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Service That Goes Beyond The Product

Service That Goes Beyond The Product
By Matt Elliott 2 months ago 48185 Views 50 comments

For any company, there should be a commitment to their customers. This is a core principle here at Benchmade. It starts with the most fundamental commitment; making product that meets the needs of our customers and stands up to the rigors of those needs. Here, it goes further, to ensuring the products perform for life. Even when a knife begins to break down, the Benchmade LifeSharp Team stands ready to service and repair any Benchmade.

There is an even deeper level of commitment to customers that goes well beyond the product itself, and that is the act of giving back. We have many customers and each have values that align with our core culture and company. Hunters and outdoor recreationalists who value access, conservation and the future of our wild outdoors. Everyday carry enthusiasts, who value their right to carry on a daily basis. Military, law enforcement, and first responders, who face great dangers by handling threats that jeopardize the relative safety of our freedom, lives, and businesses.

These people matter to us, and these values matter to us.

When Benchmade employees began receiving knives that had been burnt in Paradise, California’s Camp Fire, the most destructive and deadliest fire in the history of the state, they began to ask, “What can we do?” and “How might we encourage others to join in the support with us?”. There were more than 14,000 homes burned in the fires; including the homes of many fire fighters and police officers.

“Having worked with a customer that lost his collection of Benchmade knives in the Camp Fire, I reflected on the experience over the following days. I thought about Benchmade and the kind of company we are. I thought about what we could do to show these individuals our support, and felt that we could do more than just replace the damaged knives as we had done with this customer. Although the media coverage has subsided, these people are still feeling the impact immensely, especially the first responders in that community that lost homes of their own.” states Nellie, Benchmade Customer Service Representative. Nellie brought her idea back to the company, initiating the desire to get involved.

Those people, who ran towards the flames, whose duty it was (and still is) to protect us, lost greatly in these fires as well.Just as they felt it was their duty to protect us, we feel it is our duty, to support them. To support their community, their families and themselves.

We know that it can NEVER satisfy the sacrifice they made and continue to make every day they put on their uniforms, but we had to think of a way to give back. A way to say THANK YOU for all that they are and do.

And to continue the season of giving, we are giving back a portion of every sale on Benchmade.com through the end of January to the Tracy California Highway Patrol’s Explorer Post 266. Post 266 is one of the closest posts to Paradise with the appropriate tax credentials to receive a donation. Our team has been working with personnel at Post 266, and will be following up with an update once the donation has been completed and delivered to the first responders of Paradise. Like many other local posts, these individuals provided additional support to Paradise's first responders and law enforcement personnel that lost their homes in the fire. Our intention is to show these men and women that their service is valued and appreciated, far beyond the town of Paradise.

Thank you for all you do.

-The Benchmade Team

**UPDATE 2/10/2019**

We are in the process of running the numbers from the month, and will be providing a total value to be donated shortly. Stay tuned!

Richard Baize 2 months ago at 2:42 PM
I've never felt that I needed an excuse to buy another Benchmade knife, but this is a great project, and I'm proud to support it.
Jesper Johansson 2 months ago at 4:25 PM
Weĺ thought and formulatet!
The need of any good EDC can in an instance be your absolute best friend. Benchmade make this best friends for almost everyone!
Not shore Howe the laws are in the US states, but were I'm frome, Sweden, it's not allowed to carry any knife. I carry it any way and use it for numereas small jobs every day. Can't understand why this awesome tool that even can save your own or someone else life have to be be band. If I wanted to heart anyone I could use a regular pencil!
I would like to thanks Benchmade for all their knives, especially your EDC's, THANKS

