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Outlast The Competition, Outwork Yourself

Outlast The Competition, Outwork Yourself
By Troy Hellman 4 months ago 24297 Views 35 comments

In a day and age where knives have become increasingly specialized for particular uses or lifestyles, it can be hard to find a knife that will do it all. Short of purchasing a multi-tool, many professionals end up having to carry and maintain a variety of individual tools that are necessary to the functions of their job. While this may not seem like the end of the world to someone that is required to wear a vest on duty, keeping track of your tools can become a difficult task, especially when adrenaline is running high. Having produced a variety of knives and tools for first-responders over the years, our team wanted to create a comprehensive knife that could handle the rigors of duty for paramedics, search and rescue personnel, and firefighters. Enter, the 365 Outlast.

The new 365 Outlast is our latest addition to a line of rescue products that include rescue hooks, the Triage family, and the SOCP Rescue Tool. From these pre-existing models, we took the most commonly used features and built them into the Outlast. This knife is a first of its kind for Benchmade, running two full length blades on the same pivot and patent-pending lock, making it easy for users to access and disengage each blade with one hand. Similar to the look and feel of the AXIS® lock, the new 365’s locking mechanism is appropriately titled the OPTION™lock.

The primary blade is a traditional fine-edge drop-point cut from CPM-S30V, while the secondary option is a fully serrated opposing bevel CPM-3V blade for hard use tasks and abrasive cutting power. Introduced with the 200 Puukko, CPM-3V has redefined our company standard for toughness. The primary blade is engaged by a traditional thumbstud, whereas the secondary blade can be deployed by a rectangular hole that doubles as an O2 wrench. The textured G10 handles leave enough space to access the O2 wrench without having to open the blade.

Working off of two of the most popular features to our Triage family, our team chose to integrate a carbide tipped glass breaker, intended to shatter tempered glass windows with ease. In addition to the glass breaker, the 365 Outlast has a safety hook hidden in the handle of the knife, capable of cutting seat belts, clothing, and footwear. (Pro Tip: Hooks are a great way to open clamshell packaging as well!) These hooks serve as an invaluable option for those looking to cut materials that lay in close proximity to the victim, which pose increased risk of harm if a traditional knife blade were to be used during the extraction.

In short, we understand the varying demands of life as a first responder and want to provide a centralized tool that is capable of meeting said demands. The 365 Outlast is an innovative addition to our 2019 lineup, serving those that serve us. You never know what the next call with throw your way and when time is of the essence, it’s nice to know that you have a product that you can rely on.

Thank you to our friends at Molalla Fire Department, and all first responders around the world.

