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940/943 Family

Product Review (submitted on October 21, 2017):

After using virtually every affordable EDC on the market, I finally looked to Benchmade for a quality knife. For some perspective, I couldn't ever imagine spending more than 60 bucks on a pocket knife. I figured they were pretty much all the same, knife steel was knife steel and why pay more for a "luxury" knife? I was skeptical as this would be my first knife purchase to exceed 200 dollars, so I did a ton of research. I pored over all the youtube content I could find, reviews, practical tests, torture tests, and one model number kept coming up: the Benchmade 940.

I ended up purchasing the 940-2 model with G10 scales and S30V steel. I was completely impressed with the quality of the knife when I first opened it, it was like no other knife I had ever owned before. The action is smooth and consistent, I really like the AXIS lock and how fast the blade can be deployed. The G10 scales are perfect, not too smooth but rough enough for good grip. I was a little curious about the "reverse tanto" style blade, but it has grown on me and it performs very well.

I only have one complaint on this knife, and it may just be how I carry, who knows. Sometimes when I walk, the knife will hit my leg and the blade will "tap" on the scales when closed. It makes an audible sound so that tells me there is blade play, however I think that's a fair trade for such a smooth action. The play is minimal, and after regular use I haven't seen any loosening of any hardware.

Overall, I'm more than pleased with this knife. The price is high, but you do get what you pay for, and I promise this will blow any 60 dollar knife away. This blade made a lifelong customer out of me!

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