535-191 Bugout®

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The 535 Bugout® has become one of the most popular knives in Benchmade’s line up and to celebrate, we’ve created a new Gold Class version full of upgrades. Munin™ pattern Damasteel® and ghost carbon fiber handles are coupled with smoked gray PVD coated liners, pocket clip, and hardware. Blue anodized titanium thumb studs and barrel spacers round out this Unlimited Limited Gold Class. A Bugout of this caliber is sure to be a bright spot in anyone’s collection.

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A review from: Corey
I've owned other Benchmade knives over the years, primarily balisongs though. In the last year I've gotten into folders. I own a presidio II automatic that I prefer for my everyday carry, but it's not work place friendly. I've started carrying the 535 bugout and fell in love with the size and weight. While I won't be giving this knife the same abuse as I did the other bugout, this will definitely become my new EDC. It's more impressive in person than any of the pics or videos. The damasteel pattern is simply brilliant at multiple angles. The carbon fiber handle adds the strength to the handle that was missing from the regular 535. All in all I give it five stars in all categories.
A review from: Roger
Absolutely a sweet little knife. But it’s not gona do any better than the original blue handled one. Besides how would you feel if it came up missing after you decided to carry it.
It’s bad enough the thought of just loosing the CHEAP blue handled one
I love Damascus patterned blades as much as anybody maybe more.
Go look at the A.G.Russell power ball folders
I have both the other bug outs

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