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Griptilian® Family

Product Review (submitted on November 18, 2017):

First of all let me say that IMO the "standard" Gryptilian is the best EDC knife made. IMO the number of knives and styles in the Benchmade lineup are too confusing. Of course the goal of any business is to make a profit but for the potential buyer to try to figure out....from BM's literature...what knife to buy it is just too confusing. I am a retired Graduate Metallurgical Engineer B.S.1953 U.of I. I have worked for 2 steel makers during my career. D2 steel is my favorite but you can only get a GRyp. in D2 from one my knowledge. I own several GRPts both full size and and used, D2 and SS. I have an extensive knife collection but the Gryp. with semi-serr blade in BM's standard Stainless grade is my EDC knife.

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