Firefighter Jordan 4 months ago at 9:27 AM
.....Mother of Pearl.... I need it
Jon Hill 4 months ago at 9:44 AM
Multi tool folding knives are nothing new, and traditionally have commanded but a marginal upcharge. Your triage knives are nice and are priced at a point where few will fork out $300 for a pocket knife. I imagine the 365 will be even more. Think how many you’d sell if they were more reasonably priced. Not just first responders. Yvonne Chouinard realized this when as a blacksmith, forging pitons for the scant climbing community, he could market to a much larger segment, hense the Patagonia brand. Now he can afford to give a portion of all sales to good causes which he’s been doing since the beginning almost. A lesson to be learned here.
Doug 4 months ago at 10:50 AM
Well said. I don’t know if they are aware the actual salaries of your average firefighter!
Ron Johnson 4 months ago at 10:53 AM
Very good Jon. Needed to be said and well spoken.
Benchmade 4 months ago at 11:46 AM
Completely understandable, Jon. Building quality product exclusively in the United States isn't cheap. We understand that our knives are priced at a premium, thus our discount program for professionals in the Military/LEO/Public Safety communities. Our company is very conscious of the fact that there's more to business than profit, and have partnered with a variety of organizations over the years that include The Navy Seal Foundation, Three Rangers Foundation, and Backcountry Hunters and Anglers to donate portions of our annual proceeds. Take a peek at our "Service That Goes Beyond The Product" Blog, if you haven't seen it already!
Al Yoder 4 months ago at 12:59 PM
I see both sides of the discussion. However, buying quality usually never causes later regret. I’m an EMT in Florida and I’ve seen many “affordable” knives fail “in service” or fail to cut when needed. I purchased a Benchmade Triage w/orange handle 9 years ago. It’s been in my pocket virtually every day since; both on & off the job. The Triage has never failed. It’s a essential part of my kit; the cutting hook even substitutes for Shears in several scenarios. I suspect the 365 will be on the job many years after purchase. Be safe.
Louis DIGIOVANNI 4 months ago at 5:40 AM
Well said.
Jon Hill 4 months ago at 2:34 PM
Thank you Benchmade for your reply, and helping me to further understand your mission, commitment and programs with government agencies. I actually have a Griptilian and mini Grip and feel they are examples of high quality at a reasonable price. I also know that LEO’s, EMT’s and first responders do not make a ton of money, and your efforts to offer products at proprietary pricing is of great benefit to them. I hope to one day buy an auto Triage to add to my ED carry package and replace my Grip. Knowing what you’ve shared has served to further my loyalty to Benchmade and all who work for you in the U.S.
Benchmade 4 months ago at 3:54 PM
Thank you for your support, Jon!
Update 3 months ago at 11:49 PM
I finally pulled the trigger, and ordered an Auto Triage with drop point blade. Third in my line of Benchmades knives. It’ll take it’s place as my new EDC and be used in so many ways.
Stephen Berry 4 months ago at 5:18 PM
I've paid far less for some decent knives over my 30+ years of carrying them on the job and I thought it was ludicrous to pay the price of a Benchmade. But after being given one and using it for several years without dulling or failing in any way, I realized how good of a deal that it was. Most knives I had bought needed to be replaced within 6 months and over time it cost me more money to use the inferior tools. I have since purchased several more Benchmade knives for myself and friends. Not only are the knives the best I have ever used, but their customer service is second to none. Worth every penny!
Will 4 months ago at 11:58 PM
I'm curious where you are seeing Benchmade Triages go for 300 dollars? We can all buy them through their first responder program for WAY less than that. They're quality tools. I bought one from a sporting goods store and didn't know about the discount Benchmade offers. I could have returned it to the store and saved A LOT of money by buying it through Benchmade directly, but I didnt wanna be without it for that long.
Randy Clendenin 4 months ago at 10:44 PM
AMEN! The knives "made in the USA" for the most part are TOO HIGHLY PRICED-then most of these companies WON'T even offer a reasonable payment plan, that's SAD! Not everyone can do wkly. pmnts., and at these prices - I'd need 4 monthly at pmnts.! They're gotta have it all, right now - and they don't care - and Emerson knives co. is bad about that - SAD, REALLY SAD!!! I'm a Veteran - I gave, just so I can be treated this way - IMHO that's SAD... These high prices keep people going elsewhere... Thanks - Randy
Stephen Berry 4 months ago at 12:55 PM
"Just so you can be treated this way"? Are you being treated poorly somehow? If you feel the knives aren't worth the money, then don't purchase them, that's how capitalism in the United States works. A lot of people feel they are worth the money, so they purchase them. If you want one, and can afford 4 monthly payments as you stated, then save that amount of money each month for 4 months and then use that cash to pay for one. They will give you a Veterans discount if you ask. Benchmade treats veterans very well, I guarantee you that from experience. I will not purchase a knife anywhere else.
- Stephen
Glen 4 months ago at 12:24 PM
If you will compare Benchmade prices to other products in the same class, you’ll realize they are actually reasonably priced. I would much rather pay a premium price and get premium quality and service. As Benchmade said in the reply above, manufacturing isn’t cheap especially if they are trying to keep it here on American soil. Thank you Benchmade, keep em coming.
David Shultz 4 months ago at 5:03 PM
I'm a former LEO and life long outdoorsman. I've always purchased top quality equipment. I found that custom made knives last and preform with no problems. I now have my second Benchmade and they will be handed down when my time has expired.
I purchased my first one when I read that they were made in the USA. I wish all of America would see how nice it is to buy products that are made by our fellow Americans and helping to make our country GREAT AGAIN!!
