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A simple yet modern take on a classic gentleman's knife.

Designer: Benchmade
Mechanism: Slip-joint
Action: Manual-opening
Blade Steel: CPM-S30V (58-60 HRC)
Blade Length: 2.86" (7.26cm)
Blade Thickness: 0.090" (2.286mm)
Open Length: 6.69" (16.99cm)
Closed Length: 3.85" (9.78cm)
Handle Thickness: 0.40" (10.16mm)
Weight: 2.32oz. (66.0g)

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A review from: Philip
I am in love with this knife. The Green canvas is beautiful and the blade is perfect.

I love the sheepsfoot blade profile. I have replaced my usual edc knives with this one. I've even thought about buying a second one. Maybe some time soon.

If Benchmade would do one for me with a blue or blue/black micarta I'd buy one right now!

Totally recommend this knife!
A review from: Jason
I have several benchmades, the micarda proper is my new favorite edc. Been looking for a pocket edc with these specs so when this knife came out knew it was a must have!
A review from: Archer1981
I thoroughly enjoy slipjoint knives (I own numerous W.R.Case Knives)but I have always been looking for something reasonably priced with a good stainless. This knife is simply superb. I know that there are a lot of mixed reviews out on Youtube, however I strongly dissagree with anyone who dislikes this knife. I think between the tolerances, materials used and overall function it's amazing. The spring tension is perfect, could it be improved on...sure a little. However show me another slipjoint that has a plunge grind and sharpen-ability along the entire blade like this one does... I think the blade design is phenomenal... even though my opinion is that it's not a 100% true sheepsfoot... if you look at the grind... the blade does sweep a little making it a blend between a sheepsfoot and a spear point in my opinion... but.. definitely an amazing knife, great feel, great action... I love the walk and talk of it... GO AND GET ONE!
A review from: Scott
I just purchased my Proper 30 minutes ago and that was based on online reviews. I know Benchmade as I have several in my collection.I can't wait to put it thru it's paces. The quality is fantastic(it's a Benchmade!), the cost is great, and it's what I've been itching to see Benchmade come up with for a long time. As a maintenance worker in a local hospital, I'm always nervous to pull out my assisted open knives as they freak the staff and patients out as it's deployed. Now I have something I can carry that is more hospital friendly. Thank you to all that wrote positive and negative reviews to help me decide upon a wonderful Benchmade product!

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