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The following are trademarks of Benchmade Knife Company, Inc., Oregon City, Oregon USA:

The following are trademarks or registered trademarks of Benchmade Knife Company, Inc. or trademarks or registered trademarks of Mentor Group, L.L.C. and used under license: Adamas; Ally; Aphid; Ares; Ascender; Axial; AXIS; Bali-Song; Bali-Song (butterfly logo); Barrage; Bedlam; Benchmade; Benchmade (butterfly logo); Benchmade (wordmark logo); Benchmade HUNT. (wordmark logo); Blitz; BlueLube; Break. Cut. Escape.; Conspiracy; Emissary; Epidemic; Fugitive; Genuine AXIS Mechanics (logo); Glory; Griptilian; Hell’s Kitchen; Houdini; Impel; Infidel; Instigator; LFTi; Mangus; Megumi; MonoChrome; Morpho; MPR; Nagara; Nak-Lok; Nimravus; NimCub II; Nitrous; NTK; Onslaught; Pika; Presidio; Presdio Ultra; Pro (bullseye logo); Rant; Rift; Rolling Lock; Rukus; Scorch; Sequel; Shoki; Shori; Soldat; Stryker; Subrosa; Torrent; Triage; Tumult; Venom. • NOTE: We reserve the right to make any design and/or material modifications without prior notice. • Benchmade products may be manufactured under one or more of the following patents: U.S. Patent Nos. 5,685,079 (Rolling Lock); 5,737,841 (AXIS, Auto AXIS, AXIS Assist); 5,755,035 (Liner Lock); 5,822,866 (Automatic); 6,122,829 (AXIS); 6,438,848 (Auto AXIS); 6,550,832 (Levitator); US RE 41,259 E (AXIS, Auto AXIS, AXIS Assist); 6,675,484 (Levitator); 6,732,436 (Rolling Lock); 6,789,323 (Rolling Lock); 7,278,213 (Automatic, Liner Lock); 7,293,360 (Nitrous Bali-Song, Nitrous Liner Lock, Nitrous Lockback); 7,305,768 (Monolock); 7,305,769 (Out The Front); 7,409,766 (Lockback); 7,533,466 (Sliding Taillock); 7,562,454 (Nitrous Bali-Song, Nitrous Liner Lock, Nitrous Lockback); 7,562,455 (Out The Front); 7,748,122 (AXIS Assist); 7,905,023 (Nak-Lok); 7,987,601(Nak-Lok); 8,171,645 (AXIS Assist); 8,261,633 (Nak-Lok); 8,375,590 (AXIS Assist); 8,572,851 (AXIS Assist); 8,646,184 (Dual Taper Manual Push Button); D428,789 (710 Handle); D431,991 (Ares Handle); D432,386 (Ares); D438,442 (940 Blade); D447,925 (940 Handle); D549,561 (Rescue Hook); D553,482 (Rescue Hook); D686,900 (916 Blade); Chinese Patent Nos. ZL 98813962.6 (AXIS), ZL 03106473.6 (AXIS), ZL 02815077.5 (Levitator), ZL 200680042105.7 (Nak-Lock), ZL 200680020710.4 (Auto Assist), ZL 02828500.X (Moizis Assist); French Patent Nos. 1552088 (Levitator), 1071546 (AXIS), 97452 (Stryker); German Patent Nos. 60236820.0-08 (Levitator), 1071546 / 69821034.4-08 (AXIS), M9711869.9 (Stryker), M711870.2 (Stryker); Hong Kong Patent No. HK1037344 (AXIS); Italian Patent Nos. 1552088 (Levitator), 1071546 (AXIS), 73990 (Stryker); Japanese Patent Nos. 3639990 (AXIS), 4225896; Spanish Patent No. 1552088 (Levitator); Taiwanese Patent Nos. 187158 (Levitator), 247653 (Assist). Other Patents Pending.
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