“Hunters will almost fetishize their hunting knives,” says MeatEater’s Steven Rinella. “You use them to commemorate life events. You pass them along to your children.” And when you pass a knife like the Meatcrafter onto your children, it becomes more than just a useful tool. It embodies a set of essential values. Lately, these values have been at the front of Rinella’s mind.


Rinella wants his children to grow up with the same commitment to securing and preparing food that he’s cultivated through decades of hunting, fishing and foraging. “I want my kids to learn about self-sufficiency and understand the most basic, elemental things about where food comes from,” he says. He also wants them to know how to make it. 


“I had to learn how to cook to figure out how to get the best value out of my food,” Rinella explains. While he wants to teach his kids what to do in the field, he also wants them to know what to do in the kitchen, like how to cut and prepare meat for maximum value. That’s where the Meatcrafter comes in. It’s as adept in the kitchen as in the field. And it’s built to last. As Rinella passes on his knowledge and values to his children, the Meatcrafter will be with them every step of the way.


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