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Jason Phelps of Phelps Game Calls

Jason Phelps of Phelps Game Calls
By Benchmade 8 months ago 72076 Views 29 comments

For as long as Jason Phelps can remember he has always had a fascination with animal calls. A Northwest native, Phelps would eventually turn his fascination into a hobby and then into a full-fledged business in 2009.With a background in civil engineering, Phelps set out to make the most realistic sounding calls that were also easy to use with offerings in deer, elk, turkey, waterfowl and more.

With the hunting season right around the corner we had a chance to sit down with Jason Phelps and ask him a few questions about how he got into hunting.

Benchmade: When did you get your first knife? How?

Jason Phelps: My first knife was a Swiss army knife I received as a Christmas present from my parents as an 8 year old.

Benchmade: How did you get started hunting?

Jason Phelps: My family has hunted for as far back as anyone can remember. Located in the Pacific Northwest logging and hunting went hand in hand. From a very young age I would tag along with my dad, uncles and grandpa.

Benchmade: What does hunting mean to you?

Jason Phelps: Hunting has been a tradition in my family that has been passed down from generation to generation. While I still hunt to fill the freezer every year, hunting also gives me adventure and time spent with family and friends.

Benchmade: Share a favorite hunting memory.

Jason Phelps: This past year my wife was able to harvest her first elk. We had a good friend join us for the first few days of the hunt and he eventually had to leave. This left just me and my wife in some amazing country by ourselves to try and fill her tag. The next evening we got to listen to bulls bugle, watch the sun go down all before she was able to harvest her first bull. As much as we would have loved to share the moment with friends it was pretty cool with it just being the two of us.

Benchmade: Have you introduced hunting to your children yet?

Jason Phelps: Being a call maker my kids have been around hunting their entire lives. As far as introducing them, I’ve let them both naturally ask questions and become interested on their own terms. I do the majority of my hunting out of state and my kids can’t get away for that amount of time but I always make it a point to take them both on local trips for blacktail and Black Bear. I’m only a few short years away from my 8 and 6 year old becoming my hunting partners.

Benchmade: One tip for new hunters?

Jason Phelps: Fall in love with the journey. With this mentality every failure is equal to every success.

Benchmade: What Benchmade knives are in your hunting gear? Why?

Jason Phelps:

Grizzly Ridge Folder: I like having a folding pocket knife with me for doing camp chores as well as work on or around bone. This knife easily makes it through multiple hunts without needing sharpened.

Altitude: I use this knife for 95% of deboning and breaking down an animal. I like that this knife is very sharp and doesn’t have to be re-sharpened after every animal.

Benchmade: How do you Stay Life Sharp?

Jason Phelps: I stay life sharp by always challenging myself and never being satisfied with mediocrity. I'm always self-evaluating and being brutally honest to insure that i'm always growing as a person.


Phelps will no doubt be busy this upcoming hunting season and we certainly appreciated him taking the time to share his experiences and what hunting means to him and his family.

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In the comments below, tell us if hunting is a tradition in your family!

