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Product Review (submitted on October 31, 2017):

In the movie "Jackie Brown" they have a video in the TV that refers to a certain kind of rifle when you absolutely, positively, ... yada yada. Let me tell you. I would rather be around the corner in hiding with my Infidel than facing a room full of jokers.

In one of the Jack Reacher books, infinitely better than the movies, he says you can drop a $10 bill on the blade of an Infidel and end up with two $5 bills. That's pretty much the way it is. It's ground on one side, which is unique, but gives an edge like a scalpel insteald of just a sharp knife edge. I think of it as a modification from Japanese sword design to put mass behind the grind to hold the edge - just my opinion as a PhD engineer with 5 different Benchmades. Four stars on the price unless you find a really good deal, but if you want to have a knife that will send half the animals running, this is it.
Don't plan on using it to whittle a wooden chain and cage or play mublety peg, although you could probably carve anything you want. This blade is carried for one reason only as far as I'm concerned.

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