your product we were able to gently cut the shoelaces and the tough shoe leather (doubled in places) with great ease. There was no jerking or jostling of the tool required. Your hook went through the material with incredible ease. I am convinced that had we had to cut off his boot with a pair of conventional trauma shears our patient would have endured a great deal more pain and movement in his injured leg/foot. It is because of your product that the most difficult and painful part of our patient care was a little bit easier. "

Dakota H. writes-

"I got my benchmade knife for Christmas and I used it all the time at work being in the military, I kept it sharp and everyone kept an eye on it because it was such a good and reliable knife. Well my ship had ran aground and I had this knife with me the whole time, had to jump in the water and use it to help cut and tie our life rafts together, and even now the knife is in my lap, a little rusted around the butt end and still a beauty going strong."

Dan L. writes-

"When I was in the Air Force I was deployed to Iraq in 2004 and I was lucky enough to be issued a Benchmade auto folder and I can't remember exactly what model but something like the 9500. I beat the hell out of that knife. I was in combat communications and I used it to do almost all of my utility work, splitting cables, cutting equipment, even digging in the dirt occasionally. "

Savvas E. writes-

"I am writing this email to you because I wanted to tell you all about my recent trip using some of your products. I have recently just returned from a 16day camp+trek trip to hills with my girlfriend Rebecca where we took the opportunity to have some chill time together after her recent long term illness, which has prevented us for having trips for over a year now. Before we went, we were going through our kit inventory on the lawn to check for any things we needed, & then a neighbour saw us & we started chatting about his recent SAR tour of Wales in which he is on leave from for couple months. We got talking about our tools that we were taking & asked me if I had good knife, I showed him my victorinox pocket knife, at this he chuckled alittle, before disappearing for couple of minutes, when he returned, he handed me his knife & told me to take it for the trip as it would do a much better job than my weeny knife, which I thought was very kind. Initially I was a little hesistant as we knew sometimes he gets called away at a moment's notice, but this time was not to be the case, so we agreed & we were not disappointed with his gear, which more than sufficed for the trip. As he had only used this item during tours & at occasional times with his family, he asked me to let him know how it stands up in its usage for us compared to other methods & conditions, so I thought I would also tell you also about it which may or may not help your feedback programme etc. Initially on looking at the item before packing, I was like WoW, his Conspiracy 14101 Knife looked very stylish, natural looking matte colour & felt great, & we were both liking it more, practically falling in love with this excellent piece of gear but knew deep down, not only did we need a practical item such as this, but also that sadly this item was out of our price means due to the quality & standard of your product. When we completed packing our rucksacks, we found that having the all our needed items neatly tucked away in separate compartments within the pack is always helpful, but knowing that we didn't have to make space for the Knife & were very impressed by the great compact-ability of the knife, as I was able to attach it onto my belt using the sheath. We both found that using this item was great & were very impressed with the sturdiness & usability aspect of it, The knife was very well manageable, even for Rebecca, who also felt it rather comfortable within her grip & the handle gave her good usabilty. The compactness of the knife, was truly magnificent, hardly noticed the extra weight, very light but a beast to use, the blade was very strong & although he had put his sharpening stone too, we didn't need to use it much as the blade was very sharp & well contoured, it worked good when I was skinning rabbits for cooking, although I'm sure it was not designed for hunting wild animals. I loved the little compartment in the handle, where ferrocerium rod was stored. Overall throughout our trip we enjoyed using Jacks gear & cannot recommend this item enough to others, in fact I cannot shut up about it, as it is beautifully crafted & is of an exceptional quality standard. Hopefully, one day we may be able to get these items from you for ourselves to use on future trips we will take together as in my eyes, whatever items I use from this day will have to measure up to your wonderful products, I just hope that one day is sooner rather than later. I want to finish by saying Thank you for designing & making these items which our friend jack & countless others have enjoyed & grown to love & allowing me to send you our input from our trip using your products. If there are any forms of feedback or customer satisfaction etc., you would like me to complete, please get in touch."

Collin B. writes-

"Unfortunately, not too long ago my house burned down and that meant starting a new knife collection. I made a commitment that I would have much better quality knives in this collection than say 20 cheaper china made knives. The first place I looked was Benchmade because of the USA made knives and the great reputation for quality blades. I ended up buying a Griptilian and words cannot explain the quality and beauty of this knife. I will forever be a Benchmade fan and recommend these knives to all my family and friends. Thanks and keep up the great work!!"

J. W. writes-

"I own many knives from many other brands and price ranges but the Nimravus is beyond the best knife i have owned and wont be buying anything other than Benchmade again. I am currently deployed to Afghanistan and the only knife i trust to carry with me on my kit when i roll out is the Nimravus. I carry it with me everyday through some of the roughest terrain and the toughest tasks and hands down it out performs any knife i have owned and i never put those knives through half as much as i do with this one. i cannot express how appreciative I am for such a good quality product from a great company. Thank you Benchmade! "

Mike B. writes-

"I found a very smashed up and run over Griptillian in a parking lot after surfing one day. And loving knives the way I do I decided to adopt it. The handle was smashed and the blade very chipped and pitted. I took her home and spent quite a while sharpening it. I could tell the blade was good quality and just needed some tender loving care. It is an excellent knife and carried in my emergency kit and although there is no handle (other than the home made paracord wrap I made) it is an excellent knife. I have since bought 3 more Benchmade knives. Two for myself and one for my father. I will continue to add more for sure and doubt I'll buy another brand again."

Roy B. writes-

"I've had various knives over the years from Kershaw, Gerber, CRKT, and SOG. I recently decided to invest in Benchmade and am very happy with the decision. My first choice was between the 556 Mini Griptilian and the 530 Pardue. I decided to start with the 530 for EDC and lightweight hiking applications and it's a solid blade. This knife is surprisingly light and is precisely constructed. Nothing wobbles or gives and it functions flawlessly. Out of the box, it was stupid sharp. I look forward to buying the 556 and maybe some others down the road. I should have bought one of these blades years ago..."

Pete T. writes-

"I wanted to write to tell you how much I appreciate the design of the Benchmade 551 Griptilian knife I bought. I use a pocket knife literally every day. Unfortunately, I'm developing arthritis in my thumb joints and I've had to retire some old knives because the locking mechanisms hurt so much when preparing to fold them. The quality of the build on my Benchmade is so good that I can easily open it one-handed and the Axis lock design on the Griptilian is superb! I'm able to unlock the blade when I'm ready to fold it with out any pain in my thumb joints. I so appreciate it. Everyone I've met who suffers from arthritis has been impressed."

David W. writes-

"I have owned a few Benchmade Knives over the years. I have relied on them during deployments and here at home. I am out of the military now and I drive a Tractor Trailer long haul. We can't carry firearms due to federal regs. So myself and my girlfriend who is my team driver carry the H&K Entourage for safety. While she was doing some maintenance on the rig she dropped hers under the truck and didn't realize right away. Needless to say she realized it was missing as soon as she pulled away. After getting out and looking around where she was using it, there it was, laying in the lot just behind the wheel. 40 tons had rolled right over it on solid concrete. She picked it up, pushed the button and out popped the blade. The only damage was the clip had bent flat. Thanks for the great products."

Kevin B. writes-

"I have had my 9050 since being issued in the Army in 2003. I have carried just about everyday since including two tours to Iraq and one to Afghanistan. I was riding my motorcycle on Friday 21 June 2013 when i laid the bike down. My Benchmade actually saved me some road rash by taking riding between me and the pavement! The case is ruined along with a nice chunk of road rash on the knife but it still works and will continue to be carried (once I order a new case) Thanks for a great knife! "

David M. writes-

"Four weeks ago I broke my right hand. The day after I broke it I was getting ready for work and as I went to pick out which knife I was going to be carrying with me that day. I stood there looking down at my knives and I immediately realized that ONLY my BenchMade knives had ambidextrous pocket clips, ambidextrous thumb holes, and ambidextrous locking mechanisms. Aside from my fixed blades. All my other knives in my collection have been useless to me over the last month. As I cannot carry, open, or close them. My BenchMades were already easily my favorite knives and they were already my #1 EDC's. But this past month I've grown a new even deeper appreciation. Thank you so much for making a product I love and that I can depend on. Even if one hand were tied behind my back."

Hugh M. writes-

"I am a country boy, born and raised, as is my father. He works all day and is in need of a cutting tool many times a day. I have many knives come and go over the years, not because of bad quality, but because their makers don't work as hard as my father. He has a saying, a craftsman is only as good as his tools, but a tool is only as good as its maker. I got him a Griptilian for Christmas and he loves it. Thank you Benchmade, for working as hard on my father's knife as he works with it."

Dale S. writes-

"I recently reitred after 20 years in law enforcement. One of my constant companions during most of that time was my beloved Benchamde folder.. I remember receiving it the day the Murrah building was bombed in Oklahomas City... In fact I dont even know what model it is as there is no model # under the old Bali Song butterfly logo on the blade. Ths knife has amazingly never been broken even though it was put to some often unorthodox tasks over the years on patrol.. and amazinglty it was never lost. It is time however to have it refurbshed as it shows the signs of a hard life.. the pocket clip had a bad accident with a chair arm and was pulled outward. Also one of the discs is missing that used to bear the long since worn off Bali Song decals.....Going on 20 years and given a little TLC I have no doubt it will serve me another many products can you say that about these days.. Thanks guys"

Kurt S. writes-

"I bought my INFIDEL in 2011 while on deployment at Bagram Airfield Afghanistan and still carry my INFIDEL on duty as a Texas Peace Officer. This knife is rugged, well built, and has never failed me. Should the time come when I have to use this knife to save my life or the lives of others I know it will not fail. "

Ransom V. writes-

"Hi, I bought a Benchmade 707 Sequel a few weeks back and I really think I just need to rave about this knife to someone that will understand. I emailed you guys after opening the knife and finding a small bit of side to side blade play, and I received a quick and friendly response listing off my options. After thinking it through, the action on the knife is so damn smooth I really don't want to mess with it. My dad always carried a benchmade, and I think of him each time I hold it. This knife is inspiring. This was a very big purchase for me, and I don't regret it a bit. I just wanted to let you know you guys have earned a new big fan. Please keep up the great work. Thank You."

Andrew W. writes-

"I am writing as a satisfied and impressed customer. I own a few Benchmade knives including the 913 Nitrous Stryker, which I have carried and used every day for over seven years now. I have never had a single issue with any Benchmade product. I have never even had to sharpen any of them. I own many other high end knives that I have used for many different tasks and none of them compare to your products. Thank you for making a reliable, quality American product. Sincerely, Andrew, satisfied customer. "

Burton B. writes-

"After watching my 750GSXR and daughter slide down a freeway. I ran back to her with my 9yo daughter in tow. 1st responder and 1st aid training kicked in. Her leg was obviously torn up and bleeding. I checked her body for more injuries. I cut her blue jean away with my 940 that I have had on my side for 10 years. EMS showed up and was trying to cut her riding jacket off with a pair of scissors. She kept looking at her blue jeans, and I told her I cut them off. She asked if I had scissors, and I said no I used my knife. She asked to borrow it and got through the ridding jacket with it. She placed it on the ground next to me but I have not seen it since. My daughter recovered with some stiches and major road rash scars. For fathers day my wife bought me a new 940. I never leave home without it, and feel naked when I have to fly. It is out of my checked bag, and clipped on my tattered front left pocket before I get to the rental car. Thank You for such a reliable partner. I am hard on my tools and your quality has never let me down."

Steve C. writes-

"It was a normal Saturday morning when my 6 year old daughter noticed a strange smell. It was an electrical fire. Turns out a speaker in our entertainment center was burning. In order to remove it from the entertainment center I would have had to move the furniture, crawl under and around the center to unplug it. No time for that. I was wearing my Benchmade 915 Triage. I opened the hook and with one swipe, cut the electrical cord. There was a nice flash and the breaker tripped, but I go the speaker out quick. I didn't sustain any electrical burns or shock thanks to the G10 scales. The hook took a bit of a beating though. The electricity burned the hook and removed a chunk of the blade. I am very happy I had my Triage that day. Thanks for making a great product, Benchmade!"

Andrew H. writes-

"I have been a Benchmade owner for many years. Love and trust your knives. My nephew is in the Army. He is visiting with us for the last time before he is deployed to Afghanistan. I wanted to send something useful with him. Looking in my knife collection, my Bm175bk just jumped out to me. With its one piece construction and the versitile kydex sheath it was a natural. He is so very pleased to have it. Another Benchmade going on deployment and helping our troops be safe. Thank you!!"

Jose P. writes-

"I was first exposed to your brand of knives when I was 21 years old and on my first deployment in Afghanistan in 2002. I found it on the ground and had no idea on who belonged to. So I kept it, the knife proved to be incredibly useful to me as a utility knife. Two days before I was to go back home I lost the knife. I was really upset about it, but I was comforted by the fact that it would be put to good use by the person lucky enough to find it. As time went by I was preparing to deploy again to Iraq, and I felt that I really needed a Benchmade by my side. I went to supply and asked if they could order some for the unit. I, however, was not a patient man and went out and bought for me and I heavily recommended that my squad do the same. I am proud to say the followed my advice. I have been able to keep that knife on me for two deployments. I am no longer in the Army anymore, but I still carry my knife with me. It is a part of me and it reminds of all my good and bad experiences that I have had in the Army. It is the physical manifestation of those who we need to remember, that never came back home."

Thomas L. writes-

"I have owned a benchmade 915 triage for the past year and a half, and have subjected it to constant abuse in that time period. i have dropped it, gotten it wet, gotten it dirty, used it as a pry tool, used it as a screw driver, cut through sheet steel, aluminum, tin, sheetrock, miles of copper cable, and it still has a better edge on it than most knives have out of the box. i have not sharpened my benchmade. not once. the safety cutter will rip through almost any material like it is made of paper, and it too, has never been sharpened. the blade coating shows its wear and tear, but has not worn down to bare metal in any spot on the blade, and the blade has not rusted anywhere on it, with the most minimal of lubrication. i have never had to tighten a screw on this blade, never had to disassemble it, or service it in any way except for the occasional lubrication of the blade surface and axis lock. it is my constant companion, and never leaves my side. i would trust my life with this tool. thank you benchmade for making such a precision tool that i can depend on. "

Brian T. writes-

"I want to take the time to thank you for a positive experience I had with your customer service department. I sent an email inquiring about a new clip for my Benchmade Osborne knife and not only did I receive a quick response, I looked through my mail today and a new pant clip was sent to me. It is apparent that your company cares about the customer after the sale and that is hard to find anymore. Iowan 3 of your knives and after this last experience, I won't be buying any other knife brands but Benchmade because you stand behind your product and treat customers right. "

Jonathan S. writes-

"I have owned many knives over the years from a variety of manufacturers but very few have come close to the quality of a benchmade if you see me on the street the knife in my pocket is probably a beat up griptilian that looks like crap but serves me well every day."

