10 Hook

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A versatile rescue instrument built originally for corrections officers, the enlarged hook gap allows cutting of rope up to 1” thick and other larger diameter woven materials. The sheath provides ambidextrous carry in both vertical and horizontal positions. Sheath mounting instructions. Made in USA.

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A review from: Whitesheep
This will be used as a hunting tool gut hook. Sure it may find a use as a strap cutting took if I am hanging upside down in my truck, but since it will be in my pack, maybe not. What is not to like? With an extra large hook this should do nicely on Elk or pretty much anything. The sheath is fine now that it is painted red and the belt loop has been removed (remember this will be carried in my pack until the kill is done). This would be awesome for what it is made for since the sheath is robust, but I think it will do nicely as a hunting tool.

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