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The Gift Guide For The Mission-Oriented

By Troy Hellman 11 days ago 8247 Views No comments

Our third, and final gift guide for holiday season is here! We know how difficult it can be to shop for the person that has everything, so our team has chosen and tested a selection of gear that will perform to the standards of tactical and EDC enthusiasts alike...

Custom Knife Stories: From Our Hands to Yours

By Troy Hellman 13 days ago 14366 Views 14 comments

Beyond their inherent function, knives tell a story. From the adventures they’ve been a part of to the accomplishments they were intended to commemorate, knives are more than just a tool for many. For those seeking more than the standard factory options, our Custom Knife Builder has provided individuals with an opportunity to personalize some of our most popular designs. A variance of colors, materials, and shapes help those looking to create a unique design of their own. We’ve gathered four knives that our employees have customized as gifts, as well as the stories to go along with them.

The Outdoorsman's Gift Guide

By Troy Hellman 17 days ago 16475 Views 2 comments

We’re back for round two! The frenzy of post-Thanksgiving shopping is upon us, and our team has curated another gift guide to help you navigate your way through some of our most popular products...

Employee Holiday Picks

By Troy Hellman 1 month ago 26358 Views 13 comments

With the holidays on the horizon, it’s time to start thinking about gifts that fit the varying personalities of friends and family members. Knives are a classic gift item that can span a wide range of applications, making it easy to find a knife that truly embodies the character of the individual receiving it...