Gary B. writes-

"I just wanted to drop you guys a note to let y'all know I appreciate the quality of the knives that you provide. I was issued a 9101 SBK about ten years ago ( i think), I carried it every day that I was in uniform and most days that I was not. I am a Black Hawk crew member and a quality knife is priceless for us. I carried it through two deployments and it performed perfectly ( one to the Balkans and one deployment to Iraq). Sad to say that it was confiscated by the TSA in New Orleans because I had it clipped to my pocket like I have worn it for years. I will never be able to justify buying another one to replace it since I have kids that suck up all of my spending money it seems! I have a few more years in the military left in me and if (when) I get deployed again I will definitely be carrying a Benchmade."

Paul B. writes-

"In 2009 I retired from active duty after 20+ years in the U.S Coast Guard. From day one I always carried a knife. Being a sailor aboard ships involved in Law Enforcement, Drug Interdiction, Search and Rescue, Gunnery exercises and Military preparedness, a knife and in my case a pocket knife was indispensable. It was as much apart of my uniform as my belt or boots. I was always wearing one. I used my knife several times a day every day for various cutting tasks and for at least 16 of those 20 years my knife of choice was a Benchmade. I could tell you several stories of how I used my BM knife during SAR, LE and Gunnery exercises, not to mention day to day use and that I could always count on my knife to do the job. After 20 years two incidents stand out where I used my Benchmde knife directly to help save a life. First was my ship was doing an Underway Replenishment (UNREP). I noticed a friend of mine in distress, a toggle line on his life vest had become fouled and attached to the UNREP line and he was being dragged, heading overboard but threw a chock first. In one motion I deployed the blade of my AFCK and cut him lose cleanly in one cut, preventing him from at a minimum being seriously injured or worse. He was very thankful and so was I. As a Gunner's Mate it was my job to shoot over the first line and reload another shot if it was necessary. I only had one hand available and my BM AFCK deployed so quickly and the sharp blade sliced threw the rope dragging him with ease. At times like that you don't think, you just do and count on your tool to do the job. In this case it did, and did it well! Second, I was involved in a Search and Rescue in the dead of night. Several crew had been knocked overboard after a Helo crash on deck. As you can imagine thing's were chaotic. People were hurt, We didn't know how many were in the water or how badly they may have been injured. We did know we needed to find them and fast. My job was to deploy M127A1 parachute flares to light up the night to help locate the several persons in the water. I had fired so many flares we need to open another crate. It was secured with heavy metal banding and wire ties. Of course wire cutters or a band cutter would have been preferred but all I had was my knife and in an emergency you use what you have. Again, I took out my AFCK and using all my strength I cut, snapped, and broke the banding and wire ties securing the crate. I was able to access more flares and continue firing them until all our crew were located and brought back onboard. After I was amazed that my knife was still in one piece. I wasn't thinking about it at the time but I doubt many pocket knives could have stood up to that kind of use. My knife was none the worse for wear. The lock had held and the blade didn't break. I had used it as a "cutting-pry bar" with all my strength in an emergency and it did the job. I could tell story after story of how I used my Benchmade knives over the years but those two stand out because the people involved in those cases where fellow crew members and my friends. The bottom line was and is. The strength, quality and functional design of my Benchmade knives gave me continued confidence in their ability and more importantly they never let me down. It shows that Benchmade makes a knife you can count on, period! Especially in an emergency when it really counts! I still have that original AFCK. I retired it shortly after 9/11 when I was deployed to NYC and replaced it with a 910 Stryker that served me just as well for the remainder of my career. I still carry Benchmade knives today and they will always be my preferred brand. My current favorites are the Rift and Contego. The confidence I have in my Benchmade knives from my years experience in the Coast Guard is absolute, Proven time and time again. Whatever your use, be it EDC, LE, Military or First Responder, you can't do better then a Benchmade knife! I still take out my original AFCK that served me so well for so may years and reminisce. That knife traveled the world with me and it brings back a lot of great memories. It also reminds me of exactly why Benchmade is my favorite knife. Thank you Benchmade! "

John B. writes-

"I've carried the 970S knife every single day for 16yrs. I've used it in every way that the knife is not designed to be used for. I use it as a screwdriver, a pry bar, a chisel, and just about every other way that you're not supposed to use a knife. It is the only knife that I've had in my entire life that I have not been able to break. This knife has taken all the abuse that I could inflict on it, and asked for more. I depend on it for so many things, and it has never failed me. Hands down, Benchmade are the finest knives.period. My knife definitely looks well used, but I know there is, at least, another 16yrs of use. Thank you for your dedication to excellence. I've more than gotten my moneys worth."

Alex R. writes-

"I bought one of your knifes almost six months ago. It is the best knife Ive ever purchased, I use this knife every day. From opening boxes to cutting straps. I haven't had to sharpen it once since I bought it. I will never buy a different brand of knife again. The most reliable, durable brand out there. "

Shawn G. writes-

"5 years ago I found a beat up mini grip stabbed in a tree at a local dog park, I kept the knife; I didn't think much of it and my day's morale was only minorly boosted from the event. I loved SOG and always carried mine (broke many too). I had seen benchmades as a kid but I never knew much about them, good or bad. Honestly I thought the knife was too small for me and was already beat up. Though the blade felt like quality, I just assumed it was a mediocre middle of the run knife. So I used it as my abuse blade for every horrible task many would only use a cheap unwanted knife for; I assumed it would one day break and who would care. I managed to destroy the pocket clip while my knife was pretending to be a hammer, but Benchmade sent me a new clip for free! I abused that 556 for 4 years and its still in the same condition as the day I drew it from that tree (except the pocket clip) ; even the point has survived. Last year I retired the mini to my car and opted for a full size, I couldn't be happier with it (the sog found its way to a pawn shop); though I do tend to baby my 551. Thanks for making such great products Benchmade and I am without a doubt a customer for life. "

Derek O. writes-

"I bought one of your fine knives several years ago. It was one that was discontinued that I had wanted for quite some time. It is the only knife in 46 years that I lost. Last October I saved my birthday money and bought your adamas ranger. I truely love it. I am not dressed until it is in my pocket. Even now that I am in sales and wear dress slacks everyday it still rides in my pocket. It may not be the most gentlemanly knife but it is right there ready to take care of business if needs be. Thank you so much for your fine product. I am saving to buy one that goes with my everyday dress now. Keep up the fine job. "

David D. writes-

"Benchmade ... I love your products, I have only ever purchased benchmade when i had the spare cash to do so. I have a mchenry and williams d2k knife (black), that is pretty beat and still to this day after 10 years holding up fairly nice, I damaged it rescuing people from a flipped over vehicle, the glass window cut my blade up pretty badly (like scrapped the black off) but cause of me having my knife on me I was able to slice off the seat belt and rescue the person out, I recently saw a knife in "advanced cutterly" in arcadia mall, that caught my attention... I really wish I could go purchase this , it was ornage handled, point on the end for breaking glass and a seat belt cutter built in, this would of been so hand to have a few years ago! ... I hope some day to own that knife , I have the weird luck and i'm always around when bad things happen, I try to lend a helping hand.. Cause of my knife i feel like I can go that extra mile to save someones life and to this day I carry my trusty benchmade, even with it looking a little tore up. I hope one day to become a dealer, as people always come to me bout my knife, they say my knife shows use and been used alot and still works like a new knife. , I try to always tell people bout your company. I wish one day to be able to get that knife i saw... TY for such awesome products"

Craig H. writes-

"My 940 has been my EDC for the last two years as a Crew Chief aboard CH-53E's for the Marines. I won't break deck without it, or even leave the barracks. A few weeks ago I was given a reason to make this more than just an obsession. Our aircraft suffered a hard landing, and subsequently had a dynamic rollover: It ripped itself to pieces, throwing us around the cabin and igniting the airframe. After the violent motion stopped, I was able to cut free a wounded Army Warrant Officer's gunners belt, allowing my friend to drag him to safety. A piece of well honed steel in the pocket allowed me to cut that belt like it was nothing, and in turn saved a man's life. I owe it to selecting the right tools, and I won't go with anyone else but Benchmade from now on. "

Stuart T. writes-

"Bought MINI GRIPTILIAN (440C) long time ago and been in my front right pocket for over a decade. Even went through cloths washer/ dryer a couple a times. Functions as well if not smoother than the day I bought it. Few light strokes on a fine wetstone every couple months to keep sharp. QUALITY -never need another. "

Devin P. writes-

"I called Benchmade Knife Company on 5/7/13 for information on product repair. I was transferred to extension 192, to a man named Nolan Kidwell, and he was delightful: advised me on sending the knife in, emailed me a UPS label, and made jokes in the intervening time when his computer was running slowly. Companies make reputations through products; they retain customers through customer service. I’ll tell you, because of both Benchmade’s high quality knives and because of Benchmade’s wonderful customer service (with operators like Nolan Kidwell), I will be a Benchmade customer for life. Recently, I sent in two knives for warranty service: one to you all (because of blade play) and one to another leading company (because of severe lock rock). The differences in customer service—making me feel like I was either a priority or a burden—were astonishing. You all sent me emails every step of the way: “We have received your knife,” “We are currently processing your knife,” “Your knife has been shipped. Thank you for your business,” and so on. By contrast, I had to call the other company multiple times. When I did eventually reach them, I was tossed back and forth between operators, had to tell, retell and defend my case, and was eventually told that there was nothing they could do, that the knife was “in spec.” From my dealings with you and from the number of your products that I have owned and used, I know that Benchmade is not like this. I think the phrase I used when speaking with Nolan was that Benchmade is “top notch.” It's important to me to let you know not only when something is wrong (like the 556 that I called about) but to also let you know when something is right. I use Benchmades. I recommend Benchmades. I gift Benchmades. And it’s not because they’re American made, because they use some of the highest quality materials available, or because often they’re down right sexy (though these market points certainly do help). It’s because I believe in the company and because I have been treated well by the company. You’re a good company operating with good guys and gals. "

Nate B. writes-

"My Griptilian is my right hand man. My trusty compadre. It always has my back. When I bought it second hand about 2 years ago, it was barely used. It was almost immaculate. This knife has ridden in my pocket through 2 years of military service, a deployment, and several cross country trips. I have used and abused it for everything from stripping wire to skinning deer, countless weekends under my truck, and even a little time in the kitchen. The blade coating is almost gone and the handle is covered in old paint and grease. Its even melted on one side. But this knife has never failed me. Never folded accidentally, never chipped, never broken. This is the best knife I have ever owned and I wouldn't trade it for the world. Thank you for building such a wonderful product. I'll be a satisfied Benchmade customer for life."

John L. writes-

"I wanted to take the time from my exceptionally busy schedule to express my overall satisfaction with the amazing customer service I received from your employees. I am a disabled combat veteran, police officer, and volunteer firefighter. I was issued a AFO-II in Iraq back in 2004 by the U.S. Army, since then I have used my knife for nearly every use I could. In 9 years it had finally seen better days. I inquired about service, received a prompt details easy to read reply, and within days I had confirmation that my knife had been received. It was then for a very fair price serviced above my expectations and I received it back promptly. I couldn't be happier with the service I received or the condition my knife is now in. Ill see if I can get another 10 years out of it before the next service. Thanks so much, you are a rarity indeed. Customer service like this is very rare in this day and age. "

Jamie C. writes-

"I recently purchased the Adamas folder which is the first Benchmade I have ever owned. I was in the market for a quality knife and I decided on this one not only because of the looks and the reputation of Benchmade knives but mainly their support of our heroes who serve our great country. My knife was missing the sheath when I bought it (which was probably the fault of the retailer and not Benchmade) Upon contacting Benchmades customer service department I was promptly sent a sheath free of charge which arrived in the mail 3 days later. You just don't get service like that anymore. I love the knife and it is by far the most well built one I have ever owned. Thank you Benchmade for your outstanding product, service, and support of the Military. You have earned my business for life! "

Anthony W. writes-

"Hi there i just wanted to email you to let you know that your knives are the best! I carry a knife with me everyday, even though i do not use it, i have it with me available at any time. In the past i have had the other brands such as Gerber, Spiderco, CRKT, and Kershaw just to name a few. All of these lasted less than a year due to the beating i give my knives when i need them. But then i got the green 940 Osborne model as a gift from my father. I though nothing of this knife until 2 years later it is still cutting as if brand new. Of course it doesn't look the same, smooth texture instead of rough, nicks and scraps everywhere, etc. But it has lasted and from the looks of it will last for many many more years to come. Just wanted to say thanks for making a good product that i will not have to replace and hopefully be able to give to my son one day. Keep up the good work!"

Ronald T. writes-

"I am on my second 940 Osborne axis folder. This is simply the best blade design for utility purposes I have ever used. The swell at the tip adds natural balance and weight, and the reverse tanto is great for starting a variety of cuts. I have used the knife for everything from cleaning a deer to opening bags of fertilizer. "

Janna V. writes-

"I just wanted to let you know that I received some of the best customer service I have ever received from a company today from one of your employees. Corey at X189 was extremely patient and helpful with me today in fulfilling an order that needed to be expedited. She went out of her way to provide me with a gift for an upcoming going-away party. "

James L. writes-

"I was in korea from 1999-2005 and carried a c---- steel bought in 99 and didnt last 6months and needed a EDC that would hold up to the harsh use that the D.M.Z requires of a personal carry i walk in the PX and bought the knife that i ever owned a MEL PARDUE GRIPTILLAN AND IT TOOK A BEATTIN EVERY DAY FOR 5 YEARS AND HAD IT TILL I GAVE IT TO MY BROTHER-IN-LAW WHEN I RETUREND TO FT BRAGG N.C and now carry a griptillan 550 just the best a person could buy for any reason !!!!!!!!!!!!! THANKS "

Jon M. writes-

"While on the east coast in 2004 I was able to legally purchase a black, automatic Mel Pardue aircraft aluminum folder as a military service member. Throughout my training as a Navy Corpsman and on into four deployments with 7th Marines, 5th Marines and First Medical Battalion, that knife stayed on me at all times, on and off duty. That I still have the knife is a testament to how much I've enjoyed it and how I've accounted for it constantly. I shipped it back to Benchmade once because the automatic spring failed and they fixed it free of charge. Now the spring is failed once more, but I believe this is a sign to retire my old friend while I still have her. When I retire in 2023, she will be opened in my shadow box as a motivating reminder of my service in the Long War. "

Bob L. writes-

"I recently recieved my rescue/safety cutter i bought for my fire service needs. The cutter quality is top notch. The sheath and molle clip fit nice on the outside of my turnout gear, making quick access. I will be buying more Benchmade products for my fire/ rescue needs. Thanks and keep up the good work."

Brett B. writes-

"I am a proud owner of four Bencmade knives. Only once have I had an issue with my one of my Benchmades. Not only did benchmade fix it for free, the shipped it back first class priority. Their excellent customer service and knives have made them my favorite knife company with out exception."

