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How would you like for the opportunity to meet Benchmade Founder and CEO, Les de Asis, take a personal tour of the Benchmade factory and work with our product design team to create a custom one-of-a-kind knife? Enter the Ultimate Experience contest and that could be you!

To enter the contest, we want to hear your story. Tell us about a time when a Benchmade knife was or could have been useful to you. Maybe it’s one specific moment from a hunting trip, while on the job or perhaps it's all the day-to-day uses that make your knife so special. We know there are some pretty incredible stories out there and want to hear them! A photo is not required, but if you can please include one. Share your story and you could win the Ultimate Experience grand prize! Contest is open May 1 - June 15, 2016.


  • -Roundtrip airfare and lodging for two to Portland, Oregon
  • -Meet Les de Asis, Founder and CEO of Benchmade Knife Company
  • -Benchmade factory tour
  • -Work with our design team to design a one-of-a-kind knife
  • -Guided salmon fishing trip with the Benchmade team in Astoria, Oregon

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All entries will be reviewed by a selection committee and the winner notified on June 17th, 2016. Click here to view the contest official rules.

Learn more about last year's Ultimate Experience and our winner, Andrew Hoerner.

"Mine is not a big story. There are bigger ones. Action. Drama. Lives on the line. Important stuff. Mine is a small story. Actually hundreds of tiny moments, all rolled into a 30+ year relationship.---- Don’t get me wrong. There have been dramatic moments. Using a Benchmade Switchback to cut a tangled wire to save a pet’s life. A Benchmade strap cutter in the car during an accident. Trading Benchmades and swapping stories with active duty military & first responders.----But for me it’s the small things. Cutting ribbon on a gift box. Slicing oranges for the kids. Removing brambles from the dog. Sharpening a pencil. Carving a wooden toy. Scraping out an old sprinkler. Pulling a splinter. Repairing the car. Every moment adds a new chapter to my story."
- Andrew Hoerner, 2015 Ultimate Experience Winner

The History - Les explains Benchmade's history and what makes us different from the rest.

The Knife - Hear from Les and Andrew about why Andrew's custom designed knife is so special.

The Experience - See why this truly is the ultimate experience!

Congratulations to Kelly Williams our 2016 Ultimate Experience winner! Read his story below-

I bought my first Benchmade in 1999, an Elishewitz auto striker first production run 371/500, after basic advanced individual training. I knew I needed a good knife for my future in the Army and the knife was beautiful. I didn’t have much of an income at that time but my wife made it work out for me, little did she know the monster she helped create, I have carried the knife ever since. I have carried the knife through multiple countries for training and on multiple combat tours to Iraq and Afghanistan as well as to Haiti for a humanitarian service mission. I use the knife daily in my duties and also at home for menial tasks. I have purchased no less than 13 other Benchmade knives and tools to augment my collection. I choose Benchmade because I know I can trust the tool when I choose to use it. Using it to open MREs in the field or packages at home I feel naked when I am without it.

The most important thing Benchmade has done for me is worth more than any tool or product could directly provide. I have been in the service for 17 years with multiple deployments, training missions and duty away from my family. My son, Dylan, has been a champ living with his mom and sister while I was away. It has been rough on him not having a male at home to confide in.

After I returned from a deployment to Afghanistan Dylan asked for his own knife. He saw me use mine all the time. He wanted a Benchmade. My wife and I surprised him with a trip to your factory and let him choose his own knife. He chose a blue handled Mini Griptilian. He loves it. He carried it every day he could. He said that it made him feel special that we both carried a Benchmade.

I was then sent to Korea for a year. It was very difficult being in another time zone so far away from home. Dylan and I grew apart again, not by our choice but because it was so difficult to get on the phone at the same time. When I returned home it was Dylan’s 12th birthday. I had several ideas of what to get him but he surprised me when he said he wanted me to take him to the factory store again and let him design his own knife. I agreed, we spent the two-hour drive catching up and bonding. I can never explain in words how much that trip means to me.

My daughter is turning 10 this summer and she has already asked for the same trip. Thank you Benchmade for bringing me closer to my children in a constructive meaningful and lasting way.