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Nate Simmons

By Benchmade 3 days ago 3 comments

Nate Simmons is one of the most extreme backcountry bowhunters on the planet and prides himself on being a self-sufficient DIY hunter...

Jason Phelps of Phelps Game Calls

By Benchmade 10 days ago 19 comments

For as long as Jason Phelps can remember he has always had a fascination with animal calls. A Northwest native, Phelps would eventually turn his fascination into a hobby and then into a full-fledged business in 2009...

The Hunt: Born and Raised Outdoors Pt. 2

By Troy Hellman 22 days ago No comments

As I’ve gotten older, one of my favorite things about hunting is the opportunity to hunt with another person, or even alone. I grew up hunting alongside my dad and two brothers, but busy schedules and a few thousand miles make it tough to get out in the woods as a group...

Combat Flip Flops

By Benchmade 1 month ago 13 comments

After leaving the service in 2006, Matthew Griffen (Griff) was armed with a desire to make a difference in the world. That culminated in the start of Combat Flip Flops in 2012.Their mission, aside from manufacturing some truly unique footwear, is to help countries like Afghanistan and Colombia whose economies have been devastated by violence and war to the path of recovery. “It’s simple” states Combat Flip Flop’s website.“Grow entrepreneurs.Build communities.Fund women’s education.”.