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917SBK Tactical Triage

About the product
Public Safety workers desire and deserve the very best equipment. The new Triage gives them the features they need, along with the best materials for their applications. Made in USA.

Designer: Benchmade
Mechanism: AXIS®
Action: Manual-opening
Blade Steel: CPM-S30V (58-60 HRC)
Blade Length: 3.48" (8.84cm)
Blade Thickness: 0.124" (3.15mm)
Open Length: 8.33" (21.16cm)
Closed Length: 4.85" (12.32cm)
Handle Thickness: 0.55" (13.97mm)
Weight: 5.28oz. (149.69g)

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A review from: DON
My Son gave me a benchmade for Christmas around 5 or more years ago. I am a mechanical contractor and use my knife
everyday. And... sometimes I am pretty rough on it, scraping gasket material off metal, cutting up cardboard, prying on whatever. Then slicing an apple for lunch. Considering the harsh treatment I have never owned a knife that held a blade so well.It fits comfortably in the hand and feels well balanced. I am so happy with it I just ordered a
Crooked river. My going out on the town knife.
A review from: Baller
Please ignore the one star review. This guy is trolling. It is so simple to contact Benchmade either by phone or EMAIL, straight from the "contact us" link at the top of their website. Maybe he did have an issue with the knife coming out of the packaging during shipping (this would be the shipping carrier's fault not BM), maybe not - SO WHAT - it's a Benchmade knife not a crystal ball. Presentation, really?! Anyway, we all know Benchmade knives are top of the line, badass tools, that are extremely well made. Buy one, or two, or ten!!
A review from: John
I still remember buying my first Benchmade in 2004 - a 2550BK that I've babied to this day, and I've bought him plenty of friends. Quality is top notch, and the warranty and service are beyond reproach.

I just picked up my 917SBK today over my lunch hour at my local dealer. Build quality is as anticipated (excellent), and I ordered it sight unseen, having never handled it prior to order as the dealer did not stock them. I was well pleased, but my one initial disappointment was that it felt dry as a bone, stiff, and I could not wrist-snap it to open as I intended to. For the record, I hate using thumb-studs/holes/loops. My Benchmade's are all fixed blades, autos, or able to be opened by a flick of the wrist. Perhaps I'm just spoiled with how smoothed out my 300SN is, and I must have forgotten what it took to break that one in years ago or something. At one point early this afternoon I nearly gave up, but that would have been stupid :). The right lube and enough patience, and it smoothed out as I'd hoped without any mechanical adjustments. I used a high-zinc engine assembly lube in this case, that while quite viscous out of the bottle also has excellent surface wetting and high dispersion and adhesion (that last part may seem counter-intuitive to some, but having the lube stick to the surface is a good thing). After a few hours on the bench "basting" it, and manually working the mechanism quite vigorously at intervals, I now have it carry ready within the afternoon as I write this. I will likely switch to a lighter oil later on for regular lubrication, but after doing this same process to my 300SN years ago, I can flip it open and closed quite easily. With a firm flick, it opens with a pleasing snap (not as loud as the 300SN, but we'll see). This is only the second Axis knife I've purchased, but it certainly won't be the last. Thanks Benchmade!
A review from: Christopher
****don't pay attention to the cry baby that left the one star review****

This is my new EDC. I carried a mini grip for over 6 years. I couldn't decide or make up my mind on what was going to be my next Benchmade. I looked at and tried out about a dozen knives. A friend had shown me this knife. I was already partial to the Triage with the Orange G10 grips, but the color wasn't what I was looking to have on me day to day. This knife is awesome. I can flip it open easily by releasing the Axis lock and flicking my wrist. I'm not a first responder but I would imagine this blade would be a must for them with the window breaker and seat belt cutter/hook ( box cutter for me).Fit and finish is the quality expected and delivered by Benchmade
A review from: Moose
Working as a LEO/Paramedicn, it’s necessary to have a good knife, window punch and strap cutter on you. I have several Rescue Hooks on different sets of gear (Plate Carrier, Jump Bag etc) and multiple Benchmade Knives. Window punches have been pretty clunky for years. While the rescue hooks and knives are great, sometimes you aren’t carrying a full loadout, if you are you may have to prioritize what you have because you can quickly have so much gear you can barely twist or turn. Enter the Tactical Triage having all of these in the package of a standard folder:
- Blade like most of my non-auto Benchmades
- Rescue Hook
- Carbide Window Punch

Pricey? Yes. Benchmade has never been known for being cheap, but quality isn’t low in cost.

If I had one suggestion it would be some sort of locking mechanism for the hook. I still love my 8 Hook with O2
wrench and have one on most of my loadouts, but the Tactical
Triage is perfect for my uses in rapid extrication. Benchmade also does a lot for military and first responders to make it a little cheaper to get quality tools in the hands of those who need them tbe most.
A review from: M
I received my 917 Tactical Triage after waiting for a few days. No email notifications telling me it had even shipped. Opened the box and found the knife half way out of the microfiber bag and the logo wasn't visible to give a good presentation. The knife had debris in the operating mechanism that I had to clean out. There was a screw on my knife that wasn't even fully installed. Whoever assembled it put the screw in sideways and it was sticking out from the side of the knife. I could not find an email posted on the website so I contacted Benchmade on Facebook to give them a chance to correct this issue, even sending pictures of my knife, and I never got a response back. Do not make the same mistake I have.

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