Joshua N. writes-

"Hey Guys, Just wanted to thank you for making such an awesome product. Ive had the AFO II Tanto for about three years now, it has survived a rough deployment to Afghanistan, a few busy hunting seasons, and general day-to-day wear and tear in the life of a Marine. Ihis thing has taken such a beating, and it keeps going. I just ordered an Infidel, and i know ill be completely satisfied. thanks again for making such a great product, keep up the amazing work!"

Landon B. writes-

"I have owned over 30 knives from various dealers and widely known retailers but never have i ever encountered anything close to a benchmade knife. My pocket knife finally got old enough to need some refurbishing from constant use (things like screws getting loose and the blade getting dull... etc.). I sent it in for repair, lifesharp and laser mark but only paid for the laser mark and forgot to include return shipping payment. Not only did Benchmade do all of those things, but also replaced the pocket clip (gave me the old one and replacement screws for later) and replaced the blade and cleaned and tightened all screws on the knife... Benchmade went above and beyond in customer service and I am extremely impressed... Its the little things that make the biggest difference. I am a lifetime benchmade fan. "

Andrew B. writes-

"Just tuned-up my knife (AFO-II: 9051) after a year of heavy service (used daily). Followed the directions included with the BlueLube Cleanser and BlueLube Lubricant. Knife works as well as the day I received it. Thanks for manufacturing such a high-quality in the U.S.A. ! "

John D. writes-

"I am a 1SG of an Infantry Company, I purchased the 553SBK ComboEdge®/ BK1 Blade Coating/ Black Handle about a year and a half ago. This knife was a gift to myself after redeploying from Iraq. I was instantly impressed by the weight and sturdiness of my new knife. I deployed to Afghanistan this past December, my knife was my most used asset, whether it was setting up tents, shades, or netting on my Stryker. there was nothing this knife could not cut, a very well love knife. I recently lost my knife out on a patrol, unfortunately for me there is a Afghanistan local enjoying my knife, I am sure it will last him a lifetime. I look forward to getting home and buying a new one. I just wanted to take the time to tell you what a wonderful product you have, I really enjoyed having such a wonderful knife, I only hope you will have the same model when I return at the end of the year. again thank you for making quality knives, so many of my men commented on it as well!"

James B. writes-

"I recieved my Benchmade 583 Barrage from my 9 year old daughter 2 christmas' ago. Beside the fact that my daughter saved up some money and then convinced my dad to kick in what she didnt have ( which was most of it ), it has been one of the most cherished gifts i have ever recieved. The only time that it has left my side is when it went back to the shop for some repair. The knife that she gave me is hands down the best knife/tool that i have ever had. In the last 5 years i have broken and chipped more quality knives than most people will have in a life time. My Benchmade has served me very well around my farm as well as my last resort weapon of choice against an occasional wild hog. When i sent my Benchmade back to the shop, it was in poor condition. The blade was chipped, the scales were broken, and the knife wouldnt open. I thought for sure that it was a lost cause, but when i received my Benchmade, it was a brand new knife! The same knife, just like it was brand new!!! I was a very happy man when i opened my package today!!! Thank you Benchmade! Now im gonna go thank my daughter again for getting my Benchmade for me."

Jesse T. writes-

"I've enjoyed collecting pocket knives my entire life, and have owned every brand under the sun. When my [previous] favorite brands started going over seas to produce their product, I went on the search for a top-of-the-line product, made right here in the USA. A few years ago a friend of mine gave me a Benchmade as a groomsman gift, and I did some research. Ever since then, Benchmade is the only knife I will buy. I own four Benchmades now, and love every one of them...BEST KNIFE I'VE EVER HAD! Top quality materials, and the best of the best craftsmanship and customer service. I wish I had every single model. LIFETIME, DEVOTED FAN!!!"

Jeffrey A. writes-

"As a first time benchmade customer, I would like to thank the benchmade company as a whole for above and beyond your warranty. The knife (Contego) I sent for the life sharp service came back sooner than expected and with new parts. I would never buy another brand but benchmade and recommend them to everyone I know. "

Joseph S. writes-

"I am a law enforcement officer in NC and have been so for almost 10 years. During my time as a patrol officer and into my time on a street crimes unit (guns, gangs, drugs and the like) I have carried a benchmade 710 on my side. During this time, it has functioned flawlessly, smoothly and stayed sharp. Though this knife was recently lost in the course of duty, I just wanted you guys to know that your fine products have been, and continued to be a wonderfully reliable tool and trusted back up weapon in the day-to-day lives of myself and my fellow officers. "

Joe Z. writes-

"Happened about 3 months ago and I am finally to a point to where I was thinking about that night and the fact that im so glad I didn't skimp on a cheap knife. I carried a Mini Griptilian (557BKSN Sand Coyote) and when my life changed in a matter of seconds your knife held up to a task I never wish I had to do but im so glad I was prepared and carried a blade I thought was tough enough to trust my life to and it proved to be true."

Tyler M. writes-

"Just got my order in the mail today. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY! You guys make the best products there at benchmade, sharp outta the box, very solid, feels good in the hand. its my first axis lock and well lets just say I will be putting a lot of my other folders in the junk drawer. Thank you both for organizing my order and getting it to me in a timely fashion. As always I will be showing off my benchmade products and recommending you guys to all my brothers and sisters in the Ambulance service. Please pass on my thanks to the rest of the benchmade crew! Till the next order cheers. "

Roger K. writes-

"I just want to start by saying that I love your products. I invested in my first benchmade 520SBK Presidio Pardue knife about 7 years ago prior to deploying to Afghanistan the first time as an AZ Guard Soldier. The knife survived the entire deployment and never needed any service to include sharpening. The blade held an edge like a razor the entire time. Even after returning from deployment to my civilian job as a Police Officer, I carried that knife everywhere. I seriously loved that knife and it never failed me. But a very tragic day came. Just about three weeks ago, while being deployed again to Afghanistan, I made a serious mistake. After changing uniforms, I was in a hurry to turn in laundry and did not double check my uniform pockets like I had 100 time before. I turned in my laundry and went to work. After about 20 minutes at work, I realized what I had done and immediately ran to the laundry turn in and asked for my bag back. I was told the laundry had already been sent off base for cleaning. My heart sank like the feeling of loosing an old friend. The laundry service made every effort to find the knife but it had already been taken. Unfortunately, I have nobody to blaim but myself. Good by dear friend, I hope your new owner enjoys you as much as I. I constantly tell everyone that there is nothing better than a benchmade."

Vinny E. writes-

"I bought a 275 adamas about a month ago and I sincerely have to say tat it has been the greatest knife I have ever owned. It was worth every penny and more, EVERYBODY NEEDS ONE!"

Andrew H. writes-

"I recently broke my Benchmade Infidel's pocket-clip. I visited the Benchmade website and quickly located the contact info for a replacement. I submitted one quick, easy message and promptly received a reply email; within the next few days I received a brand new pocket-clip with screws- postage paid. You don't see customer service like this very often these days. Thank you very much!"

Jim P. writes-

"After accidently "welding" with the blade of my 556, when encountering a live power cord ... my heart sank as this Benchmade was a birthday present from my sons; including a blade inscribed with my initials. Upon return for repairs (knowing my self-inclicted damage would be on me), the skilled craftsmen not only installed the new blade, washers, springs, stop pin, lubed, adjusted, etc., etc. ... but they laser ingraved my initials to perfection on the replaced blade. All I can say is thank you Benchmade (echoed by by sons as well)!"

Trent D. writes-

"Your products and workmanship continue to amaze me. I have three Benchmade knives and just received the Infidel for specialized use. Impressive indeed. When I move back to the West Coast I'd like to be a Benchmade Sales Representative."

Jim B. writes-

"I just got back my Benchmade Knife from having it repaired. I must say while it was gone I have missed it. this knife was with me in Afghanistan and has been with me since returning home, so not having it I felt lost. the time it took to repair it was not long and repair guys stayed in contact with me. they did a great job and even replace the tinest screw that holds the pocket clip that I had to replace along time ago I thought the screw was so small they would not have seent that but they did and they fixed that also.... I will never on another type of knife unless its a Benchmade. "

Mark writes-

"I just got my knife back from the life time warranty sharpeing. you guys did more than sharpen it ! i love it. i will never buy another brand of knife, and i've have had alot."

Evan S. writes-

"I am a knife sales associate at Fin Feather and Fur Outfitters in Middleburg hts, Ohio. Me and my coworker at the knife counter are extremely honored to offer your products to our customers. As an owner of a few of your knives i know the quality and dependability each one of you blades offer and reccomend your name over all of the other manufacturers we offer. "

Dennis L. writes-

"I have used my Benchmade "Mel Pardue" auto knife for over 15 years on the road as LEO and then 5 years as Gov't Contractor. It is well used and abused and has served me well. I have had to have it repaired only once (broken spring), just this week, after all that time. The service was done quickly and my knife works just as well as it did when new. Excellant product and service. Couldn't ask for a better knife."

Kevin H. writes-

"I have carried a Benchmade almost everyday for 13 yrs. an AFCK mini. well let me say it has been well used. I was crushed to find that it has been discontinued but relieved to find out that it can be repaired. I have carried other knives but they just don't feel like the AFCK i would compare it to say "a rock in your shoe" you just can't ignore it. So i am sending it to you in hopes that it can be made ship shape again... Thanks for the great Knife please take good care of it."

Tracy O. writes-

"Just wanted to let you know what a great product you have, I am prior Air Force and was deployed to Kirkuk, Iraq in '03-'04 at that time I was issued your 9051 Drop Point Auto, and it served me well and now 10yrs later I still carry and use that same knife every day. It has become an old trusted friend. Although the black is now worn off the blade and some off the handle it still performs like the day I received it. I just wanted to say thank you for making a knife that has served the military above and beyond the call of duty."

Ross D. writes-

"Just wanted to let you folks at Benchmade know how much I appreciate your products and that you stand behind what you make (Micah Corrigan is listed on my service ticket as the person who fixed my knife. Thank you Micah!) About 15 years ago, I purchased a Benchmade Mel Pardue auto. As an agent with the U.S. Border Patrol, I have carried that knife with me almost every day since I purchased it. It is certainly "well used" and it has never let me down. Recently the automatic opening mechanism stopped working. I sent the knife to you, along with the $5 sharpening fee, fully expecting that there would be an extra fee to fix the auto mechanism (Which would have been well worth it). Not so! Not only did you fix the auto mechanism; you installed new springs, screws, cleaned, adjusted, oiled and sharpened the blade. It's as good as new now. I will continue to purchase your knives for myself and my sons. Not only is your quality second to none; you stand behind your products and you make them right here in the USA. Thanks Benchmade!"

Daniel R. writes-

"I am writing today to commend you and thank you for supporting the troops. I was a scout with 2nd Light Armored Recon Bn in Rawah, Iraq from 2004-2008. On one of my deployments I was lucky enough to serve under A 2nd LT Mark Gelina. He turned me into the Marine I am today. One christmas he called me into his office and handed me a benchmade for christmas that you guys had sent over for us. I loved that knife more then anything. The model was the auto stryker. I used that knife everyday day in and day out. On November 4th, 2006 Lt Gelina died on a rooftop in Rawah Iraq. Everyday since then I carried that benchmade every where I went. It was a constant reminder of the type of Marine he was and the sacrifices that many men made over there. Last year I was working down in Sierra Leone training some local guys. I had my benchmade on me as usual and it was pick pocketed during an escalation of force incident in the market place. I have been devastated about losing that knife ever since. I dont really know why I'm writing or telling this story other to say thank you for making such a quality product that lasted me so long. I unfortunetely can not afford to replace that benchmade in this economy. If you guys have any other promotional knives that could poosibly replace my stolen auto stryker I would be forever grateful. Carrying that benchmade for so long it was an essential part of my everyday carry and I have been upset about it ever since. Anyhow again, thank you guys so much for supporting the troops and doing all that you do. Semper Fi."

Jaime M. writes-

"I cant begin to tell you how satisfied I am with the repair work done to my Griptilian Benchmade knife. I needed the blade replaced because of extreme wear. Ive used Benchmade knives and have always put them through extreme use at the hunting lease, ranch, as well as around the house. Not only did I get it replaced, but also cleaned, adjusted, oiled, new screws, new thumb stub and sharpened. You stand by your product and go above and beyond for the customer. If only more American companies would do a fraction of this. Ladies and Gentlemen of Benchmade Co., I applaud you and thank you for this great service. You have a lifetime customer in me."

Chris D. writes-

"I just received my fixed knife i sent in because of a broken blade, and I just wanted to thank you guys for how fast, and what amazing work you guys did fixing, laser marking, and cleaning up the knife to make it look amazing again, good work. I really appreciate what you do and just wanted to give my thanks"

Raphael M. writes-

"I wanted to share a story of how my Benchmade 943 Osborne (comboedge) saved a life. I am a Police Officer in CA, and carry a knife on and off-duty on a daily basis. One day while working, I had been dispatched to a man attempting to commit suicide by means of hanging. When I arrived, I found a man unconscious and hanging from a rope. I immediately reached for my Benchmade, and with one slash, I was able to cleanly cut the thick rope. The man was immediately given aid and transported to the hospital. Sure enough, the man survived. Needless to say, I am very grateful for having my Benchmade 943 with me that day. I carried the knife for years after that, knowing that it had saved a life. Sadly, I lost it a few weeks ago during a snowboarding trip. Missing my knife is what brought me to share this story. I miss my knife everyday, and hope to replace it soon. Maybe my new Benchmade will create another memorable story that I'll be able to share with you again. Thank You Benchmade!"

Edwardo A. writes-

"Back in 2011 I purchased a fixed blade Nimravus from a local Tactical store before my deployment to Afghanistan. I have heard many good reviews about the Nimravus from my buddies that had owned the same model as well as many online reviews. With that, I decided to purchase that model and bring it with me to Afghan. Overseas the knife endured quite a bit of abuse and neglect from everyday use and it never seemed to fail us. The blade held its edge very well even when we resharpened the blade. I trusted this knife so much, I replaced my issued KaBar with the Nimravus and I would take it with me on every convoy I went on. Even thou I passed the knife on to my fellow brothers who replaced us, I would personally like to thank you all for such a great product. This would also be the first time I have ever wrote a letter to a company thanking them!"

Gary B. writes-

"I just received a Bushcrafter 162 and I wanted to give you some feedback on this knife. Ive become sort of a knife collector, and I look at custom and semi-custom blades regularly. This particular knife is absolutely a top shelf product! I am blown away by its build quality, fit and finish. Its as good or better than more expensive "custom" knives. Outstanding. Its a beautiful piece of work. Thanks Benchmade."