Ian Farrens 8 months ago at 9:34 PM
Hunting has been a tradition in my family for many many years. I carry the love and passion for hunting with me and on too my kids that have both got there first bows this year. My father passed away before hunting season last year but I always have him with me and all his trophys in my house next to mine to remember him...
Darrel nicklaus 8 months ago at 5:10 AM
Hunting was never a priority, but I’m trying to change that in my family. My daughter hunts with me and I’m hoping to be able to get my wife out soon too.
ChrisReuther 8 months ago at 5:19 AM
Thank you Benchmade for taking the time to care about the hunting community. This is an enjoyable way to share peoples thoughts on hunting. I don't have the Grizzly ridge... but the North Fork and not the Altitude but the Hidden Canyon Hunter... but similar combination... they are so difficult to beat!
Chris Reuther 8 months ago at 7:42 AM
I forgot in my first comment... that my family has been hunting for a long time. My father has been hunting since he was a little kid, he got my mom into hunting, then my father and I got into archery hunting (for whitetail). Some of my most fond memories as a little kid was going out to the hunting cabin... or when my father would bring a deer home to be butchered- we have always done all our own work. And now I have my wife hunting... and eventually (hopefully) my daughter.
J aldridge 8 months ago at 9:42 AM
I grew up behind a bird dog and hunting has always been a part of my family. Now at 68 I am loving teaching my two grandchildren all I can about hunting and conservation. Our best times are in a tree stand together.
J aldridge 8 months ago at 9:44 AM
Joel Linke 8 months ago at 9:47 AM
I grew up hunting ducks with my dad and brother. We were so little when my dad started taking us, I remember playing with ninja turtles in the bottom of the duck blind and then admiring and playing with ducks on successful hunts. I started hunting big game later in life and got my brother into it last year and was next to him when he harvested his first deer. It was such a special moment to share together, one that I will always cherish.
Cody Colley 8 months ago at 9:50 AM
I grew up in Southern California and most people in my family didn't particularly care for guns and hunting. I have a half sister that i hadn't seen since i was 12. I moved to Idaho in 2006 and a short time after that i received and email from her. Come to find out she lived 2 blocks from the house my wife and i had just purchased, it was amazing. She is a hunter, along with her husband, and she showed me the joys of hunting and being with family. Since then i cant wait for hunting season, i feel like a kid on Christmas, even if i don't get anything.
David Fisk 8 months ago at 10:07 AM
Hunting wasn't too much of a tradition with my immediate family, but my Dad did take me deer hunting my first year because hunting was about all I wanted to do at that age. After that, my friends and I were on our own at the age of 13, and we were still able to get deer each year and even a bull elk at age 15. Just some kids out hitting the mountains on their own. I think I've only gotten worse since then! Ha ha. Oh to be a kid again.
Jesse Hoffman 8 months ago at 10:22 AM
Hunting is a growing tradition in my family. I grew up hunting with my dad and brother, and now we are introducing my brother’s kids. I can’t put in words what hunting means to me, but I’ve never had to question it. I carry a north fork everywhere, and a hidden canyon hunter in the pack. They have seen several elk and a black bear so far.
Robert Johnston 8 months ago at 10:25 AM
I’ve been hunting for over 60 years and still love it. Life is a journey and some parts are hard, even tragic, but hunting is one of the big things that keeps me going.
Dan Halcomb 8 months ago at 10:46 AM
As a boy I worked on our farm and neighbor farms to pay for my habit of .22 shells and arrows. I started reading Outdoor Life , Archery World and Guns and Ammo magazine and knew that I had to start hunting big game in the Rockies as soon as possible !
My WWII veteran father said he had enough killing in the South Pacific but encouraged me to chase all the animals as long as nothing was wasted. I've spent my lifetime so far working and being outdoors. My wife is my partner in life and the forest as I married a girl that wanted to be where I was. Now she has taken more elk than I have !
The Benchmade locking folders are my choice from dozens of brands that I have owned. Love to win a new one !!
Daniel F. 8 months ago at 10:54 AM
Excellent article. I am new to both hunting and Benchmade, and I look forward to their advice as opening day approaches. I hope we get some commentary about hunting smaller game.
Micah Craig 8 months ago at 1:15 PM
My immediate family is not big into hunting but my uncle goes out and hunts a lot. My old pastor also would bow hunt and he had taken me and my siblings with him to go check his cameras. After watching them, it has instilled a desire in me to hunt more.
Mike Wrazidlo 8 months ago at 1:25 PM
I just started back hunting in the great white north, being as i live in southern California now the trip to northern Minnesota has rekindle my adventuring spiit
BRYAN D FREEMAN 8 months ago at 2:50 PM
I use to believe that hunting was a tradition in my family, however in my adult years I have come to realize that the idea of hunting has been more of a tradition in my family. I grew up around various types of weapons and would "hunt" rabbits and upland birds. I then became very active in various sports throughout my teenage years and any outdoor activity took a back seat to those sports. Once my athletic days came to an end I longed for a different activity to challenge me. I started hunting big game about five years ago to fill that need. Last season was the most successful season of the five, filling 3 out of 4 tags. I am working hard to make hunting a tradition in my family. Sucking up as much information as possible and learning from my mistakes in the field so that my kids will be able to be successful when they are ready to chase wild game. I was able to talk my wife into tagging along with me on a javelina hunt last year and I think she might be hooked.
Jimmie Limon 8 months ago at 5:55 PM
I started hunting about 11 years ago and it is not only now a tradition but a passion.
Sam J. 8 months ago at 7:58 PM
My family didn’t hunt growing up. I picked up some connections in my mid twenties and harvested a small buck with a bow on public land. Through hunting i’ve Developed a greater love of the outdoors that I look forward to imparting in my children. If hunting is part of that, even better.
Kevin Tate 8 months ago at 5:15 AM
The hunting tradition skipped a couple generations in my family, but I'm bringing it back. I hope that my children and grandchildren see the joy it brings me and keep it up.
Joshua jones 7 months ago at 9:18 AM
Hunting was taboo in my family or at least part of it. I am changing all that for my boys and myself. It's been a long road to reality and the woods, but a good one with amazing rewards. I primarily fly fish but have recently got into water fowl. Making traditions ain't easy but it is worth it.
Esteban I 7 months ago at 11:59 AM
Hello. Hunting is not a tradition in my family but I like the idea of owning one of your great knives. Nice story. Thank you.
Brett fowler 7 months ago at 6:28 PM
That’s so cool. I hope one day my son wants to follow me into the woods
Joe Morro 7 months ago at 8:34 PM
I grew up hunting with my dad & grandfather. We hunted waterfowl. We switched to fishing & while I still enjoy that, I want to get back to hunting while I still can.
Reagan 7 months ago at 7:49 PM
Hunting had been a long standing tradition in my family
Paul Peterson 7 months ago at 9:46 PM
This blog has me excited for hunting season!
EJ McGhee 7 months ago at 5:33 AM
Great post and great knife selection! I love that his first knife was a SAK; that was one of my first ones and I earned it by winning the pinewood derby races in Scouts. My father, a real DIY'er and outdoorsman, helped me win that race and the knife, which I still have to this day.
Steve Minaudo 7 months ago at 6:21 AM
I would not say that hunting is a tradition in my family. We have hunted, but it wasn't something that was shown to me as a way of life. I hope that starting with me I can change that and will make hunting a tradition that passes down to future generations.
Joe lyons 6 months ago at 8:20 PM
Hunting is a cherish activity in our family, though we dont always get to devote the time we wish we could.
GWN 6 months ago at 11:21 AM
Great Q/A, and definitely inspiration to get out there and start a family tradition.