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By Troy Hellman 17 days ago 16011 Views 11 comments

How remote does a space need to be for you to consider it wild? Is it rugged mountains, sprawling wildflower meadows, or vast expanses of rushing water carving its way through rocky canyons? If any of these three examples came to mind, you’re certainly not wrong by any means. However, we often tend to overlook the smaller slivers of wild space that lie right under our noses in day to day life. Cities have a way of swallowing the traditional look and feel of the natural places that once dominated any given landscape prior to development. Overtime we as humans have failed to maintain the same level of respect for these slivers of urban nature, as we have true wilderness.

During a recent trip to Denver, Colorado for the Outdoor Retailer tradeshow, our team had the opportunity to partner up with Keep Nature Wild, Hydroflask, Granite Gear, and handful of other great outdoor brands for a quick city cleanup prior to the start of the show. Volunteers met along a stretch of the South Platte River that runs through Denver’s downtown area, to kick things off. Gloves, grabbers, and trash bags were handed out to the crew and everyone set out along the river to pick up every piece of litter and debris within sight.

It was a great opportunity to connect with others in the industry who share a passion for maintaining natural spaces, no matter how big or small. Over the course of an hour, the teams amassed 1,460 pounds of trash left along the banks of the river. Everything from plastic cups to coffee makers were extracted and disposed of after the cleanup was over. It was a great reminder of how lucky we are to have these incredible expanses of wild space, and how important it is to do our part regardless of how remote that space might be.

Thank you to all of the volunteers and brands that helped make this event happen!

Al Redline 16 days ago at 9:56 AM
Nice Job everyone!
Bobby C Turner 16 days ago at 10:04 AM
I agree
Jim Titus 16 days ago at 10:27 AM
Awesome Job!!
It’s great to hear about other outdoor type companies participating in clean ups.
Dean Blissman 16 days ago at 11:19 AM
Open toe sandals and flip-flops are not recommended for river clean up events.
Happy Fourth of July to everyone at Benchmade. Hi, Nate.
16 days ago at 4:31 PM
I love it !
john doe 16 days ago at 4:35 PM
bad place to leave this but don’t know where to leave a comment for all of the Benchmade community customers and manufacturer. can Benchmade please make a pliers based multitool like Leatherman but with high quality steels instead of another multitool with crappy 420 steel. i think a lot of people would buy a Benchmade multitool
Brent A 16 days ago at 5:34 PM
The cleaning efforts are commendable. The real question I have is how a, "coffee maker," as referenced in this story, winds up on the bank(s)/shoreline of any waterway. If people would properly deal with their unwanted material initially, we might not have the need for events like this and how wonderful would the outside world be then?
16 days ago at 7:46 PM
Job well done!
16 days ago at 10:49 PM
This is why I buy Benchmade knives.
Jeremy Epstein 12 days ago at 6:45 PM
On the second picture from the top the gentleman in the first row has an interesting choice of shoes for clean up work. It's almost like he wants to show off his flamboyant fashion choices instead of wearing something comfortable. I wonder what would cause a person to want to make such a statement? Either way it's nice to see clean up efforts. People these days love to throw trash along with dirty needles used by drug addicts to inject hard drugs that have AIDS, hepatitis, and other bad diseases on them. All that said, it's worth it for the progress we have seen lately.
Randy Clendenin 10 days ago at 9:19 PM
Great guys! Keep it up. Take care, "God Bless", sincerely -