And by the way, more of Deep Cary Clips!
Best Regards, Jesper Johansson, Sweden
Jesper Johansson 2 months ago at 1:38 PM
Sorry for my missplaced imessage, WHY can't I just delete it
Ray C 2 months ago at 4:49 PM
I agree Rich!
Rich Sinclair 2 months ago at 2:42 PM
Proud to own your products. Now proud to be part of your "family". Thank you for all you do!
Shawn 2 months ago at 8:36 AM
Mark Kyser 2 months ago at 2:46 PM
How can we, as Benchmade customers, provide a knife(s) to this Post 266 ? Meaning, how can I buy a knife that I know will go directly to Post 266 ?
Jim 2 months ago at 2:49 PM
And just this one example is why I buy Benchmade knives and will continue! Thank you for your support of our first responders!
Malcolm van Oosterom 2 months ago at 2:54 PM
Great job guys. Helping people that lost everything.
Robert Dean 2 months ago at 2:58 PM
Are you repairing the knives at no cost to the people
Larry McGowen 2 months ago at 2:59 PM
I applaud Benchmade for their support of the first responders and others who assisted the community affected by the recent fires in California. Way to go Benchmade and thanks to the first responders.
Paul Lampton Jr 2 months ago at 3:04 PM
This, this type of customer loyalty is why I buy Benchmade Knives and will continue to do so. Prayers for the first responders and their families. You are our HEROS!
Dexter Dearth 2 months ago at 3:11 PM
Tracy Ca is 153 miles from Paradise, about a 3 hr drive. Hard to believe anyone from that Explorer Post was involved in the Paradise Fire. Butte County Fire Explorers Post 414 is the closet to Paradise. Not saying it isn't possible but not likely. Hopefully Benchmade isn't getting scammed.
Benchmade 2 months ago at 4:15 PM
We did our homework thoroughly, and Post 266 is one of the only posts "in the area" that have the appropriate tax credentials to accept a donation like this. Once received, the donation will be delivered to the First Responders of Paradise. Stay tuned for an update once it's arrived!
V mute 2 months ago at 7:51 PM
They stated closest with proper tax credentials.
Christina Mason 2 months ago at 3:38 PM
This is simply amazing and exactly why we only buy Benchmade! Thank you for supporting our first responders!
James West 2 months ago at 3:56 PM
Godspeed folks, in rebuilding and making it back.
Mark T 2 months ago at 3:59 PM
Awesome! How about 1,400 “brute de forge” skeletonized fixed blades representing a rebirth after the fire damage and destruction (proceeds to the responders)? I see those knife photos and realize how tough the PEOPLE must be! The real forged in fire champions!
Eric Kenealy 2 months ago at 4:14 PM
Thank you for your support.
Robert S Rich 2 months ago at 5:52 PM
As a father of an Orange County, CA Firefighter/ Paramedic and brother of one of your employees I sincerely thank you for the spirit and generosity of your excellent company. It seems quality is the order of the day in your products and personnel. It is a rare thing these days and I congratulate you on your commitment to excellence!
Ryan Jacqmin 2 months ago at 6:27 PM
This is one of the many reasons why I buy Benchmade. They really do care about their customers. I may not be a first responder but I can vouch that Benchmade makes the best of the best when it comes to the knife industry. And the fact they will help those customers who lost everything, even sharpening, restoring and maybe replacing a Benchmade knife that was damaged in the fires, a little bit of help goes a long way. Thank you Benchmade.
V mute 2 months ago at 7:44 PM
This is just what I needed to buy my 940 after all this is the 4th bmk I've purchased in the last 6 months. The wife wasnt happy but when I let her read this she wasnt upset. After all we always donate to first responders
Ray C 2 months ago at 5:02 PM
Thanks for your support, always appreciate in this day and age all the support from the communities we serve and protect!
Thomas 2 months ago at 10:54 PM
Well darn, guess I will have to buy a new Benchmade so I can help support your efforts. Great way to be caring and responsible corporate citizens! I applaud you.
Lance Dontain 2 months ago at 10:59 PM
The best company is the kind that goes above and beyond, thank you benchmade.
John F 2 months ago at 9:29 AM
I am a First Responder here in Chicago,IL.
God Bless First Responders any and everywhere!
It’s a job that sometimes is very difficult if not impossible to think of doing.
But someone must answer the call of “Help me”
That’s what we do, we answer the call.
We give our all.
But it’s just our job.
No more no less.
Thank you all that answer the call,
for you are truly my hero’s!
Ray C 2 months ago at 4:54 PM
100% John ! Stay safe brother !
Christine S 2 months ago at 10:35 AM
Your company goes above and beyond, others should strive to follow your lead. We are a military family and will continue to support Benchmade!
Paul 2 months ago at 11:44 AM
I think that this is Great, I just got a Benchmade Azeria #125BK, and it's a Great Knife that will be one of the tools that I'll recommend, at the police academy where I'm on staff.
13 days ago at 11:50 AM
Quality when you open the box and a factory that’s behind the unit no bs or any backaway
Jimmy Greene 2 months ago at 10:34 PM
I wish there was more I could do. unfortunately being across the country in CT makes it a little more difficult. this is a great thing and honestly good for us as well. why? well anyone else run out of the front door when the "best woman in the whole wide world whos cooking is second to none!!".... finds the Benchmade box at the front door from the mailman before we do. "JIMMY! ARE YOU KIDDING ME ANOTHER ONE!!" but honey this is for a goof cause the California paradise fire.. "oh ok that what a good idea: ;) how can we go wrong. a excuse to get that Benchmade we have been drooling over a way to give to the ones in need and a way out of a night on the couch without dinner and a smack on the back of the head! yup I call that one hell of a deal!
