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Add custom lasermarks:
When ordering through the website by clicking on "Customize Knife" in your shopping cart, or print this Lasermark Service Form to send your Benchmade for lasermarking. Additionally you can
Customize a knife and add custom lasermarks with the new Custom Knife Builder.

Pricing and Information

Anywhere on knife and up to both sides:

  • Text $5 (per knife)
  • Any image, custom image or full image pattern $25 (per knife)

Lasermark Capabilities

Blade Lasermarks:
The only knife blades we can’t laser mark are the following models:
672SBX, 14700SBX, 14750SBX, 176/178 SOCP Daggers, and 172BKF Tomahawk.

Handle Lasermarks (Please call/ not offered through web checkout yet.):
We can mark the handles on these aluminum handle series only: (front side mainly due to the clip being on the backside 520, 523, 525, 5000, 5500, 5300, 140, 141, 3300, 3350, 3310, 9051, 9052, 9100, 9500, 2550, 3550, 14800, 14700, 14750, 13310, and 13300

We can mark:
  • Logo only (front and/or back)
  • Text only (front and/or back) (front and/or back)
  • Text only (front and/or back)
  • Logo and text all on one side of the blade
  • Logo on one side, text on the other
  • Full Pattern on either side or both sides
Text options:
Can do multiple lines on one side of the blade (i.e: name on 1st line, a date of an event on the 2nd line centered under the name)
Billy Bob

Logos Available:
You can choose from any of the logos we have on file found at, or you can submit a logo to us (online lasermark ordering only allows for uploading your own logo). We request that the logo comes in the black and white JPEG, BMP, AI, etc. Lasermark Support
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