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Product Review (submitted on July 7, 2017):
I'm at a loss for words... The reason for the price is very clear. Milled (not molded) handles, S30V steel, thrust bearing washers, magnetic latch, made in USA... do I need to go on? If you want a cheap bali, this is not it. This is a high end, quality performance balisong. This knife is not thrown together, tossed into a box and shipped out. The process alone for milling the one piece titanium handles alone take a lot of time and work. There is almost no handle play yet smooth movement. The knife is very light. It is heavier than the 42, but feels like it's lighter. I imagine that is because it's a large knife and you expect it to weight more than it does. If your looking for a high end meticulous built balisong, don't let the price scare you. This knife is well worth the price point and I would have paid a little bit more for it. I love my 42, 62, and 51 and I will admit that I am bias being a huge fan of Benchmade, but this is an amazing knife. And it is the best balisong from Benchmade yet. Pick one up and it will sell itself.