Frequently asked questions

This section is to allow you to find the quickest answer to the most popular questions our customer service team receives. If you still can't find an answer to your question, please contact us!

Online Ordering and Returns
Q. Why don't I see the knife I want on the website?
A. If the product you are looking for is not on the website, it is either not available yet (New Product), or discontinued.
Q. Can I purchase your knives directly from Benchmade?
A. We try to support our dealer base as much as possible, realizing the time and efforts they have invested in supporting us, so we ask that our customers first make every effort to find and purchase product from our dealers. If your local dealer does not have a particular model or is not able to help you, use our dealer locator on this site to search for other dealers in your area. If for some reason you are still unable to find a dealer who has what you want, we would be happy to sell you the product (which includes shipping charges and sales tax where applicable) over the phone or via our website with a credit card.
Q. If I place an order today, when will it be delivered?
A. Our knives are built to order. Orders typically take up to 24 hours to process into our system, please then allow approximately 7 days for assembly prior to shipping, and in some RARE cases, up to 6 weeks to become available. Once your order has left the factory as a shipment, an order tracking email will be sent with a tracking number. (*Estimated time for delivery varies depending on the service selected and location.)
Q.The product I want is showing out of stock, what does this mean to me?
A. Knives are made to order and will ship within 7-10 business days. If the production time extends beyond 10 business days, we will temporarily show the product as “OUT OF STOCK”. Orders can be placed for these items over the phone with our Customer Service Department or, as always, checking with a local dealer who may have the item on hand. As soon as production times have returned within 7-10 days, we will change the status of the product on our site to allow for web orders as normal.
Q. Can I add to my existing order?
A. No, an additional order will need to be placed for additional items.
Q. How do I request a catalog?
A. To request a Benchmade®  please contact Customer Service at 1-833-557-2526 or send us an email and include your full name and mailing address.
Q. I have an older style fixed blade sheath and noticed there is a new style; can I purchase the new style for my knife?
A. Please contact us with what model of knife you have and we will be glad to let you know if a sheath replacement or upgrade is available for your particular knife. Sheath prices vary, starting at $20 and up.
Q. If I order from you and I am dissatisfied with the product, what is your return policy?
A. Please contact the Customer Service Department at 1-833-557-2526 to discuss reason for the return(s). There may be a 20% re-stocking fee applied.
We are proud of the tools we make, and we stand by them. If your Benchmade doesn’t perform the way you expect, let us know. We will do everything we can to fix the problem. Simply call Customer Service to get a Return Merchandise Authorization number, and we will help you take care of the rest. If you bought your Benchmade directly from us, we will refund it, if necessary. If you bought it from a dealer of ours, we will be happy to service it, but please contact the dealer to return it to them.
Q. When will I see a credit on my account for returned product?
A. Please allow three weeks from the time your package is received at Benchmade. Watch for the credit on your next credit card statement.
Warranty, Lifesharp® and Lasermark Services
Q. Where do I send my knife for repairs and what is involved?
A. If your knife should ever need warranty work or sharpening all you need to do is send your knife directly to our Product Service Department. Simply print off the warranty service form, box it up with your knife and ship to: BKC, Inc. Attn: Repair Department 300 Beavercreek Rd. Oregon City, OR 97045. If you are uncertain whether a repair is warranted or not, please feel free to contact our Customer Service Department before sending your knife in. In the case that you have an automatic knife and live outside the state of Oregon you will have to send the appropriate documentation along with your knife, or contact an Authorized Dealer in your area to send or receive your knife on your behalf.
Q. Will you send me a replacement part?
A. We are happy to send out replacement clips and screws; please be sure to provide us with an address to ship to and the model number of your knife (found under the logo on the front side of the blade). If you are unsure, you can send us an email via contact us by selecting “Warranty Service” from the Service & Support drop down navigation. If any other parts are needed, we recommend our Product Service Department to service Benchmade knives for liability and warranty reasons. If you are having an issue with your knife, please send it into us with a warranty service form where we will check for warranty issues and replace any parts that are broken or not functioning. Attn: BKC, Inc. Attn: Repair, 300 Beavercreek Rd. Oregon City, OR 97045
Q. What is the status of my knife I sent in for Warranty service?
A. Please contact us. If you want to email us, choose "Knife Issues/Warranty/LifeSharp" from the dropdown menu and we will research this for you. Please include your email, your full name, approximate date of shipment to us, tracking number if available, phone number, and your shipping address.
Q. If I pay extra, will you sharpen my serrations?
A. We do not sharpen serrations on any Benchmade knife. You can also contact us to check if a blade replacement is available for your model.
Q. The tip of my my knife blade broke. Is this covered under warranty?
A. Broken tips are typically not covered under the warranty unless it is a manufactured defect. The cost of a new satin blade is $30.00 or $40.00 for a new black coated blade.
Q. Can I order a knife with lasermarking online?
A. Yes. On any category or shopping page, click on the product image you wish to configure and check the “Add Custom Lasermarking” check box. The next step would be to click on the “ADD LASERMARKING OPTIONS” link highlighted in blue. From there you will have many options to choose from.
Q. Where do I find the model number of my knife?
A. Most of our knives, with the exclusion of a few older H-K® Knives, have the model number labeled under the butterfly logo on the front of the blade (see below). So if you have a serrated 551, it will be labeled "551" under the logo, and the full model number to designate the configuration would be "551S", where the "S" signifies the serrations.
Q. How can I find a local Benchmade dealer in my area?
A. To find a dealer in your area to purchase from or check product availability, you can use the Dealer Locator on our website by simply entering your zip code, or you can contact Customer Service.
Q. How do I sharpen my knife?
A. The key is to maintain the edge angles on the blade. Our knife blades leave the factory with a 30-35 degree inclusive angle. We recommend you use our LifeSharp™ service. This is a great way to get your knife sharpened, but to also have our qualified technicians service it for optimal performance. Another option may be to contact an authorized Benchmade dealer. Chances are they either offer a sharpening service to their customers or they know of a reputable service in the area.
Q. Where can I find the appropriate tool kit for my knife?
A. We offer the BlueBox® tool kit or the folding tool kit with sharpener included which contains all the bit sizes used on our knives (the most common are sizes 6, 8, and 10). Otherwise, you can go to your local hardware store to find what you need.
Q. Who do I contact regarding a donation request from Benchmade?
A. Benchmade Knife Company is proud to contribute to worthy causes and organizations. Requests must be submitted via our contributions request form.