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Stimulus Family

Product Review (submitted on June 6, 2016):
Bought this knife in texas on a trip. Love the finish and action of the knife. The blade is sharp out of the box and holds its edge great. The button to deploy the blade is super easy the access and feels natural. Overall this is a extremely high quality knife and i highly recommend it. There are a few things that bother me however, the clip that comes with the knife is not a deep carry clip, the safety on the top of the knife grinds when you use it and i don't like the way it feels. Finally i know it is a tactical knife but for what i use it for (edc) i wish i could apply pressure to the top of the blade. The way the handle and blade come together makes it hard to apply a lot of downward torque to the blade. But other than being picky i love this knife and while i have probably 30 other knifes it is my edc.