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Bushcrafter Family

Product Review (submitted on December 9, 2017):
I've owned this knife for about four years now I think. I've given it plenty of use and sharpened it just once with a touch up after every hard use. So here are my impressions:

The good:
The fit and finish is perfect. The blade is a hefty slab of S30v with a sabre grind. Full tang. I've actually used this as both an all around camp/outdoor knife as well as a hunting knife. It performs perfectly at both. I don't need to say much about S30v steel. It holds an edge. It sharpens fairly easy (the key is not to let it get dull in the first place, just touch it up after use with a fine stone and strop). It is extremely rust resistant. Almost the perfect blade steel for durability and sharpening. The G10 handle is durable with a good non slip grip.

The not so good:
The handle is not perfect ergonomically. It does have some hot spot prone aspects to it. I bought this knife before they had a Kydex sheath option, just leather. The sheath is less than stellar. I had to fashion a plastic insert on the cutting edge side to keep the knife from slicing the sheath. After that I've never had to worry about cutting the leather. None of the above is a deal breaker though.

When all is said and done, I would trust my safety in the wild with this knife. That's what matters to me. It's with out question a solid, durable knife with high quality stainless steel that can take some abuse if need be. Okay, some think it's expensive (and maybe it is) but I think it's proportional to it's value. Add in that Benchmade customer service is second to none, and your getting some bang for your buck. I completely recommend this knife to any outdoorsman.