Form and function are the key ingredients to any knife design, and we take both very seriously. That is the reason Benchmade believes working with custom designers creates the most innovative and functional designs in the industry. These skilled artisans and craftsmen pour their passions into their work and agonize over every detail. By collaborating with a selection of world-class custom knife designers, we’re able to tap into the newest locking mechanisms, modern materials, and custom blending and finishing techniques. The results are innovative, quality designs that are built for performance, reliability, and dependability.

Mel Pardue

"The senior team member, with a style and class of his own."

Warren Osborne

"Raised on the ranch, inspired by utility."

McHenry and Williams

"Art with an edge on it"

Shane Sibert

"Exploring creative impulses and translating them to steel"

Greg Thompson

"The sum of self-defense combatives and industrial design."

Seiichi Nakamura

"Inspired by the world around him, conveyed through artistry and engineering"

Matthew Lerch

"The character of each knife depends on the components"

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