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Grizzly Creek

Product Review (submitted on November 13, 2017):
I bought the Grizzly Creek from my local knife store about a year and a half ago now. It immediately caught my eye, as it's easily one of the most attractive folding knives on the market (the pictures just can't do it justice). A definite selling feature for the knife, aside from the style and dependable S30V steel blade, was the internal gut hook. I had been looking for a decent knife with this feature, but was never too keen on carrying a fixed blade. I've used the hook for anything and everything, from gutting and cleaning to opening packages at work, and it's managed to hold a decent edge. The blade profile, ergonomics of the knife, and overall feel are excellent. When I first purchased the knife, I was worried about the wood grips being damaged, but this has proven to be a hollow worry, as even through the love and abuse I've shown it, the grips look almost factory perfect. For anyone interested, the grips also engrave rather nicely as I had my eagle scout insignia engraved into one side and it looks excellent. I honestly haven't run into a single issue with this knife and happily recommend it.