Chris F. writes-

"I have two of your benchmade 950 Rifts, same configuration serrated black blades. The older one had been through the national guard, hiking, camping, work, my two year old's birthday parties and everything in between. It's years of faithful service showed. I decided to have it sent in to your service dept. to have the blade swapped for a plain satin blade instead. When it was sent back to me, I was truly impressed. Not only was the blade swapped, you also replaced the washers, screws, springs, and the pocket clip. It looked like a brand new knife, with the advantage of still retaining all the memories attached to it. Thanks for doing a great job, you'll be seeing some of my others bm knives in the future."

Travis F. writes-

"I just wanted to shoot you guys a comment stating what great products you make. I purchased the Epidemic (14850K) several months ago in Casper Wyoming. It served as my go-to do-all knife for several months, and never let me down. It wasn't the best decision i've ever made, but i even used it to open a can of beans at a picnic one time when we had nothing else!! It still functioned great and remained sharp even after that! I also used it on a daily basis at work opening boxes amongst other things. The knife never left my side. Unfortunately, it disappeared at work last October during inventory time. Still not sure if i lost it or someone picked up a great find. Nonetheless, it was by far the best and most impressive knife i have ever owned. I am hoping to get another one eventually. "

Seth D. writes-

"This Christmas, my brother and I decided to get each other a 375 Adamas Fixed knife. On each of our knives, we had engraved "Strength of Brothers" (Sob). Two weeks later I arrived at my girlfriend's house which happened to burn down that night. She and most of her family and I were out of the house and I (mistakenly) left my knife in the house. Once the fire crew had extinguished the flames and allowed us to enter what was left of the house, my knife was found being in the worst room. It was almost completely untouched aside from having a terrible smell of smoke. The plastic sheath and paracord were still intact and the blade was still in perfect quality, truly reflecting the "Strength of Brothers" and the name of Adamas, meaning "invincible." Thank you Benchmade for making such an incredible knife!! "

Casey S. writes-

"Ive been collecting Benchmades for almost a decade now and I have never had a single one fail. I know when I buy a knife from you guys that it will be top notch in its quality and its looks. Ive purchased across the board from many competitors and I keep finding my way back to benchmade because of this astounding quality. Of all the blades that I have purchased I am most amazing by my 580 Barrage. This blade is the perfect edc, the axis assist is quick and makes an awesome sound. The first day I received this knife I must've opened it over 500 times. I just wanted to put my opinion out there amongst the other reviews and say that Benchmade makes my favourite knives and whether you carry them for edc, backpacking or military use, this company has your butt covered in every scenario. Thanks again Benchmade and I look forward to many more purchases in the future including my first Gold Class!"

Rachel L. writes-

"I hope that whoever is reading this is having a great new year. My family is, my daughter, husband and I. My husband is a good father, loving and caring, so I am putting forth a little effort on his part, and hopefully you can help. As a member of the military for six years, my husband learned to appreciate products of value, one that he cherished most definitely was a Benchmade Auto Stryker mini. I hope I spelled that right. I heard about this knife all the time, the things he put it through and the times it saved him from failing. He had the knife engraved with his initials and the last four of his social by one of his best friends. It was like a part of him entirely. He sent the knife in twice for sharpening and repair and you would have thought he lost a loved one the way he griped about carrying a different brand. Well here is where the true testement comes in. He had placed his knife on the rear bumper of my jeep and without my noticing. For whatever reason married couples fight, we began to argue and I got mad. I jumped in the jeep and took off. My husband didn't think about his knife being gone until that evening, as he was frantically searching every nook and cranny, it dawned on him. We immediately got in the jeep and began searching the roadway and shoulder. We searched until dark and went back to the house. The next day, he was right back at it. Except this time on foot. He searched for what felt like months but was really only a week or so. Everyday the same sad face came home. I told him that one day we would get him another knife. "

Jake D. writes-

"I don't have a crazy story or anything about my Benchmade but I can say this. It beat my expectations 1000 times over. I ordered a Griptilian a few weeks ago. I knew bemchamde a where good but the knife I ordered was on the lower end so I expected it to be an okay knife. I was blown away when I got it. If this is the low end Benchmade I can't imagine how great the high end ones are. It opens so smooth and flawless. It's light wieght but feels rock solid! I couldn't imagine a better knife. My finals words on it is I'm going to have to order another because while mine gets sharpened I still want to carry a Benchmade. "

Alex E. writes-

"Just wanted to take a quick second and give you all some encouragement about the great product you make. I was at a ****** point in my life two years ago, and dropped out of college while dealing with some depression among other things. I came around, and fell in love with fishing. By finding a healthy, fun way to direct some of my energy, I really got the chance to put my life back together. Some of the best trips I've been on have been because of your knife, the 550SBKHG. I'm also the lacrosse coach at Greenville High School, and cannot tell you enough how nice it is to always have a dependable blade. I've used it for everything from cutting string to bandages, it just kinda depends on the day. For everything I've ever thrown at, it's handled it with ease. Before it was stolen a few weeks ago, it was by far, the best knife I've ever had. Thanks for being such an awesome company. Because of a love affair with fishing, and how much it easier it is with such a great knife, I've been able to tackle a bunch of the issues I had, and have even gone back to college, so it looks like I'll graduate this fall from Clemson University. I even managed to make straight As this past semester. No matter what happens though, your dependable knife will always have a special place in my heart. Money's tight right now having to pay my own way through school, but have no fear, as soon as I can scramble up the money together, I'll be replacing it. "

Tim B. writes-

"I just was in a fairly high speed motorcycle accident while wearing my mini griptillian tanto folder. Luckily, I am mostly uninjured, thanks to wearing pretty decent riding gear. However, the thick denim jeans I was wearing got pretty thrashed as I slid across the highway...but thanks to my trusty Benchmade in my back pocket, my jeans didnt get chewed through all the way on that side, thus my ass didn't get completely road rashed! The knife got a bit chewed up, but still works! I was actually thinking of sending it in to get resharpened, however I was wondering of you would consider replacing the pocket clip and possibly the hardware. Please let me know what you think, and thanks again for making such great knives!"

Larry D. writes-

"Hi a few day's before Christmas I got the opportunity to visit your factory store with my son in law Grandson & two of their friends. I was impressed that I was able to get a new blade for my 940 Osborne on the spot and engraving for the knives we bought that day. The best part was the service we received from Crystal, she was able to handle 5 of us asking questions all at once. She was informative, not to pushy and professional. In this day and age many employees are just order taker's, we where pleased that Crystal seemed to enjoy her job and be knowledgeable about the products."

Laura S. writes-

"I just wanted to write and let you know how amazing your Custom Griptillian service is! I placed my order on 12/13, and requested 2-day shipping, and it arrived on 12/18! Looking at the knife, I would have expected something so beautiful to have taken longer to make, but fortunately for me, it had an amazing turnaround time. I had a few questions prior to the order shipping, and everyone I dealt with at your facility was a pleasure to work with. Thanks Benchmade - we'll be back!! "

Dan S. writes-

"I live In Sonoma County, one of the world's most famous wine making areas. There are a wide variety of people where I live, Robin Williams for example, is selling his estate in napa for some $35 million dollars. At the other end of the spectrum, there are the mexican street gangs in Santa Rosa (Roseland as they call their parts). I wouldn't say I drive the most modest of vehicles, a 2012 Range Rover Sport Supercharged, but more modest than Guy Fieri in his arsenal of yellow Lamborghini's, Corvette's, Truck's, ETC. My friend had told me that her house was being broken into (In the heart of Roseland) so I jumped in my car at 2a.m. and sped over there as fast as possible. Since all the rappers rap about is weed, money, and range rovers, these gangsters in her neighborhood took a liking to my car. As i pulled up to her house, a few latino men came walking (at a brisk pace) out of the house. They were armed with only numbers, and as they came closer to myself and my vehicle, I reached into my pocket and pulled out my Benchmade Barrage 580s. Using the spring assisted opening system, I flipped it open in a heartbeat. Needless to say, the men dropped what they were carrying and ran off into the darkness. I had bought the knife 2 weeks prior to this event. Thank you Benchmade for making such an awesome product, now I can trust my safety being in the hand's of the company. Keep doing what you are doing, and dont change! If it isn't broke, don't fix it. "

Raymond H. writes-

"Gents- Some people buy knives just to say they own it, or to add to their collection or maybe because it is the "in" item to have in their kit. I on the other hand picked up an 9050 AFO in the 90s (maybe 93 or 94). I would like to say I used it properly, was gently with it and always pulled maintenance ... but that would be so far from the truth. I used and abused this magnificent blade/tool. This blade has been in my kit for the better part of 18 years. It has never seen the inside of BKC since manufacture/shipping. And still is fully functioning! (it just has more character then most other blades :) ) Most of my time in the service was spent on an ODA, so in turn it has endured some of roughest conditions and crappiest places known to man! And to further put it through the wringer I used it for EVERYTHING you shouldn't (you know screw driver, pry-bar, can opener, spear tip, wood chopping ect. yes I already hear it.. boo and hiss- bad knife owner! I can see the warranty dept heads spinning) Not that I planned nor wanted to abuse it. but when you are light on tools you make do. Examples of how it was miss used (and I apologized to the knife gods for every event): -Used as a piece of rock climbing protection.. Like a hex or bolt wedged into a rock crack. (Kids NEVER try this at home) I ran out of climbing pro before I ran out of rock! -Used as a pry bar and hammer to open weapons crates and ammo pallets. -As a spear tip during a scuba dive -Prying bullets out of vehicle armor. I broke the tip off with that event. This knife has been on 12 major deployments, 4 combat tours, it has been in 23 Countries, on 4 Continents, in 3 Oceans, in 4 Seas, at Altitude of 26,414 ft (K3), Depth of 29 Phantoms - has never failed to open in mud, sand , snow and ice. It now time for me to pass on the tools of the trade--My son has joined the Army. I plan of having this time tested; battle proven blade re-conditioned, engraved and handed over to the new sheepdog. With some luck he will take better care of it. In short, a lesser quality knife would have broken years ago. You get what you pay for! So, to everyone involved in the design and manufacturing of Benchmade products KEEP BEING AWESOME!! DOL!"

Nathen T. writes-

"I have carried my Benchmade 735 daily for the past ten years. Its clip has worn holes through the pocket of countless pairs of jeans. That's not a complaint, those holes were just my knife's way of making itself at home. Simply put- I love this knife. It is my constant companion."

Andy L. writes-

"I do public safety at the University of Nebraska Medical Center. On Nov 7 2012, my crew received a call to check on a truck that was sideswiping other vehicles in a parking lot. Upon arrival, we discovered that the truck was in the process of being stolen, and that the driver was high on PCP and determined to ram his way out of the parking garage, over pedestrians and all. After a long fight, which involved him attacking several UNMC officers with a screwdriver, him getting doused by 3 cans of OC spray, and being struck over the head and neck by a collapsing baton (me) when he reached for what he claimed was a handgun, he broke into another vehicle and attempted to hot-wire it while officers tried to get him out. I used my 551 griptillian to puncture 3 tires of the car, while another officer got the 4th, to limit his ability to ram or steer if he got it going. We eventually got him out of the car, and he went to jail. My 551 is still sharp and solid, even after going through 3 sidewalls. Thank you for making all your knives this level of quality, as I depend on at least 2 of them daily on the beat."

Peter M. writes-

"I have owned two Benchmade knives (3550 and 3550S) for about the last 15 years. I do not leave the house without one of them clipped to my pocket ever. Once a year regardless I use the Life Sharp and warranty programs by sending one of them back to Benchmade for sharpening and possible warranty repairs. Rotating them in and out of use this way ensures me and gives me confidence to know that I always have a quality, dependable, sharp cutting tool in my possession at all times. I have grown to know that Benchmade products and services are without a doubt the best anywhere in the industry. Then, now and forever a loyal Benchmade customer."

Joe B. writes-

"I recently bought a 375 Adamas and think it may be the best knife I've ever owned , thanks ."

Jose P. writes-

"A few months back i was looking for an EDC knive, i could not decide betwen the benchmade adamas or spyderco military, i knew i wanted something tuff, reliable and, well beautifull lol, price did not really matter to me as long as i got what i wanted, any ways after about maybe 8 weeks of doing my research i am proud to say that i went ahead and purchased my first benchmade, an Adamas Auto, and i have to stay that I LOVE IT!! its light, well built, and dependable , i know i made the right choice and i hope to keep purchasing from this great manufacturer."

Jordan J. writes-

"I was deployed to Afghanistan recently. Before I left, I purchased my first Benchmade, a presidio SBK. I knew about the sterling Benchmade reputation from some of my military friends and knew if i wanted a knife that I could count on for a full year it would be this one. I put that knife though it paces for a few months. We were tasked with many projects, one of them was organizing the motorpool, more specifically thousand of feet of 1- 1 1/2 inch diameter nylon rope. While others struggled to cut the rope with their various other knives. My benchmade never failed. A short time later I broke the tip off my knife. I contacted your warranty department and had the knife shipped from Afghanistan to Oregon to be repaired. Not only was it repaired with a new blade, the lasermark department allowed me to send them a picture of a Browning M2 that they flawlessly shrunk down and etched it on the blade. I picked up my knife at my house a couple weeks later while I was on mid-tour leave and was once again at the envy of most of my company. Thank you for your reliable products and company. I look forward to my future Benchmade products and assisting others to picking out their favorite Benchmade knives."

William H. writes-

"I was preparing to deploy over seas as a young sailor soldier and my close friend from church asked me if I had a knife to carry. I asked why and said because what happens if your captured, told we are to resit and escape at ALL COST. Well he gave me a benchmade blade, I am not sure of the model it has crawford on the blade with ATS 34 steel, a titanium lock and a aircraft aluminum handle. I have carried it every where I have been in the military. It has traveled the world with me and never left my side. My daughter had the tip redone at a local benchmade shop in Jacksonville Florida. I was so happy that she had the tip fixed, it's handle is worn smooth, but the blade is sharp. It has never failed me and I have given my children their first knives and they are benchmade as well. An mine still travels with daily and everywhere. Even now when I go into my VA hospital for my appoints is the only place where I can not take it. An let me tell you I feel naked with out it!"

Austin C. writes-

"My dad received a Benchmade knife from a woman who helped supply arms to our us soldiers my dad absolutely loved the Benchmade no matter how much he used it or how he used it it got the job done. I am 19 now and when i was 13 i got my first knife and it was a Benchmade i can tell you that i have never purchased any other knife other than Benchmade and my Benchmade knife always gets the job done whether it's the Adamas 275 or the 527 Presido ultra mini. I will never change my choice of knives from Benchmade, i want to join the military and when i get the chance to pick my knife i will pick Benchmade and i will be telling my kid how much i loved my Benchmade just like my dad thank you Benchmade it is an honor to carry one of your knives."

