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A duty knife that can be carried every day, this tactical AXIS® Assist takes its styling cues from our legacy line of automatic knives. A stout handle with excellent palm swell provides ample grip and positive weight for striking with the carbide glass breaker. The unique mohawk spine design on the blade allows for great control without aggressive jimping. This knife will be your new EDC on and off the job.

Designer: Benchmade
Mechanism: AXIS® Assist
Action: Assisted-opening
Blade Steel: CPM-S30V (58-60HRC)
Blade Length: 3.70" (9.40cm)
Blade Thickness: 0.124" (3.15mm)
Open Length: 8.76" (22.25cm)
Closed Length: 5.09" (12.93cm)
Handle Thickness: 0.70" (17.70mm)
Weight: 6.38oz. (180.87g)

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A review from: Dan
I got this for outdoor (camping, etc) use. It is quite a knife! Second only to a fixed blade and a close second at that. It's just the right size and weight for more heavy-duty tasks, but still with a blade that can easily slice through stuff (unlike the full-sized Loco, which had an extra-thick blade, and which was the folder I was using previously to getting the Vallation). While not a fixed blade like the Bushcrafter (the ultimate fixed blade outdoor knife in my opinion), for general outdoor use it's the next best thing to a fixed blade - certainly one of the best folders you can get.
A review from: DH
In addition to a Vallation, I own a mini-Barrage, a Boost and, most recently, a Volli. All are axis assist, which I really like, even preferring it over fully automoatic Benchmade knives. All are great knives, superbly engineered and made with high quality materials. My favorate, though, is the Vallation

At roughly 8.5 inches long when open, this is a big knife, but one with relatively slender lines compared with, let's say, the Ademas. It feels very solid with a heft greatly exceeding my other Benchmade knives. Due to its size and heft, however, it doesn't work as well as an EDC for my line of work as do the Volli and mini-Barrages.

The only solution to this problem, in my opinion, is for Benchmade to make a smaller version of it, at which time time I'll own another great, Benchmade knife.
A review from: Jason
A review from: Josh
Well this is my first benchmade .. And I say first because I am so satisfied with quality,finish ,feel action, weight .. I cannot say enough it is worth every penny .. u rarely find anything u can say that about anymore but I say it with confidence on this .. the feel when u hold it is it belongs in your hand .. I tend to lose things but I will not lose this .. I love it .. and I am a benchmade fan for real now ..

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