Folding Tool Kit

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Keep your Benchmade knife in tune with this 14-piece folding tool kit plus sharpener.

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Extra Carry case included

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A review from: bradley
I have used the folding tool kit to maintain my bench made knives and other knives I own.I never had a bad issue with it and have had it for many years! Great product! Thank you
A review from: Thomas
Unlike the benchmade knives I own this tool does not hold to the quality I've come to expect from benchmade. The first time I used this tool the smallest wrench tip snapped off hand tightening the thumb screw on my folder. Also the sheath for it came apart while attached to my belt the third time I used it. I in no way abused this product. The sharpener it comes with is handy and this tool would be great 5/5 but it broke in the gentlest of conditions. It cannot be trusted to do anything more than fail. I love benchmade products it's all I buy, but this product is a no go.