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Our popular Infidel out-the-front auto comes in a slightly smaller package.
About the product
In addition to the incredibly stable, fast action and the rugged, pure tactical nature of the knife, the Infidel has a cool factor that is hard to describe without physically experiencing it. MOLLE® compatible.

Designer: McHenry & Williams
Mechanism: Out-the-Front
Action: Automatic-opening
Blade Steel: D2 (60-62 HRC)
Blade Length: 3.10" (7.87cm)
Blade Thickness: 0.104" (2.64mm)
Open Length: 7.10" (18.03cm)
Closed Length: 4.00" (10.16cm)
Handle Thickness: 0.54" (13.72mm)
Weight: 3.40oz. (96.39g)


Additional Information

Blade Edge Plain
Blade Style/Shape Double-Edge Dagger
Clip Type Deep-Carry
Clip Position Tip-Down
Glass Breaker No
Handle Material 6061-T6 Aluminum
Lanyard Hole No
MOLLE Compatible Yes
Sheath Type Cordura
Use Tactical

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A review from: Chris
Everyone thought that I just wanted to look like a bad ass having a switchblade. In all honesty he it is cool, but on the other hand it is an amazing knife to carry every day. I would choose it over my 25 other bench maid knife's and I do nearly every day. The only days that I don't choose this knife over one of my folding bench maids is on weekends or if I'm going out to dinner or to a wedding or some sort of fancy event. I just wish that they would give us the option to make one side partially serrated. That would really make it the ultimate knife for me that and if we could turn off the auto stopper. I'm guessing they can't do that for legal reasons but it would be nice to be able to just push it up against somebody throat and have it do the work for me if they're truemy trying to kill me. The only thing about this knife is after about six months you will need to send it in to be serviced. As I have recently found out despite keeping it clean and wailing at the blade it does not retract fully every time as it did when it was new which can be quite painful if you don't notice it and you stick it back in your pocket I definitely recommend using the molle case provided with the night. For some reason my knife didn't come with one. Could be because it was a special order and do they just forgot to put it in there I don't know. Either way that would definitely be a nice thing to have. If you're on the fence about this knife, you're exactly where I was six months ago. People may say there it's silly and that it serves no real every day purpose but the truth is it does. It takes a 1/10 the time to cut a seatbelt with this knife then it would with any regular folding pocket knife you just have to know how to use it, it's just common sense, Don't stick the pointy end in to the person that is still in their car unconscious. That's all there is to it. And living in Alaska I don't even have to be an EMT or a police officer, etc. to get this knife.

Anyways in summary it's a kick ass night it's built like a tank just freaking buy it already you won't regret it. If you do call me and I'll buy it from you as long as you don't have your name engraved into it
A review from: Brett
I was skeptical of getting away from my trusted side folder, but after purchasing this knife I can't live without it. I love the OTF action for one-handed work, and just the ease of taking it out of my pocket and BOOM! I have a sharp blade when I need it! It's stood up to the harsh environments of ocean salt spray to the deserts of the Middle East! I own multiple Benchmade products, but this is my GO-TO blade!
A review from: Ric
I have a broad collection of pocket knives and I can't help but reach for this one every morning when I leave. It is a conversation starter for anyone that knows knives but to anyone else its just a cool pocket knife. It is small enough that it is comfortable in your pocket and light enough that if you wear loose shorts it won't bruise your leg if you go for a run. I love mine but it's definitely not cheap. I wouldn't recommend this to someone who leans towards more traditional pocket knives but for a gadget enthusiast or Bond fan that doesn't mined paying for it this is the knife for you.
A review from: John
High quality construction, let down a bit by the inherent weaknesses of an OTF, namely play in the blade, and a thin, small blade. Additionally, the grind on the bade is clearly designed for display, and has a rather poorly finished 'backside' for a $400 knife.
Also, as noted by others, can be difficult to retract at times, and the pressure required to retract or deploy seems to vary.

However, this is my fifth Benchmade, and I'm keeping it, and will buy more.

Question for Benchmade: What is the included angle for sharpening?

A review from: Bowker
Got my Mini Infidel about a year ago now, I tend to wait on writing reviews until I have really used the product for a while.

Fits in your hand great, easy to slide spring loaded knife open, sometimes difficult to retract blade with one finger. Mine is the coated black finish, there is a little wear of the coating after repetitive use/training. Slight blade shift when extended, belt clip works well, easy to conceal in jeans/pockets.

The only problem is that sometimes the blade fails to extend fully when sliding the trigger upwards, not sure if its a knife malfunction or just needs to be lubricated/cleaned. Haven't sharpened it yet, still extremely sharp!

Price is ok, everything could always be less, quality is alright minus the random misfire of the blade.