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940/943 Family

Product Review (submitted on November 16, 2017):

I bought mine around two years ago. the S90v with the carbon fiber grips and I cant say enough good things about it. It holds and edge unlike any other knife I've owned. Way better than my other work horse Benchmade in D2 (though I love that knife too). It takes a fair amount of abuse, as I use it daily and just because there may be a better tool for the job, this knife is what I had handy, and let me tell you it delivers.

The downfalls.... SV90 Does not like to be sharpened. If you somehow dull this guy, expect to spend some time to get it back in shape. Diamond stones are about the only thing you can use on this stuff to not spend an eternity getting an edge back.... Good thing it holds an edge! If I had to hone on this as often as I do the D2 steel, I'd cry. That said... with the tools I have available, I can put a nicer edge on the D2 than I can this S90 but the S90 will still give a nice clean shave.

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