Tuukka J. writes-

"Hi, I would have sent this to some of your staff, that I have had interaction on the various firearm & defence expos, but I did not have their contacts at hand currently. Our company manufactures sound suppressors and in addition to my role in marketing & sales, I conduct a lot of our test firing. I was out testing an improved model suppressor this week and I had not torqued the flash hider tight enough on the HK417 rifle I was shooting. This resulted in the flash hider coming off with the suppressor and I had foolishly left the proper tools back at the company. I needed to get the suppressor off to switch it to another rifle for a different test topic. I have had a Griptilian for many years and it has traveled with me around the world. I jammed the Griptilian into the flash hider for leverage and put my whole body and as much force behind it as I could, however I could not remove the flash hider ( did that easily back at the company with the right tools ) I was amazed that the blade did not bend or break off completely. I will probably reprofile the tip of the blade to get rid of the gouges. Thanks for making a rock solid product!"

Chris R. writes-

"I just wantedto drop a line to thank you for the awsome job you guys did on the MPR. I love this knife. It is perfect. I also wanted to ask if you had any plans on making a bigger version of this. I do not think you would be able to make them fast enough. LOL. Well I'm sure you could. Anyway I would be first in line to get this model in a bigger example. Thanks for all you do."

Brian C. writes-

"I am writing you a thank u note for your outstanding products. I am combat veteran of several of tours Iraq and afghanstan i did carry benchmade afo the orignal with me every day since 911 the knife has been used for every day tasks and not so everyday tasks the knife has saved my life on a couple occasions. but it was stolen on a recent training mission by tsa at a airport. thank u for making a product that u can truly depend on i wil replace it when i can afford to thank u for supporting our troops."

Jeff L. writes-

"I was with *** on deployment to Ghazni, Afghanistan. We, along with our ANA counterparts fought in countless engagements. We became good friends with our ANA and trusted them with our lives. As a parting gift, I gave an Afghan soldier the SOCP knife that I carried on my kit the entire deployment. I gave it to him because of the mutual dependence we had on each other in combat. He always had my back, and I always had his. This one time he didn't clear his back blast before firing his RPG (he didn't have time to, the Taliban emplaced a very deliberate and very deadly L shaped ambush) and I was right behind him. I ate all of that concussion and it knocked me out for a split second. A moment later I was covering his movement with machine gun fire from my SAW as he was moving on the battlefield. Sorry I couldn't give you guys a cool story about how I stabbed a terrorist with the knife I got from you. I never had the opportunity to; however, I did want to share the experience of brotherhood that I had with a soldier on the other side of the world and how it was consummated with the gift of my SOCP knife. I'll be buying another one before the training cycle starts. My kit feels too light without it (at least, I wish it did...)."

Kody K. writes-

"I am a Marine currently deployed in Afghanistan. I have been deployed twice in my enlistment so far and have been to many exotic places and have also been in some pretty troubling times. After all has been said and done I always had my Benchmade still on my hip! Through both of my deployments and countless, and ruthless training operations my Benchmade is still true as it was when I got it!"

Matt H. writes-

"First off thank you. I bought a benchmade Osborne 950 rift on last Tuesday and so far I'm extremely impressed. It quite hard to impress when it comes to knives. I used to only buy kershaws, but last week I saw the rift at a store for $142.50 I eagerly took Up the sale price. Felt it and bought it. I must say there is no competition between kershaws and benchmades. Now on to the story, I was walking home from the local convenience store, Arizona ice tea in hand, at about 1:25 in the morning when a car pulls up right next to me and my friend. I instantly go for the knife ( we were in a very bad neighborhood know for Heroin abuse) the window opens and as he started to talk I flicked my knife open and he heard the loud THWACK!! she closed the window and speed off. If I had brought my kershaw he might of just laughed at the little 2" blade if my chive. So thank you for making a great product and keep up the amazing work, and I will be a faithful buyer for the rest of my life."

Bradley S. writes-

"First, let me commend you all for making some of, if not the, best knives on the planet. I own several Benchmade knives and could not be happier with form and function. "

Kevin S. writes-

"Thank you for your support of the armed forces, I've been a collector of your products for years now and I've only seen the highest quality from what I've purchased. Take care, Semper Fi!"

Stephen S. writes-

"I'm a college student in Georgia. I recently purchased a Benchmade knife, and I don't think I'll ever buy another brand. Everyone I show the knife to says "Wow, you have a Benchmade?! Nice!" "

Bob N. writes-

"Your repair shop is AWESOME, I received my knife back with the 2 others that we sent in for repair. My knife works like it did when I received it new in Afghanistan in 2004, Thanks! I am truly impressed with your products and service, keep up the good work!"

Jeffrey B. writes-

"To paraphrase an oft used current idiom, 'so many knives, so little time' IMHO, Benchmade doesn't just Make knives, they create 'Works of Art' and functional ones at that! Congratulations, on 20 years of business, unfortunately, i only own 1 of your products, would never give it up or back, sorry."

RJ writes-

"I bought this tool at a gun and knife show. I am an emergency physician by trade. I otherwise live to hunt. This year I drew a Vermont Moose tag and shot a 1700#'er. I field dressed it with the knife and the EMS tool (rescue hook) as a gut hook. Moose hair can dull knives I am told. Since then I field dressed these white tails back in Texas with it. It still maintains an edge. "

Scotty and Janiece writes-

"I just wanted let you know My friends and I Believe you make the best production knives in the world, I'm just starting to collect and 4 years ago I purchased a AFCK in black and the smaller one, to this day both knives perform top form, I'm looking forward till May when I will be buying a Rukus, I'm very excited about it. Thanks you for building such Bitchen Knifes."

Megan W. writes-

"I don't really have a technical question or anything like that. I just have an awesome experience that happened to me not long back that I wanted to share involving one of your amazing knifes. I'm a 22 year old college student. My boyfriend is always urging me to drive to my night class, but since it's such a short distance I always prefer to walk. Since he works he can't drive me, or believe me, he would! Anyways, a few months back he got me a "gift." A 581 Barrage Benchmade. I told him he was crazy and not me, a girl, would walk around with that knife! After pleading and pleading I finally relented to his request to just leave it in my purse. A few weeks later I was walking back late one night from classes when I heard a distant growling. I was alone in the park. Then I noticed this dog, it was like a mutt or something, pretty big. I was so scared. It wasn't barking or anything, just growling at me. Against all logic I started running frantically. Next thing I know I feel a sharp tug on my sweater sleeve. The dog latched on to it! I fell to the ground and tried to break free. He was starting to rip through the fabric and I knew his neck bite would be my arm or worse. Then I remembered the knife, with my free arm I grabbed it from my purse and flicked the assist. The blade popped open in a second and I closed my eyes and lunged at the dog. I immediately heard a yelp and when I opened my eyes it was running off, with the knife in his thigh. I wasn't injured that night thank goodness, and even though I felt horrible about hurting an animal, I knew it was what had to be done. I now drive back from class. I haven't told my BF what happened, I don't want to needlessly worry him. Soon as I get save up, I'm going to replace the 581 I lost. Mostly because my BF is a huge knife fan and keeps asking to see it and even more importantly, I no longer feel as prepared with out it. Funny how that works. At first I wouldn't be caught at all carrying a knife. Now I don't want to go anywhere without one. I just wanted to say thanks. Your knife really delivered when I needed it. I only had one free arm. If it wasn't for that quick flip operation, I don't know what would have happened."

Jonathan E. writes-

"Recently while chaperoning an outdoor adventure trip in the mountains near Las Vegas, one of the participant's rock climbing setup. He knotted his belay rope incorrectly and it jammed up when he slipped, being the closest person to him I immediately ran straight to him. Since he had only made it 5 feet up and was panicking I reached up and cut the rope while another staff member caught him. I must say, my Benchmade Triage 915SBK effortlessly cut right through his rope. I'd buy this knife again and again."

Searl S. writes-

"I am a twenty year vetran of the Submarine Service and I would like to take this opportunity to thank Benchmade. Your support of the Vetrans appreciation program at the Vetrans Colloseium was greatly appreciated. I tell everyone who will listen about your support. THANK YOU. I own Benchmade knives also and use them often."

D. L. writes-

"I sent a knife in for repair of the thumbstud and a sharpening. I received it by UPS before i even had a chance to miss it! Not only was entire blade replaced; it was cleaned, oiled, and sent back to me with an extra pocket clip!!! In a world where everything is pretty much disposable and good customer service is hit or miss, it is great to know that there are companies that stand behind their products and truly strive to make their customers happy. Benchamde is one of the finest, toughest, and well crafted knives i have ever used and i will continue to stand by their trademark quality items. I tell people all the time how great my benchmade knife is. i am a fan for life! thank you again and keep up the excellent work!"

James R. writes-

"I am an avid buyer and carrier of your products. From your Balisongs to your automatic knives, I have always been impressed by the quality. However, my previous respect for your knives was dwarfed by the events of August 4th. On a patrol in Afghanistan, I stepped on a pressure plate IED causing the loss of my legs and left arm. Weeks later my platoon sent me a care package and inside was my issued Nimravus that I was wearing on my hip. The knife was unscathed. I will continue to wear and wield your knives with my remaining two fingers with pride. Thank you."

Steven H. writes-

"I recently sent two small benchmade "pocket" style knives to you for repair work and lifesharp service. wow !!! what great customer service. not only did you service both knives for free ( i was willing to pay for the repair work on the one knife) and did an excelent job but the service only took 7 days from door to door. you make a great product and you customer service is exceptional ! Thanks . . "

Ross M. writes-

"this is just a letter to say thank you for your support of the troops and the wounded warrior project i personally have friends that will be or are already in that program and it means alot to have good people and good gear to back us up and support us alot of my friends use and swear by your products and appreciate the support so again thank you for all that you do and for supporting us for the things we do."

Phillip M. writes-

"I first bought a Benchmade Elishewitz back in the 90's, I have used it for everything from opening Triwall to opening cans. It has never failed me nor has it ever dulled. As I prepared for a year long deployment to the desert I was asked to put together a list of items that were essential to the troops to have. The first item on the list was a Benchmade knife. I updated my knife to an Osborne axis asssist and since then members of my team have seen the light and done the same,some have had our unit emblem put on the blades. Benchmade has become a foundation to the Desert Ninja survival gear Thank you for the superior quality of you products."

Leo H. writes-

"Most of my ODA carries your knives and would like to tell you what a great product you make. Thanks for what you do, and keep up the good work."

Sean M. writes-

"I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for providing me with a product that may have helped save my and my friend's life. I am a Peace Corps Volunteer serving in Cameroon. Last night, as I was walking home from dinner with another volunteer, three men with machetes rode up and two dismounted from their motorcycle. They immediately stepped in front and behind of my friend, who acted passively, giving them his backpack and emptying his pockets. Once they had taken those things, and realized he had nothing more to offer, they turned their attention on me. When they dismounted from the motorcycle, I moved away from my friend by a couple of feet. I pulled out my Benchmade Mini Barrage from my sheath and held it closed within the palm of my hand. While they were pulling off his backpack and taking his wallet, I continued to increase the distance between us to about twenty feet. When one of them came for me, I assumed a fight stance, opened the blade of my knife with a loud snap, and stood my ground. After he hesitated with the machete outside of his striking distance, I took a step forward and assumed a fight stance with my Mini Barrage held in my back hand, in striking position. I'm not sure what prompted it, but he turned, ran, and jumped on the back of the motorcycle. When his accomplice joined him, they sped off, leaving my friend and I. During this entire event, I had shouted "thief" in French to some close bystanders, but they failed to act. As we gathered our wits, I gave them a glare, and remembered to pick up a few slices of pizza wrapped in tinfoil that I dropped when the attackers arrived. I tell you this to make it clear how much I appreciate the excellent knife that proved to, along with other factors, make it clear that I wasn't going to be easily intimidated. A forever thankful customer."

Luke K. writes-

"I am hard on equipment. I have owned benchmade knives for the past 6 or 8 years and carried them with me while on active duty with the US Army in Afghanistan. I recently shipped a knife in to have the blade replaced. Since I had used my knife so much it was in pretty bad shape. Rather than cobbling together my old used knife, your company sent me a brand new knife in addition to the usable parts from my old one with no additional charge. The customer service that your company provides is absolutely top notch and I will continue to use benchmade knives for as long as I need to use them. Thank you for providing such a great service!"

Jeffery O. writes-

"I would just like to say that I have a total of 11 benchmade knives and just received a birthday present I ordered for my brother in the mail and each and every one has been absolutely flawless. Your attention to detail and use quality materials by people who care is simply unmatched. I will certainly be a return customer the rest of my life. If I had to use one word to explain benchmade knives amazing comes to mind but even that doesn't describe just how good your blades truly are. "

Stan W. writes-

"I wanted to share with you that I purchased one of your knives(Mini-Barrage) last year and found the product to be exceptional! I spend all of my spare time in high country wilderness areas throughout the year. Conditions are typically wet and dirty and I have to have gear that will hold up to the weather extremes, as well as my continued use and abuse. The areas that I frequent will not allow me to have gear that fails, it could literally mean the difference between success, failure, or avoiding a bad situation. The past few months I have put your knife to the test. I spent two weeks in Glacier Peaks wilderness and skinned and quartered two deer. The following week my son was drawn for a special permit hunt in the Green River watershed Unit and I was able to skin and quarter another deer. I still have not yet sharpened the knife nor has it failed in cutting rope, or performing various tasks throughout camp. I would like to get 4 of these knives for my partners. Do you engrave logos or inscribe on the knives? Thank you for a superb product that you can trust in a remote area. "

Tommy T. writes-

"I love Benchmade. Within the last 2 years I have gotten really interested in knives. In my collection I have Boker, Kershaw, Smith&Wesson, Cold Steel, Gerber, Sog, Ontario Rat. I love all of these knives, BUT, I have to tell you that I am the proud owner of a B/M Griptilian 551 Black/Satin. I thought things couldn't get any better UNTIL I purchased the B/M Mini-Reflex 2550. I buy most of my knives from Blade Headquarters in Lehi, Utah and Smoky Mountain, I carry each day (EDC) the B/M Grip 551 (and I NEVER leave home without my B/M Mini-Reflex 2550). I purchase a lot of knives but I have to say that Benchmade is the TOP of the line. After owning the Grip & the Mini-Reflex no other knives can even compare. Other knives compared to Benchmade is like,.... going from a Volkswagon to a Cadillac. Didn't mean to take up so much time, just wanted to thank you guys for making the best knives in the world. AND... they are USA made. Thank you Benchmade for your quality of work and the excellent knives you make. When it says Taiwaan or China, it just don't even come close to something you can depend your life on. Thank you again and God bless. LOVE MY BENCHMADE 2550 MINI REFLEX AND THE GRIP 551. I WILL buy more Benchmades."

