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AXIS® Assist... with a flipper. It’s the best of everything in a slim, lightweight, every day carry. Easily operated and carried on either side, the speed and function of AXIS® Assist, the convenience of a flipper. Made in USA.

Designer: Benchmade
Mechanism: AXIS® Assist flipper
Action: Assisted-opening
Blade Length: 3.20" (8.13cm)
Blade Thickness: 0.090" (2.290mm)
Open Length: 7.72" (19.61cm)
Closed Length: 4.52" (11.48cm)
Blade Steel: CPM-S90V (59-61 HRC)
Handle Thickness: 0.48" (12.192mm)
Weight: 2.88oz. (81.65g)

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A review from: CJ
I have owned a knife since I was 6 years old. They have been in all manner of shapes and sizes but I have never owned a better knife, it is not close. The knife comes sharp and nicely centered. With a good sharpening system it becomes extremely sharp and holds that edge well. I gutted and skinned an elk this year by myself without resharpening, touched it up on a crock stick and it was back to razor sharp. The knife is all it is claimed to be. I carry it everyday.
A review from: Paul
Has NEVER failed to deploy. Strong, high speed flips with no stiff detent. The safety on this knife is a real plus, I would not own an assisted knife this good without a safety. Very light weight for it's size. Handle fits the hand quite comfortably. Wish there was a handle material other than Aluminum, slippery & shows wear easily. Handle length is also a bit intrusive in the pocket if not 100% knife dedicated.

Beautiful blade shape, thickness & grind for an EDC. Great pocket clip,accomadates all weights & thickness of pants fabric easily & with good retention. Very easy to close for an assisted knife.

If your hands are weakened with age or you just want a flipper knife that deploys 100% of the time; get this 490 Amicus its the best one.
A review from: Jakob
I purchased this knife on Cutlery Shoppe's website, but only because I couldn't wait for Benchmade to have them in stock on the website here! I'm glad that I couldn't wait, because this is an amazing knife! I was worried that the aluminum handle scales would be slick, but they provide enough traction to do any cutting task you need. Speaking of cutting, the blade comes hair shaving, razor sharp out of the box; and is perfectly centered. The action is smooth, and the assisted opening mechanism requires just enough pressure on the flipper that I feel totally comfortable putting the knife in my pocket without engaging the safety. If you love Benchmade, you're love this knife. Perfect for slicing, with a wicked sharp tip, the Amicus is the perfect (though pricey) high-end EDC/Gentleman's folding knife. It is functional, smooth, and elegant, made from premium materials that I bet will last a lifetime! You get what you pay for, and I have no regret for paying good money for a great knife from Benchmade!
A review from: Thomas
I received my 490 about a week ago, I have not stopped being amazed. I own many Benchmade knives, this has quickly become a favorite.
It is a great edc for an office person. Barely even notice it in the pocket it is so light. The blade is a premium steel and sharp as a laser.
It may not be for the field or bushcraft, but it will slice your apple at your desk like nothing else. Sticky envelope. ..lookout.
Great utility blade for the rigors of suburbia.
Highly recommend the 490.
It is sleek, light and sharp. Wonderful purchase.
A review from: ScottsBad
Bought my Amicus is Carmel CA. Love at first sight. #37 first production. fantastic S90V steel. It is scary sharp, sharper than ANY new blade I've ever purchased. The knife styling is much more beautiful in person than in pictures. This is an Assist knife with no thumb studs and it is one sleek looking knife. It is also a flipper with a covert flipper button that works beautifully. Folding is easy too with the AXIS lock which is my favorite blade lock on the planet. For a smaller knife the handle fits my large hands perfectly, as the handle is shaped to accommodate all four fingers comfortably. And Finally, it is feather light at less than 3 OZ. Amazing knife. Great job Benchmade.

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