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A Knife For Your Toughest Days

A Knife For Your Toughest Days
By Troy Hellman 10 days ago 38529 Views 39 comments

Despite the recent trend of slim and lightweight knives, there are still many users whose lifestyle necessitates an overbuilt workhorse. Benchmade is no stranger to the “tough as nails” mentality, with a history of designs that include the Presidio, Adamas, Rift, and Contego platforms. Incorporating some of the most durable materials on the market, tactical designs have come to epitomize rugged style, strength, and hard-use functionality. Because of the inherent durability, these knives have become particularly popular amongst the military, first responder, and law enforcement communities, but that’s not to say that they aren’t being carried by EDC enthusiasts and outdoorsmen on a daily basis.

This year we wanted to add to our line of tactical designs without stepping on the toes of popular current models, and the 980 Turret was our answer. Created for the tactical user as an intermediary step between the 950 Rift and the 275 Adamas, the new 980 is one of the strongest folders we’ve ever made. Like many tactical designs, the curb appeal of this knife isn’t intended to be flashy or attention-grabbing. The subtle OD color of the G10 handles is a versatile tone that blends into almost every environment, from the desert to the city. Partnered with a matte black deep carry clip, the 980 Turret is an easy knife to conceal within a pocket or pouch despite its larger profile.

One of the largest challenges we faced in designing the 980, was maintaining comfortable ergonomics in any grip position. In the past, we’ve designed knives that turned out to be overly aggressive in their texture, causing hotspots in the hand and against fabric. At first glance, the texture of the handles may seem a little rough, but once you’ve had the opportunity to put your hands on this knife, you’ll notice how comfortable and secure the grip truly is. Whether it’s a reverse grip, hammer grip, or just flat-out prolonged use in a traditional grip position, the 980 maintains in-hand comfort no matter the circumstance.

Digging in on the features that make this knife as strong as it is, we built the 980 around a pair of liners that extend throughout the entirety of the knife’s handle. While full liners will certainly add weight, the strength and rigidity they provide is unmatched. These liners serve as the chassis of the knife itself, making it incredibly difficult to flex or break the G10 handles under extreme conditions. On the opposing end of the knife, the CPM-S30V blade sports a high flat grind that is well suited for aggressive performance while combating the potential for corrosion like many common hard-use steels. The combination of a thick blade and wide-set G10 handles with full liners, ensures that the lock strength of this knife is a force to be reckoned with. There are only a couple models in Benchmade’s history that top the 980’s lock strength, and while we can’t divulge the specifics regarding this knife’s breaking point, we can assure you, it’s more than most of us will ever need.