Jimmy Greene 2 months ago at 10:46 PM
excuse the few spelling errors I made I guess Mrs. Duracell my elementary teacher was right. I shouldn't have daydreamed, doodled and spent grammer in the nurses office.. in my defense our nurse was very educational also I learned peanut allergy is no joke, don't jump from the top of the jungle gym and girls grow faster then boys so telling the 5"2 girl she has cooties when your 4 foot nothing sends you to the nurse for real that time
Jackson Davis 2 months ago at 7:08 PM
Just picked up my 2nd benchmade today, and opened my phone to see this article in my email. Looks like I'll be picking my 3rd up pretty soon.
Jason Fasnacht 2 months ago at 7:14 PM
And this, is just another reason why once I got my first Benchmade knife, I’ve never looked back. Team Butterfly!
brianj52 2 months ago at 7:34 PM
I read the story a couple of time trying to figure out exactly what Benchmade is doing for the first responders. The only thing I could glean from the article was that an unspecified amount of money was being given to an Explorer Post (i.e. older and advanced Boy Scouts). HOw doe giving money to the Explorers help the firemen, police officers and other first responders? Do the explorers in turn give something to the first responders in need? What? How? Who decides who gets what? I understand that use of the term "qualified" Benchmade is saying that they want to give to a legitimate non-profit or charity such that their donation can be taxa deductible for Benchmade. I have no criticism of that. Just curious about how giving an undisclosed amount of cash to an Explorer Post helps the fire victims. Disclosure: I am an Eagle scout and love the Boy Scouts and Explorers. And I love the Benchmade folks too. Iown many of their great products. Still I am curious about the ambiguous gifts to the fire victims by way of an Explorer Post. Benchmade: Can you clear this up for us? Thank you, Brian
Benchmade 2 months ago at 12:42 PM
Very valid questions Brian! We will be disclosing the total amount raised for this initiative in February, once the sales have wrapped up. We chose Post 266 for a few reasons. Primarily, they are the closest entity with proper tax credentials and bandwidth to work with us in receiving the initial donation. Once it has arrived, one of our internal employees will be heading down to California to personally present the donation directly to the first responders of Paradise that lost their homes at which point we will provide the update!
W.T.Blevins 2 months ago at 7:37 PM
I have been Benchmade customer for over 25 years and will be for the rest of my life. I see the dedication your company has to its products and now i see your love for the first responders and comunity they work so hard in. Thank you for your love.
Mike H Smith 2 months ago at 7:50 PM
I live in Oklahoma and we have always had our share of disasters. Oklahoma has also had our share of first responders who give so much to our population. A new Benchmade is in my future
Melvin Yusi 2 months ago at 8:45 PM
Just started collecting benchmade, I’m glad to support a company who cares about our heroes. I’ll be a longtime loyal customer.
Alan Z. 2 months ago at 10:00 PM
I've owned several Benchmade knives, and as I'm about to retire after 25 yrs in police work from a Bay Area PD with a Benchmade auto attached to my drop holster, I will gladly purchase another to support all my brothers and sisters in Blue and the Smoke eaters who always welcomed me into their fire houses for coffee and a clean bathroom. God bless all first responders, You Are All Heroes!
Tom 2 months ago at 11:47 PM
Very cool Benchmade, We all need each other in one way or another. I've never felt that I didn't get my $ worth when I've bought Benchmade. Passing this on to some friends to generate some support, and they won't be disappointed.
Mike Rivenburgh 2 months ago at 3:01 AM
Thank you for giving to those who have lost everything!
Nice to see BENCHMADE not only talk the talk but walk the walk!
How can our company purchase knives which we will be sent to the first responders of Post 266?
Scott W 2 months ago at 5:21 AM
How about, is there a way to simply donate $$$ to you so that knives for these front line fighters are able to be paid for, allocated to individuals on a list, knives sent out . . . . . ? ? ? ? ?
Magnus hamilton 2 months ago at 7:34 AM
I knew when I got my first benchmade knife I was making a smart investment. I didn’t know I was becoming a member of a family,friends,company that feels the way I do. My experience with benchmade company has changed the way I look at customers service. I had a sheath that need some looking at. I felt a sense of pride when I put the new one on. It’s a small thing for a company but a big thing to a person. When I saw your comment to California I felt extremely proud. I know my benchmade is a tool for life benchmade is a lesson for life. P.s. one can never have enough tools!!!!! Thank you for taking the time .
Bob 2 months ago at 8:32 AM
I love your product and your values. I’m ALL IN to support this cause.
Raul Gonzalez 2 months ago at 5:56 PM
Your company never fails to amaze me, whether with its products or by its actions. I am proud to own many Benchmades and I will definitely support this cause!
Matt Gryzmala 2 months ago at 9:25 PM
Just bought a saddle mountain skinner. Beautiful blade for a great cause.
Ray C 2 months ago at 4:45 PM
As a 33 yr LEO veteran It’s refreshing to see a company who supports its first responders in this day and age of policing. I just order a mini crooked river and you have a repeat customer for sure. I spoke with Nellie on phone in setting up an account and she was great! To all my my brother and sisters in law enforcement and to all who embrace the lifestyle embodied by ownership of a Benchmade knife god bless and stay safe!
D.S. 2 months ago at 4:36 AM
Tomorrow I'm getting a Contego, which was on my bucket list, mainly because of what I read here. You are great!
Thank you,