Nathan S. writes-

"I have a 9500SBK that I have spent the last two years with. I have used it as a hammer, as a chisel, as a pry, as a pick, as a probe. It has punched through asphalt, concrete, clay, mountain rock, and sand. It has done everything from opening MRE's, to digging up IED's, to stirring a cup of coffee. It is dull, missing its paint, and the tip has broken off. Its butt is mushroomed, its front is dented and chipped. It is a little slow opening and the blade wobbles a little. Simply put, this knife has performed to a degree I couldn't have expected. Thank you for making a quality product."

Christopher D. writes-

"Remember a few weeks ago when I told you about my wife getting stung by the wasp and going into shock? Well, just a short time ago I get a phone call from a number that I didn't recognize. I answered and it turned out to be one of the firefighters who helped my wife. I had given him my number when he told me that his family owned a hotel and I wasn't sure if I would need to spend the night up there. Anyways, well this firefighter/medic shares with me that shortly after our meeting he ordered himself a new 916 Triage. Well, yesterday he used it in the rescue of a person involved in a car crash. And he was able to use every part of the knife, from the glass breaker, to the safety hook to the blunt edge blade... Well, simply put, he was tickled pink that he was able to put to use this great knife and just wanted to tell me what happened and to thank me for showing him this knife. How cool is that? I told him to be sure to contact Benchmade and to let you guys know what happened. It's really cool to hear how, once again, that your knives really help people!"

A.J. M. writes-

"I am a five time combat veteran with.the US Army. For years all my knifes came from Benchmade.. They have been used to pry open helicopter doors to un jamming automatic weapons. I have put my life with a Benchmade and won... Until unfit for duty (and long after) your knifes will be carried with the many stories that go with each one, through each deployment from Iraq to Afganstan."

Andrew J. writes-

"I own 4 of your knives and i would just like to say that they are simply the best knives on the market. I've used my Benchmade Stryker every single day for almost a decade and it has yet to give out on me. That thing has been dropped in the sand, water and mud, run over by a truck, stabbed into the floor of a deck, etc. and it shows little to no signs of damage. I've gone to firearm schools where i've needed to use it to prop doors open and do many rigorous tasks and i am convinced that Benchmade knives are the best knives for the job. Bravo Benchmade, your the best knife-maker in my book."

Dan P. writes-

"Since I picked up my first Griptilian, two of my best friends decided to get themselves each one too. One, has used his on the job working construction. The other used his to gut deer, fish, and ducks. He even used it as a screw driver once! But it held up good, and the little nick in the blade polished out clean. Since then, I have had the opertunity to meet many soldiers, active reserves, and marines who have used your knives. One army aircraft gunner that i met was given a Presidio. And no doubt after seeing it, that it was used for everything! I also had the oppertunity to meet a marine who had been issued a benchmade automatic each time that he was deployed. The marine, whom I had the honor of befriending, had his griptilian issued to him when he was dployed his third time to Afghanistan. From the telling signs of wear, and streaks on the black coated blade from when he used it as a can opener...To the completely worn through sand colored handle; I could tell that his had seen more action than any of my friends' and mine combined. I hope you enjoy knowing that your knives are not only the best, but appreciated, and always being used. Thank you Benchmade for making what me and a few of my pals beleive is one of the best folding knives on the market. I also beleive that if it is tough enough for the Unuted States Marines, than its tough enough for me!"

Joseph D. writes-

"I bought a 2550 about a year ago. I had thought such quality and excellent workmenship had gone the wayside of a man's bond is his word and a handshake seals the deal. Apparently I was wrong. My hat is off to the team that comprises Benchmade Knife Company. Keep it up!!"

Dan K. writes-

"I work with a gentleman who for years has had Benchmade knives. He gifted me with a 154CM for Christmas last year. It was to be my Sunday go to meeting knife. Well on my deer hunt last weekend i descided to use it for taking care of the deer, "gutting and skinnig". What a remarkable tool! with little to no effort the "taking care of the deer" was complete and the animal was taken to the butcher. the shape of the blade by far exceeded the other four manufactueres of knives i retained in my pack. I was able to reach inside blind areas with no effort cutting out internals for removal and the precision shape of the blade made the skinning as if the deer had a zipper with the blade lock being the only real one. The other so called blade locks have never worked properly. To say the least i will never use another knife for the the job again for yours is the "only" real tool that anyone will ever need to do the job RIGHT. my appreciation for all your OUTSTANDING design. the Osborn design. Oh ya the other four manufacturers of knives are in the drawer where they belong. And my pack is much lighter to boot. I will only carry the "Benchmade" knife for the rest of my hunting days. You are the only true all around knife for any job. Thanks again for the outstanding tool i will use forever."

Theodore P. writes-

"I would just like to take this time to say thank you to everyone associated with this company. I am a soldier in the U.S. Army and currently deployed. I think it is a great thing that your company proudly supports and those wounded or killed defending freedom. I would also like to say that I really do enjoy the products that you produce and the quality is like no other. I have to say that it good to see companies so supportive and making a great product helping us do our job better. Have a wonderful day and God Bless."

Ryan H. writes-

"One year ago I purchased a Benchmade Griptilian Model 551, folding blade knife. After careful consideration, I purchased this knife for utility and general outdoor use. I have used my knife for field dressing, camping, hiking and opening the packaging used by overprotective retailers. I had been shopping for a durable and reasonably priced knife for several months. I visited a retailer in Ashland, Ohio who carried your product line along with competing manufacturers. After reviewing the features and quality of many manufacturers I found Benchmade to be superior. The sales person was also helpful in demonstrating the attributes that contribute to Benchmade's superior reputation. The quality of this product was immediately apparent. The materials used to produce this solidly constructed knife felt indestructible. The lifetime warranty ensures my satisfaction with your product for years to come. Overall, I could not be more pleased with my decision to purchase a Benchmade Knife. The construction, materials, customer service, and USA quality make me a Benchmade customer for life. I look forward to adding to my Benchmade knife collection in the years to come."

Seth writes-

"I work in construction, mostly in copper fabrication and seamless gutters, but also a bit of everything. Last Friday, I was helping a co-worker do some roofing, We were installing Permaclad sheets, a very typical roof setup here, galvanized 26 guage steel sheets with a U-panel design. The roof was somewhat steep, but it was dry and we had decent traction. The sheets were 18 feet long x 3 feet wide. I was about 14 feet up from the edge, marking out screw lines, when someone on the other side of the house sprayed water over the roof. Nobody will admit to it, but a wet Permaclad sheet can be like ice. This house was built backing a gully, and from the front of the house, only 10 feet to the roof. On the back of the house where I was, it is about 35 feet drop to the ground. I started to slip, couldn’t get up to the ridgecap, and nothing behind me to stop me. Luckily, I remembered my 551 Grip (Benchmade Griptilian one-hand opening folder), yanked it out of my pocket, flicked it open and I slammed it as hard as I could into the (steel) sheet. The blade went through right to the thumb stud, and it held my weight. I spent about 2 minutes trying to remember how to breathe (well, maybe 20 seconds, but it seemed like forever) and my heart was beating like mad. When I looked behind me, I only had about 4 feet of panel before a long fall. Thank God for having a good knife in my pocket. My only other tool was a 18v cordless drill for driving home, no harness, stupidly, as usually it becomes more of a nuisance due to lack of anchoring points on the roof. All I kept thinking was, ‘thank God for a strong knife.’"

Wiley writes-

"Hello, I am a soldier that just got back from a year deployment in Iraq, and I must say out of probably 100 or more knives I have owned and used in my life, none can compare to your Benchmade I used often while in Iraq. Thanks your loyal customer."

Collin S. writes-

"I just wanted to take the time to share a Benchmade story that will hopefully brighten your work day and also encourage you to keep making such amazing products that your followers value and love. I am definitely one such loyal fan of your knives. My father-inlaw gave me my first Benchmade in my stocking the Christmas of 2008, and I've carried it with me everyday since, except when I sent it in for a sharpening appointment. Recently my wife and I traveled to the beautiful city of Vancouver, British Columbia to attend a riveting Olympic hockey match up between Belarus and Sweden. We parked our Volvo in the smaller town of Surry, just over the border from Washington, and took public transportation into the heart of the city. There were people everywhere, all decked out in their country's colors; the atmosphere was electric! We were so pumped up as we started meandering our way through the crowds to get in line, tickets in hand, for the hockey game. Suddenly, as I looked down the line to the awaiting metal detectors and full body pat down by a security guard, I remembered that I had failed to remove my beloved knife from my pocket. I panicked! I didn't want to hide it in my wife's purse and risk it being confiscated, and I also would never consider throwing it away. As I frantically combed my brain for ideas my wife looked across the massive crowd to a small park, with bushes, trees, and flower beds (I mean, we were in the beautifully manicured and maintained city of Vancouver, BC!), and came up with a genius plan, but one that came with some risk. She suggested that we bury the knife in that park; surely no one would be going around digging in the dirt during the three hours we were in the stadium! We weaved through the crowd to the park and as my wife kept watch for any onlookers that might become suspicious, I quickly dug a small hole in the soil, dropped the knife, reburied it, and threw on the extra leaves for additional camouflage. We walked away, hand in hand, hoping our plan would be a success. After the incredible match up (which Sweden won!) we ran out to our buried treasure and happily discovered that the booty was right where we left it; X marked the spot! My knife is even more special to me after this unexpected brush with loss. My wife and I love our Benchmade's (she has a pink one, how perfect!)! We look forward to purchasing a kitchen set soon. Thank you for making such great products that keep your customers loyal, pleased, and satisfied!"

Carl D. writes-

"I used the knife to cut plastic bottles or aluminum cans apart. Then, the cans or bottles are filled with sand, to act as a tamping device. Then, one 16-ounce bottle or 2 12 ounce cans are filled with C 4 plastic explosive. More cans of sand are placed behind this after all are shoved down an artillery tube. Here is the result of about 1 1/2 blocks of C 4 jammed into the bottles and set off after tamping. The conventional formula calls for 10 Lbs of explosive if tamped with mud or wet sand, and packed near the breech of the gun tube. The external formula calls for about 18 24 blocks of C 4, configured in a bulk charge. I used the knife to show the scale of size of the gun tube. This was a 76mm tube. The Benchmade knife was able to cut the aluminum cans, the C 4 blocks, the wooden rod used to tamp the explosives into the bottle, and the detonation cord used to prime the charge. Thanks again for the great knife and service on it. I can't wait to get it back, ready for more hard duty! PS. Many of the SF students have commented on what a great knife this is! I told them to stop being cheap and buy their own....and stop eyeballing mine."

Ryan S. writes-

"Used lots of knives through the years. I work on the water. Small boat Seal Team Five, tech support. I was using a kershaw, chubby blade, solid knife, not good on the water. Rusted & locked up on me. Recently I was issued the Benchmade Griptilian. Awesome knife. Cuts line, scrapes rust, custs wires, etc. The thing is a monster. Needless to say, sold on the knife. Talked to everyone about it. Found out that lots of my teammates love & promote Benchmade knives. I just got hop to your products. Thank you! Thanks (Fan for life). Go Navy! "

Ryan B. writes-

"I am currently deployed overseas with the United States Air Force as a Crash/Rescue firefighter. I am currently going into my 2nd month of my tour over here. Most of us over here are on 2nd and 3rd tours. Reason I am writing is to tell you how much all of use and love your knives. My unit was very fortunate to buy us all a model 9051 push button automatic before deploying. It is small enough that fits in my pocket, when we go outside the wire it fits easy into are flak jackets. We use those knives on a day to day basis. My unit is from Milwaukee, Wisconsin a few of the other guys are from different parts of the country. They have different knives that they think compare, I really don't have the heart to tell them there is only one Benchmade. Thanks again for making great products to support our missions down range."

Michael C. writes-

"Three years ago I was changing the fuel pump on my truck out in a field in the middle of the night. I had used my 520 Presidio to splice some wires but when I went to clean up my tools I couldn't find it anywhere. I figured it was lost in the mud and gave up. Two months ago I was changing my exhaust manifold gaskets and just happened to look up and see something hanging through a hole in the bottom of my fender. It was my Benchmade caked in mud. For three years my truck drug that knife through snow, salt slag, mud and God knows what. So I brought it inside and washed it off in the kitchen sink. It only had two pen head sized rust spots on the blade that scotch-brite took right off. I oiled it up and carry it everyday. Needless to say no matter what the price Benchmade knives will ALWAYS be my number one choice. "

Allan I. writes-

"I recently purchased (yet another) one of your knives. This time it was the Adamas 275. I am certain this is a gross understatement but this has to be by far the most robust, overbuilt, tank-like blade you guys have made that I am aware of. I sincerely dont see a single flaw in the design and materials used. I look forward to my grandchildren having one day.That is how much confidence I have in the longevity. Simply incredible. in short, WOW"

Patrick R. writes-

"I'm a Ranger. like the subject says your knife saved my life. One night on a mission in Afghanistan My team came in to very close contact with some body gaurds of a high level taliban commander. I Came around the corner and this taliban guy jumped on me I took his weapon away from him and then he grabed my gun, luckily I had it attached to me by my sling. he started to throw punches towards me i duct one but he landed the second one because i put my head down to find my knife. I took it out... he died before he hit the floor. I wanted to share this story with you because I am truly grateful of the quallity and design of your knifes. I am getting a tattoo of your knife on my ribbs the says "all I need is my benchmade, no need for a gun" that will be on the blade of the knife. I will never use any other brand."

Carlos P. writes-

"As a United States Marine, I would like to thank all of Benchmade for an outstanding job and products. My unit was tasked with outfitting Marines outbound to various locations in Iraq. I am pleased to say that we turned to Benchmade to supply knives for these Marines. We chose the 9101SBK Auto-Stryker which is a really cool knife in its own right, but also became an instrumental tool in saving lives. As a war veteran myself, I can say that I always felt confident with my Benchmade by my side."

Robert R. writes-

"I just wanted to drop you guys a letter on how much I am pleased with your product. I bought one of your all black griptilan knives almost maybe 4 years ago. Since then I have carried this knife everyday and on occasion bought other brand name knives over the time but I have always kept my benchmade on me because no matter what I do to the damn thing or what I use it for it just will not break. every other knive I have purhcased has in one way or another broke or just plain fell apart..with that being said I am coming to the end of my tour over here in afghanistan and I still have this may look like its been through hell and back but your proguct has never failed me and I am happy to say it has one of the best investments I have ever only regret is that the damn army doesnt issue out your guys auto anymore to soldiers over so now im just gonna have to pony up the money and buy one myself. Thank you guys for making such a reliable and strong product, where other comp"

Alan M. writes-

"I am a four time combat vet and have at least a dozen of your knifes. Most from your factory, and some out of country. You get what you pay for! I buy your knifes not only for utility work. Like ripping doors off of downed helicopters to actual hand to hand combat to save my life. Here quality can't be doubted and your knife will and has saved my life on two occasions. I could write books on the quality of your knife. Am sure it's been done already? Benchmade has made it possible for me to make it home to see my family. The words and tears still are vivid along with the quality and extra care you put in each and every knife. Feel free to use my name if you get short of endorcements, (which I doubt). Thank you for saving my life and letting my son grow up with his father!"

