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940/943 Family

Product Review (submitted on December 8, 2017):

I've had my CF version of the 940 for over a month now. It's replaced my Anthem for the time being as my EDC. Unlike my Anthem this knife was perfectly centered and built. This knife disappears in the pocket, fits perfect in the hand and is truly ambidextrous (I'm left handed). Came super sharp and still is. It took a couple weeks to really loosen up. Flicks open with easy using the thumb stud or just pulling back on the Axis lock and give a wrist flick. This has essentially become my new fidget toy. In terms of value, I rated this 5 stars simply because I was able to get mine through the Military Exchange at nowhere near the normal retail cost. Thank you Benchmade for allowing the Military Exchanges to be Authorized Retailers. (I also go a Freek through the exchange and it too is an awesome knife). The green aluminum is a great value as well, but for the money and quality, get the carbon fiber version.

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