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940/943 Family

Product Review (submitted on December 11, 2017):

I've had my 940-1 for 2 years now and it has made almost all of my other knives obsolete. After carrying the 940-1 and using it daily, there just isn't a whole lot that I can fault it for. It honestly does everything really well. I work in the industrial services field and I spend a lot of time onsite, which means that my knives see a decent amount of use, and more than just cutting cardboard and opening letters. I actually picked up this knife for more casual use but I wanted to see how it would handle heavier tasks. And now I just can't find a reason to carry any of my other knives. I figured what the heck, it's a Benchmade and everyone says they'll fix anything if you break it.

I was pretty worried at first because this thing weighs almost nothing. The carbon fiber scales, which are the best I've seen on any store bought production knife, almost make this thing feel fragile. I can assure you that it's not fragile in any way. The blade steel is amazing - 1st, it still holds a serviceable edge from the day that I bought it. 2nd, it is extremely corrosion resistant. It didn't come from the factory with a hair splitting edge but I've never had an issue cutting anything. S90V is hard to work with and doesn't like to take a mirror polish but that's fine for my type of use. I'm not sitting at a desk slicing paper all day so this blade steel was ideal for my particular usage.

Using the axis lock is like second nature from day one. Once you learn the "axis flick" to open and close you'll be able to open the knife, cut, and then close the knife unbelievably fast. The knife has been very easy to clean and service. A small bit of advice, use a tiny drop of blue loctite on the pivot screw. Adjust tightness to zero blade play while the blade still drops free if the axis lock is pulled. After adjusted, let the loctite sit overnight and your knife will have zero blade play for several months.

This knife is great for whatever you might be doing. I'm totally confident in this knife regardless of what I'm wearing or the environment that I'm working in. Reasonably large blade, perfect handle size, amazing quality and materials...carry one of these for a week and see how hard it is for one of your other knives to get into your pocket.

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