Dalton F. writes-

"I carry a older 9000 on my duty belt and have refused offers to purchase it and had to reclaim it several times after it grew legs. Today I'm glad I had it, we responded to a MV incident and had a 4 year old girl tangled in the seat belt and choking. My benchmade cut the webbing like it was butter and prevented a tragedy. Thanks."

David C. writes-

"It is time like this when an Excellent product is backed up by an Outstanding Company. Hats off to Benchmade."

John M. writes-

"This email might seem odd but i believe it is necessary, i just wanted to say thank you. i have been using one of your rescue hooks for about two and half years and without fail it has cut whatever i use it for. i have used it on thick clothing, bunker gear, leather and seatbelts. Tye two and half years i owned never did it seem to dull and it replaced my shears. i used this product on a daily basis, i am fdny paramedic who get to use his gear quiet often. so thank you for making such a great product."

Eugene D. writes-

"Dear Sirs, I am a active duty member of the United States Army. I have just returned from Operation Iraqi Freedom and would like to thank you for your services. I was issued a Model 5 Rescue Hook while in theater and it enabled me to help save a fellow soldiers life. I think it is a great product. I however lost it with my Model 553 Tanto. It also was a dependable knife and worked when i needed it the most. I thank you for all you do for the soldiers in this fine nation....."

Bryan R. writes-

"I have always had a big collection of hunting knives to choose from, including my father's pass-me-downs, and many other neat and fancy ones I have bought over the years. I also carry an older model, folding, clip, Benchmade knife my son gave me for everyday use and protection. When I knocked down a buck this year, I reached for my multiple-blade, Alaska-special knife---interchangeable skinner with hook, saw, and standard blades. However, I was cold and in a hurry, and for some reason I changed and pulled out my Benchmade, newly repaired and evidently courtesy-sharpened by Benchmade. Just for an initial cut, and I would then switch to the bigger, hunter knife. But I had such good luck I continued. For the first time in many, many field dressings, everything cut the way it was supposed to, with no errors. And no cuts on my hands as usual while up in the cavity out of sight. When I got home, we skinned the deer. Hair and fat dulls any blade I have ever used. But I continued on "

Matthew H. writes-

"You make a great product this is my second nitrous striker, and the only reason I'm on my second is after having mine for all most 3 years some one decided they wanted it more than I did, and being such a great knife I understand why they wanted it. Thank you for the great product.


P.S. Benchmade Knives are made of bits of Chuck Norris' beard!

Rich B. writes-

"Last Summer while in Iraq I was working as a Medical PLT SGT at a COP south of Bagdad. We got a call in that a HMMWV rolled over and was upside-down in a canal. Turns out four troops were stuck for more than 5 minutes with limited air and the driver was unable to free himself and had inhaled water.

Well were expected the worst and called the Chaplain and prepared airway management got some body bags. Turns out the team all walked in to the BAS soon thereafter all wet from head to smelling like fecal matter but all alive. The driver was unable to release himself from the seatbelt due to panic concussion and loss of vision. The SFC behind the driver was able to use his Benchmade and released the driver from behind him and they were freed minutes later from the vehicle. Although the driver suffered pneumonia and serious psychological issues the use for body bags was not needed that day.

"Aut viam inveniam aut faciam"

Sean D. writes-

"We were actually issued the Benchmade belt cutter in Iraq. I am glad to tell you that this tool helped rescue soldiers. While on mission we had a serious roll over in which the gunner was stuck in his harness. My sergeant and I were first on the scene and with a gasoline leak there was little time to get everyone out of the truck. The belt cutter sliced through the straps like butter and we had everyone out in less than two minutes. So keep up the good work you guys are doing and thank you."

Kevin S. writes-

"It is a rarity that I write to a company about their product. In the military, soldiers have a propensity to collect knives, tools, and gadgets in general. I, however, am not one of collection flock. I’ve always thought if it works soldiers will keep it, if not, you will find it on the ground behind them because it isn’t worth carrying. I received a Stryker-Auto knife from my Chief Maintenance Warrant prior to going overseas to Iraq. Some how it was just appropriate that a Stryker unit bought the Stryker- Auto knife. In a year of combat, the Stryker-Auto served me in snow, rain, extreme heat, dust, dirt, and grime. It never jammed, fail to open, or fail to lock. That alone is truly a remarkable feat in that environment. I can honestly say that the Stryker-Auto saved my life and that of my fellow soldiers on at least one occasion. The knife is now one of my most cherished possessions and travels everywhere I go in uniform. Thank you! As a result of my extreme fondness for your"

Christopher B. writes-

"I am currently serving in Iraq. While on a night flight working with Task Force members I lost my Model 9100 SBT. I would like to purchase another one as this has to be the best knife I have ever owned. I have owned SOG's, Randal"s and Buck knives. Not only do I count on it for self defense but the tanto point will help me in the event of a survivable crash should I need to cut my way thru the aircraft outer skin. The one hand operation speaks for itself. If I were stateside I'd have the luxury of replacing the knife quickly. Any information you could send me so I can replace this knife and give me that sense of security again would be greatly apprieciated."

SFC L. S. writes-

"I am an Oregonian (Salem) who has been serving in the Army for 21 years, and rarely have I had an opportunity to tell someone what I thought of their product. I decided Benchmade would be my first. First, your knives are by far superior over any others I have used. I took a Model 940 with me into combat and it served flawlessly. It maintained it's edge after more uses than I thought possible. It exited the aircraft with me on numerous Airborne operations and withstood the impacts. Sadly on my last deployment it was lost or stolen, but I plan to replace it soon. My hat (beret) is off to your company and it's great products, and your support of the military. Thank you from us to you!"

Robert S. writes-

"I just have to let someone know how much I enjoy your products.( I have a small collection of case knives in a display case on my dresser. ) I saw your 670 apparition in the KI issue on assisted openers, and though i had no knives of this style, i just had to have one. When I received, opened, and held it, i thought it was the most beautiful knife I had ever seen. The beautiful scales, the polished bolsters, the lovely blade, the smooth assisted opening. This knife feels good to the hand too. The quality is terrific. I have since purchased a 910 stryker, an opportunist, 551 griptillion, and have a 420 resistor on order. It's quite possible that my 551 will be the only one I actually use. Thanks for such a well built, attractive knive. Please consider me a huge fan of Benchmade knives. "

Steve B. writes-

"I recently purchased a Benchmade model #670 Apparition and I am very satisfied and pleased with my purchase. The fit and finish is very good and the knife fills the hand. This knife has the stones to be a reliable an every day carry. I look forward to the mail catalog and purchasing future Benchmade knives for my collection."

Dave V. writes-

"When I was twelve years old my Father bought me the CQC7. I am now 22 and I still use that knife on a regular basis. I am a avid camper /hiker /outdoor enthusiast and I can honestly say this is the best knife I have ever come across. I am first of all writing to tell you how satisfied a customer you have made. I will always be devoted to benchmade. Second of all I amwriting because after ten years of regular use the blade is in need of sharpening. I have no record of purchase or warranty information and I was just wondering if you could help me out anyways. I didnt try to get it sharpened before becuase I didnt want to be with out it. Please email me to let me know if you can help me. Thank You"

Shannon K. writes-

"I was using this knife in Iraq and broke the tip of the blade off. This thing has gotten me and my men out of a bind more than once. I was wanting to know if I could mail it in for repair, is it possible to fix or do I need to buy a new one. Thanks in advice for one hell of a good product, I've never met a Marine yet that wasn’t 110% satisfied with the quality and craftsmanship of these knives. Ill never own anything but a Benchmade…Thanks again…respectfully Sgt Kincaid…US Marines   Semper Fi"

Allan P. writes-

"Thanks so much for helping me replace the broken screw on my bali-song. I very much appreciate the time your company has taken provide a quality product and making the customer feel important."

William C. writes-

"I bought a 425 Gravitator. The next was a 3550 Pardue. These are the best made knives I have ever seen. I had a question about my Pardue 3550, it answered the next day on e-mail. Awsome service!! My father told me he would Dis-own me if I bought another Benchmade. I told him to get the paperwork started. He just laughed, he appreciates a good knife as much as i do."

Benchmade Forum Community Member writes-

"I just got my 730CFHS back from Benchmade and I am very impressed. They did everything I asked which included sharpening and centering the blade along with replacing all the washers and screws. It took about four weeks to get it back but it was definitely worth it. Thanks BM!"

Robert writes-

"The only thing more impressive then your service is the knives you make."

John H. writes-

"Recently spent two weeks assisting with the recovery process in Innisfail (an hour south or Cairns) after tropical cyclone Larry. We were covering an area the size of Tasmania. The 710 ive carried with me for close to three years was brilliant, working at heights in full climbing gear it proved to be the perfect knife for one handed operation as full automatics are illegal in Australia. I couldnt have asked for a better companion and it allowed me to work more safely and efficiently. It will be sent over soon for sharpening and i look forward to having it razor sharp again, its a knife that has been used and abused but has never given up on me. Cheers guys "

John C. writes-

"A year or two ago my son sent me a Benchmade 732 and I think it is as good as it gets as far as cutlery goes! The G10 handle is incredible as is the locking system. I think it is as strong as a folder can be ~ what a magnificent piece of the cutler's art! I ordered a Model #156BT camp knife and am going to send it to my son and I know he will be as proud of it as I am of my 732! Thanks to all at Benchmade for your incredible products."

Adam N. writes-

"I appriciate the time that you have put into my order. I just want to tell you that my knife had arrived today and I thank you greatly for the time that it took in making the knife. I also would like to say that I used benchmade knives when I served over in Afghanistan. So again, thank you for the time and effort in the knife you had made for me!"

Martin K. writes-

"I love your knives. I have used a lot of upper end knives for hunting. Yours are the best. In fact now I judge other hunters by the knife they carry. If it is not a Benchmade, I wonder how serious they really are."

Tony M. writes-

"I wanted to start off by saying that your Nimravus Cub (140) saved my life and for that I am very thankful. I was working mapping a grid and having lunch alone in Points North Canada , when I found I was being watched by four wolves. Before I could find a large enough tree to climb one of the wolves had run up and got its teeth into my rucksack and left arm but missed the arm and got only down jacket. With my right hand free I was able to get my Sheridan off my leg and fight off the attack. When my radio came back on the wolves were distracted buy my radio and my rucksack. I sprinted the 800 meters back to camp only to find that in the struggle I lost my knife. The next day on the grid I searched to same spot many times over in hopes of finding my loved knife in the deep snow with no luck. I take great pride in having the best and most reliable equipment available and the Nimravus Cub is the very best knife I have ever had. With a two week old baby I will have to save up for a new Nim"

Jason R. writes-

"I appreciate your continued professionalism as it marks well the products you sell. "

Ted C. writes-

"Thank you so much for your excel!ent customer services. Of all the major knife manuafacturers, you are the best!"

Tracy M. writes-

"I emailed about a month or so ago asking about what it would take to purchase a pocket clip and I received it in the mail today I really expected to get a reply with ordering info I must say I am very impressed with such great service. Thank you."

Shannon B. writes-

"I sent my best friend in to have a spring replaced and got more than I asked for. I have a McHenry & Williams that had a broken spring in the axis lock. A short while later my knife was returned with the spring fixed and a few upgrades added, in addition to a thorough cleaning. The Benchmade warranty department is the best there is. Without even asking, you guys sharpened the blade, cleaned several years of crud off the scales and from the insides, replaced the plastic shims (?) on either side of the blade with brass shims (?) and even straightened out the pocket clip by restoring the factory cure to the clip. Not to mention endured a couple of calls from goofy street cop who was missing his partner. My only complaint was that the angle on the pocket clip was intentional and it was to prevent it from hanging on the seatbelt when I got out of the car. (I am a lefty who carries the knife in my weak side (right pocket) you guys did not know that I had straightened out the final curve on t"

John R. writes-

"I would like to thank Benchmade for their products, service, and sales representatives for all that you do for us in the U.S. Military. I would especially like to thank you for sending your Fed/Gov Rep, his expertise and professionalism further contributed to our strong desire to use Benchmade products. "

Kevin G. writes-

"I would like to take a minute to say thanks for the quality knife I received during pre-deployment issue for Iraq. I was issued a Benchmade 9053 SBK. Although this knife was a treasured issue item it received little use during my first deployment. However during my second deployment then I realized just how valuable a quality knife is. After being ambushed by insurgents just south of Baghdad we had a team member down. In a rush to remove the member's body armor I grabbed my Benchmade and began cutting. With little or no problem the Benchmade cut the Kevlar material to aid in removing the vest. Although our efforts at first aid were in vain, your Benchmade knife greatly eased our attempts to save a US Soldier's life. Thanks for making a quality product available to the US Military."

Kimberly C. writes-

"I wanted to say thank you. I am a pilot for the US Army. We keep knives like the mini reflex auto in our survival kits and gear. Too often these knives break, bend, chip, the usual. A few of us went out and spent some money, now we all have Benchmade knives that we carry with us. It feels good to know that if something were to happen, we have a knife that will stand up to the test. And for that I want to say thanks! Cheesy, maybe, but when you hear a story about a POW who used his Benchmade in combat, and now we all have one, it's great. "

Levi W. writes-

"I just wanted to send you guys a note to say that you guys kick asssssss!!!!!!  Benchmade is by far the best knife company out there and at a time when I was trying to figure out which knife to buy for my first knife I met the guys on your team and was very impressed and then I heard many stories about your customer service and I was sold.  Consider me a life customer, I'll never buy a knife from anyone else!!  Keep up the good work supporting law enforcement, military, and the NRA.  Benchmade is #1."

Kevin M. writes-

"Thank you for your support of the armed forces, I've been a collector of your products for years now and I've only seen the highest quality from what I've purchased. Take care, Semper Fi!"

Larry P. writes-

"Wow now that's a knife (Model 610). I just bought this knife and am amazed at the quality and craftsmanship. Thanks, this is one of about a dozen Benchmades that I own and you guys just keep making them better every year. I sent my Son to Iraq with two Nimravuses and an AFO and they served him very well as a member of the 3rd I.D. "

David W. writes-

"I am a soldier that just got back from a year deployment in Iraq, and I must say out of probably 100 or more knives I have owned and used in my life, none can compare to your Benchmade I used often while in Iraq. "

Jack A. writes-

"I just received my 9050 AFO, Auto; what a class act. Absolutely one of the finest knifes I have ever seen. This will make a "at times shall we say tense job" a lot less TENSE! I appreciate the made in America label and am grateful for the support. A customer and promoter for life. Thanks again and definitely not my last purchase."

Sebastian W. writes-

"I just wanted to say thank you for your support of the Military and producing such flawless knives. I am currently deployed in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. It's a shame more companies that make products like yours don't support their own people as much as you do. Happy New Year."