Bruce Wintjen 4 months ago at 7:25 PM
What does it cost?
Braxton Erickson 4 months ago at 9:47 PM
Still trying to figure out the opening mechanics for each blade. It seems like the serrated 3V blade would be difficult to open behind the S30V blade.
BenchmadeFan 4 months ago at 1:44 PM
Is it an unwritten rule for a company to make no mention of an MSRP when they issue these types of press-releases? If it is a good product worthy of such praise(s), there should be no apprehension in stating the item's price, correct? Why bother with the extensive sales promotional spiel if it does not contain cost info. Don't make me have to do more work to try locating the price...state it proudly right near the top of the advertisement for all to see.
*My 2cents worth of criticism for those who released this promotional email content without a direct cost for the item being promoted contained within.
Benchmade 4 months ago at 4:05 PM
The first image link in the email takes you to the actual product page, with MSRP and an abbreviated description listed, front and center. For those looking for a little more depth regarding the backstory behind the design, "Read More" brings you to here to the blog. We talk prices all day, sometimes it's nice to take a break.
Glen 4 months ago at 7:25 PM
Some online retailers have it listed for 255 dollars. MSRP will be significantly higher.
Robin 4 months ago at 12:08 PM
Dealers who work with Benchmade are only allowed to discount 15% off of the full retail price - Benchmade enforces that MAP policy to level the playing field between online and brick and mortar dealers (and we appreciate it!). The MSRP is $300, minus 15% is $255. No reputable dealer should be selling the Outlast for less than thst.
Ron Johnson 4 months ago at 5:09 PM
My comment yesterday pertaining to Benchmark prices was aimed at the upper price levels. I have purchased, and still have and use, at least a half dozen Benchmark knives purchased over the years. They have all been excellent knives reasonably priced for the quality and, as others have stated, the customer service is tops. I carry a Benchmark knife every single day and wouldn't be without it.
Glen 4 months ago at 11:58 AM
The name of the company is Benchmade.
Patrick 4 months ago at 10:47 AM
Never needed 2 blades on a knife while on duty. Never cared for serrations. Sure as hell didn't need a hole to open a O2 tank. Gotta wonder what idiot you guys are listening to. Thank God that I bought a tactical triage as out of all these designs including 916 and 917 it was the best and last I'll ever buy from your rescue/law enforcement collection. I also have to agree with others that point out that you overprice your knives. You can lie to us all you want about knives made in the United States costing more, but there are other manufacturers in the United States making them for less. I also make knives although mine are strictly fixed blades done completely by hand. I have priced out the materials you use. I have looked into how your parts are produced or obtained. I've looked at what you pay labor. I've taken into account how long it takes to assemble one of your knives. I've come to the conclusion that you're charging around 5 times what it costs to produce each knife. That is ludicrous.
Stephen Berry 4 months ago at 2:40 PM
They didn't make this knife to be the perfect knife for everyone, but some people will love it. As far as costs go, you have no clue how much it actually costs to run a large business with all the behind the scenes costs, etc... did you factor in research and development? Marketing? Insurance? Warranty costs? Etc? Oh, and they would like to make a profit, if that's ok with you? Don't like this knife, don't comment. Think the knives are overpriced, don't buy them. But I can't find a better value for my money anywhere.
Jordan 4 months ago at 4:25 PM
Exactly. Good points.
David Shultz 4 months ago at 3:56 PM
Patrick, I would like for you to show where and to whom did you speak to find out the pay of each person at Benchmade. Most payrolls are not open to other employees much less the public.
The purchase of raw materials is also a figure not advertised by companies, the cost at different size lots is also not printed out. Did you break into Benchmade and go through the order sheets? Do you work for the CIA?
To tell a company you feel the products they sell are over priced is really not something to do but maybe you ran out of milk to drink today. I'm sure they printed your remarks so others could see how silly this world has become. Later David
bruce 4 months ago at 8:32 AM
I have worked over 35 years in the Coast Guard and Merchant Marine and depended on a good serrated edge blade for cutting line. I could not afford a $300 knife, or worry about losing it over the side. When you work on land you can pick up a dropped knife. I own a Benchmade dagger that I got at a flea market. The previous owner didn't know the value to a knife collector and I got it cheap!
I want to know if Benchmade has a Marlin Spike Knife. If it has a bale, I would certainly tie it off so not to lose it. Thanks.
Benchmade 4 months ago at 9:05 AM
Nothing current with a Marlin Spike, but we have kicked the idea around.
Jordan 4 months ago at 4:28 PM
I frequently work on both the Rescue and Engines and as we normally keep the O2 tanks in the off position to prevent air leaking, the opening would come in handy when quick action is needed. And the crappy plastic bottle openers that come with the air bottles always break.
Dave 3 months ago at 7:05 PM
Orange scales? Lanyard hole? Just some thoughts. Seems like a nice update to the Triage. Thanks
Jon Hill 3 months ago at 1:12 PM
Triage has no lanyard hole
Dave 2 months ago at 5:13 PM
Did you mean the Outlast doesn’t have a lanyard hole? The Triage seems to have one.
RH 3 months ago at 12:05 AM
Looks incredible. I have an original triage and a few hunting knives that are benchmade. I would love to carry this but after having a leatherman surge the past two years I can't carry anything else. I wish you guys would make a full multitool that has everything the surge has but better quality. Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!