Guided Field Sharpener

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About the product
The Guided Field Sharpener is a compact knife and tool sharpener designed for use in the field. Built-in 20 degree angle guides ensure a consistent bevel angle across the entire edge of the blade. Five abrasive steps provide a complete sharpening solution. All elements are self contained and require no assembly in the field.

Sharpen many other other tools including scissors, fish hooks, broadheads and more.

Additional Information

Blade Steel No
Extra Built in lanyard hole

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A review from: Gerald
I purchased from REI and within 10 minutes of sharpening in the truck my EDC knife had a usable edge again. The sharpener requires a bit more attention than some of the cheap pocket sharpeners on the market, but the combination of course diamond, fine diamond, multiple ceramic rod finishes and a leather strop make it a complete sharpener for any blade - even one that was abused. The angled guides are almost dummy proof but you'll want a solid surface to help steady the hand. The weight is minimal but again, more than the little pocket sharpeners. Consider carrying this tool in a small pocket on your pack or in a tool bag. I'm glad I purchased, and I think it's a good value. I'll be sitting down with my other knives this evening to prepare for the hunting season.