Ryan M. writes-

"I have had one of your rescue hooks now for a while. I am a Hospital Corpsman stationed with a Marine Unit in Fallujah. The other day I was presented with the nightmare task of treating a handful of injured Marines. They were traveling through the city and hit with and IED, a very common problem. Once they reached my location my fellow corpsman and I launched into action and instantly began treating the critical injuries. Due to the excellent design and quality of your rescue hook I was able to tear through a flack vest, cammo blouse, t-shirt, and camel back and save the time that was needed to save the young marines life. Due to the speed that I was able to rid him of his flack vest and shirts, I was able to save his life. He is now on his way to recovery. I just wanted to say thank you for producing such a wonderful life saving tool. As a matter of fact, my Chief was so impressed of the job that your Rescue Hook had done, he has decided to order, I believe, 70 rescue hooks a"

Michael Q. writes-

"I am a US Navy corpsman stationed in Iraq. The other day we had some casualties and one of our corpsman utilized your model 5 rescue hook. Along with the medic training and the model 5 rescue hook to expose injuries help to save the lives of marines and sailors injured. "

Eugene S. writes-

"I am a active duty member of the United States Army. I have just returned from Operation Iraqi Freedom and would like to thank you for your services. I was issued a Model 5 Rescue Hook while in theater and it enabled me to help save a fellow soldiers life. I think it is a great product. I however lost it with my Model 553 Tanto. It also was a dependable knife and worked when I needed it the most. I thank you for all you do for the soldiers in this fine nation....."

Will N. writes-

"I have a benchmade knife, which appears to be very similar to the 9050 AFO. Since I received the knife on a deployment to Saudi a couple of years ago, this thing has been rock solid. I have put this knife through pure torture, and it has been the one knife that I haven't been able to destroy. Except for lately, while on post I was trying to do some "field maintenance" on a heating and cooling unit. Using my knife for utility like I should not have been, I accidentally touched the blade to a 220 volt power source. Luckily, I was not shocked, but needless to say the blade was more or less "welded" with a chunk taken out of the blade edge. I am not sure what the warranty is for these, but I am positive that this misuse would not be covered. I was just wondering what the cost would be for replacing the blade, and possibly refinishing the entire knife. Over the years, this knife has seen lots of scratches, drops, etc... I really do not want to get rid of this knife, as I have said before th"

Ethan S. writes-

"It has been almost a year since the event that brought me into Benchmade happened. I talked with my unit a bit, and here is what I can share. On an undisclosed road spanning both Kuwait and Iraq, I was on patrol with two other Marines. We were driving slowly in the middle of what seemed to be an endless hostile desert when something blew out the back tire on our HMMWV. We were unable to drive away because the rubber flap of the tire was hitting the wheel well so hard it was causing damage. We pulled to the side, set up a hasty perimeter, and attempted to cut it off using our K-Bar knives (that was all we had at the time). In trying to cut through the steel belts which laced through the tread, we broke a blade on one. I pulled a folding Benchmade knife from my pocket which I have had for ten years and said to myself it was time to find out if the money I paid for this knife was worth it. It was a struggle, but the knife cut the steel belts and tire flap without breaking the blade or eve"

Steven D. writes-

"I just this morning received my Automatic Benchmade Knife back from your Repair Department. I had sent it in due to not opening properly and also had requested sharpening. I felt compelled to let you know my knife works just like new, is as sharp as new, and I am very proud to have it back in a timely manner. Having carried this knife for several years both on the Job as a Law Enforcement Officer and off the Job as well, I discovered just how much I use it by doing without it for a couple of weeks. Thanks for making a great product and for providing repair and support in a timely manner for your product."

Paul C. writes-

"Just wanted to drop a line and tell everyone at Benchmade what a great company you have, I sent my old trustworthy Benchmade automatic in for warranty work last month, Mind you I am a Deputy Sheriff and am not the easiest person on knives (Benchmade has cut many a people free from seatbelts after crashes) Anyway I send my knife in which probably should have been buried anyway as I had beat it to death and today I check my mail and find a brand new Benchmade model 2550s and an explanation that my old knife had been too damaged to fix. Well I say good going guy's, It is really nice to see a company that has such nice customer service and backs their work, I hope the boss reads this because I called a couple times to check on my knife (felt kinda naked without it) And every time was greeted with very professional, Kind people. Benchmade you have gained a life long customer out of me, As a matter of fact, I know what I am giving for Christmas..........Thank You"

De O. Jr. writes-

"I think that I got my knife back in 1996 or 1997. I have used it in all kinds of weather and situations, and it has proven to be up to any and all tasks. I enclosed a picture from the Demolition Training, at Range 69 at Fort Bragg. I used the knife to cut plastic bottles or aluminum cans apart. The Benchmade knife was able to cut the aluminum cans, the C-4 blocks, the wooden rod used to tamp the explosives into the bottle, and the detonation cord used to prime the charge. Thanks again for the great knife and service on it. I can't wait to get it back, ready for more hard duty!"

Orlando S. writes-

"Five years ago my wife gave me the knife of my choice as a graduation present from the US Customs Inspector basic training academy. After doing my research I requested a Benchmade 9100s automatic. Since then, during the interdiction of 728 kilos of cocaine, 477 kilos of heroin and various other infractions, the knife has proved it's self over and over. When the tip of the blade snapped off, a call to your service center was all that was needed. In about two weeks I had a brand new replacement. I am committed to telling everyone about your product. Thank you from America's Frontline."

Ben P. writes-

"A co-worker and I were called to attend a group home where a suicidal youth had barricaded himself in his room and had apparently cut himself. On our arrival we found the door key locked and barricaded. Fearing the youth was still armed with a knife I deployed a TASER and proceeded to kick down the door. We entered and as I swept the room I saw the young man. He had tied a belt from a bathrobe around the bar in his closet and had tied a slipknot around his neck. The youth was starting to turn purple-blue. With my right hand full I had no choice but to draw my left handed AFCK (original, round-hole, pre-AXIS) from my pants pocket. The blade came open as I reached out and slashed through the belt in one swipe. The young man fell to the floor and my partner and I quickly removed the remains of the belt from around his neck. Certainly, I could have transitionned the TASER to my left hand and pulled my right handed knife, but I decided when I started policing that I would be proper"

Greg S. writes-

"Recently I sent my Axis / Mc Henry & Williams knife in to have the blade re sharpened as part of your Life-sharp program. It had been my trusted friend and had seen service on a daily basis. It returned today and, I can't thank you enough. It is "Factory Fresh". Please convey my thanks to everyone at Benchmade. You are great! Now let me tell you how much I like your product. Prior to the Mc Henry & Williams Axis model that I have, I had the previous Mc Henry & Williams model I don't remember the model number but it didn't have the Axis lock mechanism. It was a great knife and I lost it. After searching and retracing my steps for two day, I gave up and bought the new M & W Axis model because I couldn't go without a good knife. The next day, I found the old one, it had fallen of the seat of my truck where I had left it. Well I gave it to my brother, he had it "rehabed" buy sending it to you and now, he cant live without it. I have also given your Osborne Axis model to my wife as a gift a"

Brandon L. writes-

"I began my career in Law Enforcement just over 3 years ago. Coming in as a new agent, barely scraping by I was still required to provide some of my own equipment. I needed a versatile, fixed-blade knife to use hard on a daily basis. I did a bit of research and came upon your Elishewitz-designed Nimravus 140 SBT. The $140.00 price tag seemed steep at the time, but after resigning myself to top ramen for a month, I made the purchase. I never imagined still fielding this knife three years later. It has even served well as a survival knife in the Pacific Northwest and the ComboBlade was well used cutting down many cedar saplings, and the extruded tang ensured that driving the knife through the wood made excellent firewood and kindling, without once touching the G-10 handle. I'll leave it at that but suffice to say, the only wear marks are in the blade coating. I have neglected addressing the blade for some time but haven't been willing to part with it. I purchased a cheaper competitor's fi"

Alex L. writes-

"I'm just starting to collect your knives again, and they're oh so sweet. I'm very partial to anything with an AXIS lock. I once had a 921 and 942, but sold them. I wish I still had both since they're now discontinued. I was without a single Benchmade knife for a long time, but now I'm back on board! I started with a 42 Bali-song, what a great knife! There's just no other way to describe it. It's exactly what a Bali should be. The new 32 Morpho is definitely next on my list. Next, I bought a new 154CM 710, and that's what got me back to loving the precision and agility of the AXIS lock again. I got so excited about having Benchmades again that I ordered 3 at once: a 551 Griptilian, 556 Mini Griptilian blue, and 707 Sequel to go with my 710. It's like Christmas morning! Now I'm faced with which one to carry with me today. I think I may alternate hourly, hahaha! Also, the other day, I met a guy at a garage who had an old beat up 730 clipped to his pocket. He didn't know much about the kni"

Bradley S. writes-

"I look forward to your productions this year, and I am currently interested in the Rukus, although it is no replacement for my 806SD2!! Keep up the good work. Hopefully, sometime in the future, we can look for a limited run or perhaps a revival of the 806. I know I will keep my eyes and ears open! "

Thomaz R. writes-

"This is from Brazil. My name is Thomaz, I’m a Neurosurgeon, knife lover and bought my 1st Benchmade (a Griptilian 551S) this week - it’s like surgical tool that I use - extremely sharp and very resistant. My friends already told me that Benchmade is top of line in cutlery but here in Brazil, it’s very hard to find/buy great products like yours - we have no Benchmade dealer in Brazil on near countries. If I want to buy a Benchmade folder, I’ll need to ask a friend that is traveling to bring it to me. Congratulations by you excellent knife. My next one will be a Auto Resistor 4200 (Snody) - soon!"

Scott G. writes-

"Dear Benchmade, today I received a 610 Rukus in black and I am so excited about the weight, the fit and finish, the blade all of it is perfect. Please thank the owner, and those who built it. 4 years ago I purchased an AFCK and I still wear it today; I hope to collect many more bm's. "

Daryl F. writes-

"Hi I have had my Benchmade d2 steel version 705-02 McHenry & Williams for about a year now and it has been through alot...its been dropped numerous times been in sand, water, mud and snow, cut through drywall, insulation, wire, and probably the most demanding on a blade was cutting the drip edge, and gutters on one of my buddies houses, before I started the job we didn't have any tin snips so I decided to see how my Benchmade held up to the job... so I checked it and it would shave my arm without any problem so we went through out the day with me making all the cuts I needed including some 2 at a time cuts, then cut a few extra pieces just because I wanted to test it good!!! At the end of the day I went to check how sharp my blade was and I looked at it part of the bt2 coating was rubbed off and scratches on the blade, but it still shaved my arm as well as before is started!! The axis lock is still good as new and works flawlessly even after being in sand water mud snow and everything"

Jacob W. writes-

"For a long time I have been searching for a good Knife that I could take out on the river boating. After months of research I decided to buy your Model 100SH2O - River/Dive. I live in Alaska where there are many rivers lakes and ponds, so the need for a good water resistant knife is of the utmost. About a month ago I was out fishing and drooped the knife in the water and at the time I could not find it. I told a buddy of mine that if you are out near that area to look for it. Well after 2 weeks my buddy came back with the knife and to my surprise the knife was as good as new. There was a touch of rust near the handle but with a clean dry rag it wiped clean and now you would never know that it was lying in the bottom of a small lake. I have bought many stainless steal knifes in my time and some (I should say most) even after washing the knives if you do not dry them off they will rust. But this knife stands the test of time, and I would call it the only non-rusting knife in the world."

Robert N. writes-

"I have had several well-known knives over the years, but about 7 years ago I knocked the tip off the knife I had carried for about one year. I liked it but the blade was serrated the whole length which was not to my liking. A few weeks later I was at the local PX and saw two Benchmade folders. I chose what turned out to be the best little friend I could have (in a tool). It fit perfectly in my pocket clipped. It was an instant marriage. That ended a couple of weeks ago. I was returning home from a short trip and forgot to stow it with my luggage. Needless to say I had to part with it, I begged the security officers to take my name address and phone number and I would compensate them. I offered more than I paid. They informed me I needed to get a new knife; funny some people just don't understand how you can get attached to a tool. Well after a ton of searching it seems that model must have been discontinued. And of course I don't know the model it was, just that it said 440 on the blad"

Ian F. writes-

"Many years ago I received the AFCK with the liner lock, it was the best knife I had ever owned, the handle fit my hand perfectly, and the quality was amazing. Not to mention your customer service was top-notch. I sent it back many times to be cleaned, sharpened and repaired and it always came back like new. Sadly I lost it working one day. Since then (about 5 years ago) I have longed for the new AFCK axis lock, but could never bring myself to pay the extra. When I recently found out that the model had been discontinued, I began a desperate scramble to find a dealer that still had some in stock. Finally, after three failed attempts, I ordered one online, and I received it today. I have a decent amount of experience with knives, and have owned many over the years, and I can honestly say I have never been so impressed with a knife. The construction is flawless, it is solid and sturdy, the action is fluid and clean, and for the first time in my experience, I purchased a blade that was lite"

Mike L. writes-

"I am a Benchmade owner, and my next purchase will probably be the beautiful 960SLV (maybe I'll get it for Christmas). You guys and gals make the very best! Thank you. For everyday use, I carry a Griptilian with black scales (I'm in a wheelchair so I have a nice large backpack in which to haul my stuff). I work at a university hospital and when I retrieve my knife for some task, it is a little ominous looking. The bright colors that the Mini Griptilian are/were offered in were a little loud for my taste. I would like to see the Griptilian series offered in classic colors such as Navy blue, dark green, and/or burgundy (deep wine). I would be the first to buy a Navy blue version. I know it is all about business (sales) and you probably get unwanted suggestions everyday. I apologize for being another one of those know-it-all people, but I could not resist sharing my thoughts with you. I really do love your products."

David F. writes-

"I bought a 10500 Rant Bowie Pardue knife about two years ago after seeing how sharp a friend's Benchmade knife was. I have cleaned one elk and about 75 geese with it, still sharp (other than one nick when I loaned it to a friend). Anyway, because of the quality and fit, I bought another one. They are great knives!"

Nicholas C. writes-

"I received my Benchmade yesterday and am extremely pleased with the work you have done on it. As far as I'm concerned there is NO other knife around that compares to Benchmade. As a matter of fact I just purchased an auto Stryker from the Blade Company in Knoxville, Tenn. Now I have a knife for each pocket. My problem is this, what do I do for my 2 back pockets? Seriously I am a proud owner of 2 Benchmades and they will be passed on to my grandsons in the future. Thank you very much for the service. It is really appreciated, as is your product. "

Stephen S. writes-

"I'm a college student in Georgia. I recently purchased a Benchmade knife, and I don't think I'll ever buy another brand. Everyone I show the knife to says "Wow, you have a Benchmade?! Nice!" I was writing to ask if you guys have any stickers and posters for my truck and dorm room. Anything would be appreciated. "