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Product Review (submitted on June 28, 2017):
Let's get this out of the way first: This knife will probably be not only the best in your collection for aesthetics as well as use simultaneously but everyone will think it's the most bad ass thing they ever saw. If you like knives or balisong this is a must have for a collection as it can easily crown your collection of production balisong. It and the sheath are very functional, and as an added bonus the layperson will not be afraid of it when it's on your belt unlike the morpho or traditionals/6x/4x. Also, let's disperse with the fact I don't spell balisong right as it's bali-song or broken-(ox)horn.

The price is the stickler. Does everyone remember how it was not too long ago you could get full titanium handles with 154CM blade steel on a balisong from benchmade for 150 bucks? Does everyone remember when pacific dropped cheap balisong you had fun with that also had above average builds? The 87 comes with ONLY s30v steel and it's priced like it's s110v, and you could get titanium handles from a lot of other companies for 100~200 dollars . I think this should be around half the price is all. I'm willing to ignore of some these thought if it's something like we're paying for living wages to Americans and providing them healthcare but then it'd be 450 not 600. Nothing wrong with the knife though.