591BK Boost - Assisted-Opening Knives

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The 591 is the newest member of the Boost Family and carries the same comfortable dual-durometer ergonomics. The quick action of the Axis-assist mechanism, allows for ambidextrous access to strong, CPM-3V steel, opposing bevel, blunt pry-tip blade. Meant for your pocket, at home in your tool box.
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    Another spork
    I got a buddy of mine any given time he has a pocket knife, Swiss army knife, ink pen, Soap stone, Marker, keys, 9/16" wrench, light, little pry bar, pliers, measuring tape, phone. I am not that kind of guy. Phone, ink pen, and a knife is all I have on me. That's why I have a toolbox even in my office. But when I saw the advertisement of a pry bar knife I couldn't pass it up it was an awesome idea. How many times I thought do I need to pry something with my knife? Here is the problem I had though. I carry a knife to be a knife. First day I had this knife I wanted to stab a soda bottle to make a funnel and I couldn't. After a week I left it a home and started to carry my auto Adamas again. First day carrying my Adamas the following week I needed to pry open a paint can. .Which I did with a little work with the AdamasI tried carrying both but I didn't like that. In the end it’s a great idea that is about as useful as a Spork. Below is what I think of the components.

    Overall build quality. Very good

    Scales are a little too sticky for my preference. It would catch my jeans going into my pocket

    Knife Blade. I liked it as it came out of the box but some of my friends preferred a sharper edge.

    Feel. It is a very comfortable knife to hold in your hand.

    Size. For me it is a little small but for my friends they liked the size.

    Smoothness. It is a very smooth knife to open or close out of the box. I did add a little blue lube at the end of the week and after several openings and closes it loosened up a little more but was never sloppy.

    Toughness of knife as a whole. I beat on this knife only as I typically would do to a tool.

    Looks. It looks good I had one guy think it was a Snap-On knife.

    Blade toughness. The toughness of the blade is excellent but I found it awkward to get a good edge.

    Blade style. To each there own in the end I don’t like it. I never realized how many times I stab cardboard, bags, soda bottles, excreta.

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