Greg Weddle 9 days ago at 1:12 AM
Looks like a great knife. Hope to be able to buy one someday!
Adam 9 days ago at 5:26 AM
Will it be offered in auto?
chris d 9 days ago at 10:19 AM
Yes an auto version please!
Nolan T 9 days ago at 11:17 AM
I'm looking forward to adding this to my everyday tactical carry.
Al 9 days ago at 11:38 AM
I love Benchmade knives and CS.
I have about 25 Benchmade knives,although this knife doesn’t look like it’s for me from first glance. I’ve been wrong before,so can’t wait till is come out thanks Benchmade for so many great knives and Customer service. looks like it going to be another great year of Benchmade’s.
KC H 8 days ago at 12:35 PM
Plain edge auto??
SR 4 days ago at 10:38 AM
With a beast spring!
Aric Wiszt 8 days ago at 12:38 PM
Yes please, an auto would be greatly appreciated.
Drew Spinozzi 8 days ago at 3:04 PM
Ready to buy!! When’s the date?
John Doe 8 days ago at 4:02 PM
No auto No buy
Robert Cole 8 days ago at 4:16 PM
I can't wait to buy this knife! Prolly two.
Glen 8 days ago at 5:00 PM
Another nice addition to the Benchmade lineup. A carbide pommel would have been an improvement though.
Ryan Brown 8 days ago at 6:04 PM
So, how much does it cost, does it come without serrations and when does it release, because I want it, already?
Mitch 8 days ago at 6:21 PM
How about a mini version with a 3” blade for states with stricter knife laws?
Shane Humphrey 8 days ago at 6:53 PM
Awesome! I am very interested. I hope it will be available in an auto as well, if so, I know what my next two purchases will be.
Benchmade Nerd Reporting 8 days ago at 7:12 PM
Can’t wait to order it
James D Holmes 8 days ago at 7:13 PM
Looks perfect for duty carry!
Clay 8 days ago at 8:55 PM
Nice design but why not use cpm 20cv, cts204p or m390 like the knife works edition of the Benchmade 810-1401 contego which is my favorite knife . S30v. Is on the lower end of the quality steel scale.
Adam 4 days ago at 5:50 AM
The steels you mentioned: CPM 20CV, CTS204P or M390 are all fairly similar. Higher in edge retention than S30V, similar in corrosion resistance, but significantly lower in toughness (chipping/fracture resistance) than S30V. I have owned Benchmade 20CV and I found it very prone to chipping. I am a cop and have a small farm. I was using 20CV as an EDC for improved edge retention, but had to stop, because of edge chipping. The 20CV was also about 50% harder to sharpen. And I wasn't abusing it with metal contact, digging, etc. S30V may be lower on the edge retention scale, but that doesn't make it low quality. You gain toughness, which is necessary in a hard use knife like this. I have rolled the edge on S30V a bit, but rarely chip it. I would really like to see Benchmade start working with S35VN, which would add about 20% toughness over S30V.
Chris E. 8 days ago at 10:08 PM
Can you give a range or hint of the lock strength, even if actual is much higher? Over 300lbs?
Will 8 days ago at 11:58 PM
Awesome! The big question I can’t find is when will this be available to buy from and when will ADs get this to purchase? Like others, we would like to mark our calendar for the drop. We appreciate all the hard work you guys and gals do there!
Tom R 8 days ago at 1:40 AM
Please let me know when it available, Thanks
Jered S 8 days ago at 2:52 AM
Totally buying it! Don't care how many pennies I need to save.
Phil W 8 days ago at 5:04 AM
Looks like a good knife. How long is the blade?
Frank 8 days ago at 6:00 AM
Thank you Benchmade. Tha Adamas is my EDC for whenever I'm wearing jeans. I was hoping you'd be coming out with a little lighter model with similar characteristics. You've made my dream come true.
William Traxel 8 days ago at 8:03 AM
SERIOUSLY!!! I just saved and purchased 2 weeks ago a Presidio 5700, MAN I love this 980 Turret and have to have one. Truly thank you Mr. Hellman for this fantastic Article and all that YOU and Benchmade do for its customers, everyone in the Military is grateful to you guys for Knives we can depend our Lives on. But REALLY??? I just bought a Presidio 5700!! Now I have to convince the Wife I NEED A TURRET!!
Semper Fidelis
Hector Fernandez 8 days ago at 8:06 AM
Very nice addition to the Benchmade family.
Fred O 8 days ago at 8:36 AM
Yes, please offer an auto version of this knife. I would love to purchase.
Chris H 7 days ago at 12:57 PM
I’m looking forward to this one , but an auto version is a definite need. Would like to see titanium for the liners but will have to check how that affects the balance and feel ( time to experiment) !!!
Trevor 7 days ago at 1:47 PM
Please stop with the combo edges. There is a reason combo-edged knives are always on clearance at the end of the year, at just about every retailer. Especially when it’s a knife over $100. Who wants a super steel with half the blade ruined.
KK 7 days ago at 9:42 AM
A tactical knife without a combo edge is not a tactical knife, in my opinion of course. They'll probable build a Drop Point in the future. But this knife screams tactical every step of the way.
Trevor Hollibaugh 5 days ago at 7:27 PM
Define tactical.
OgdenBoys 7 days ago at 6:32 PM
Is the top bevel sharpened. That makes it a tactical knife and much more user friendly in truly tactical situations. And it just has to have Auto option. I like the size and strength of this build, now let's make it really do what a tactical deloyment knife should be able to do. Mark me down for the Auto option and send it.
A real user 7 days ago at 9:04 AM
Why in the world would you want the top bevel sharpened? The bevel is shaped perfectly to facilitate penetration upon thrusting already. I you sharpen the bevel, you cause two problems; first you can no longer carry the knife in your pocket as the now exposed and sharpened bevel will eventually cut your pants and secondly you can no longer place your index finger along the back of the blade to better control the knife for precise cuts. As someone that carries a similar model Benchmade every day, this knife is designed for multiple functions, not some hack and slash video game.
William Walden 6 days ago at 11:52 AM
Plus you cant use the knife as a impact device with the top bevel sharpened .. not unless you want to lose a finger
Ogdenboys 6 days ago at 5:58 PM
I do not play video games but I have been stabbed. I was very lucky the top bevel of the knife I was stabbed with was not sharpened, had it been it would have sliced me badly. As it was it tore some skin but I was able to grab the blade and push this man down. Again as the knife pulled out of my hand it cut me across the fingers but because the top edge was not beveled it did not slice my hand or wrist. This was a lesson well learned. Do not get in a knife fight and if that is your only option a beveled portion of the top edge can be very effective.
HF 7 days ago at 8:18 AM
SR 6 days ago at 6:49 PM
Frank 6 days ago at 8:57 AM
I'm not a tactical guy but use my Adamas folder from everything from wood prep to food prep. My Ideal knife is a folder that can fill in for my Fallkniven A1 when I can't carry it. I always carry the Adamas when wearing jeans. I believe the plain edge satin 980 Turret will be the tool I wear with shorts. A properly sharpened double beveled 17 deg with a 20 deg micro polished edge has served me well.