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Your New Favorite Travel Companion

By Troy Hellman 1 month ago 54956 Views 28 comments

For those that travel internationally it’s often more convenient to leave the knife at home, but leaving behind one of your most trusted companions is easier said than done...

Outlast The Competition, Outwork Yourself

By Troy Hellman 1 month ago 20449 Views 30 comments

The 365 Outlast is an innovative addition to our 2019 lineup, serving those that serve us. You never know what the next call with throw your way and when time is of the essence, it’s nice to know that you have a product that you can rely on...

A Knife For Your Toughest Days

By Troy Hellman 1 month ago 50207 Views 42 comments

Benchmade is no stranger to the “tough as nails” mentality, with a history of designs that include the Presidio, Adamas, Rift, and Contego platforms. Incorporating some of the most durable materials on the market, tactical designs have come to epitomize rugged style, strength, and hard-use functionality...

The Knife Nerd's Knife

By Troy Hellman 1 month ago 51075 Views 28 comments

This year, our team wanted to make a knife that would cater to those with specific tastes. Building off the shoulders of a previously released model, the Freek 560, the designers at Benchmade gave the knife a material overhaul that resulted in the new Freek 560-1.