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Product Review (submitted on June 5, 2017):
Quick summary for those wanting to get to the point, it’s a great knife, I have some nitpicks and I don’t think the price point is where it should be but otherwise a lot of fun. If you want more than that read on.
I’ve been a fan of butterfly knives for a while, especially Benchmade brand. When I found out about the 87 I was really excited for a higher end knife and tried to get one on line….. and failed. I’ve been looking all year and had no luck until yesterday when I happened to see one at a gun store that was also a Benchmade dealer and snatched it up. One thing I didn’t realize is that apparently only one, serialized, 400 piece run of the knives have been made so far. I have serial number 308,  which is why they are so hard to come by right now.
At first glance it’s a big knife, not so much in length but in width. It’s a really wide knife in the handle and in the blade. With it locked open it looks like your holding a straight razor. My first nitpick is that the handle is kind of uncomfortably wide when the knife is open but the locking mechanism is not engaged. My second quibble is the lack of a pocket clip. I really like the clip on the Morpho, it was a good index point for my hand, and while you flipping masters out there may laugh at me, you are going to want to know where your fingers are with this thing because it is RAZOR sharp. I was able to use it to shave, not kidding. While the blade is both fantastic looking and in function the handles are kind of ugly, at least to me. They look like unfinished billet metal straight out of a CNC machine. That being said it feels indestructible, and the titanium handles provide a really nice grip. Also the locking mechanism is the best one I have ever seen on a butterfly knife.
Now for the big elephant in the room, the price. At a MSRP of 600$, I got it retail at 550$, is way too expensive for the value. With Benchmade’s military/police discount it comes down to 420$ which is closer but still high. What you’re getting for that money is the words “Titanium” and “S30V”, keep in mind you can get the “titanium” word, and the better(who really knows) word “S35V” in the BRS Alpha Infinity for MSRP 430$. But if these are that important to you, go for it. The function of the knife isn’t really any bit noticeably different then Benchmade’s cheaper butterfly knives, it’s a bit better than the 62 but not quite as good as the 51. And while I don’t know how much S30V is running these days the value of titanium is not this high, I could have bought a new Glock for the cost of this knife. Thankfully, I can afford toys like this without caring if its overpriced, but if you need to be a bit more discerning with your dollar, as much as I like it I would not recommend this knife.