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Bushcrafter Family

Product Review (submitted on December 16, 2017):
Have a good look at the knife you are buying, not just the one in the display case. I bought my Bushcrafter at a store, once I got it home and opened the box I saw that the handle was not manufactured straight, the front of the handle isn't parallel with the spine of the handle. I talked to a Benchmade customer service rep about the uneven handle and was given authorization and a UPS label to send it in. I sent it in to Benchmade unused so they could have a look at the workmanship. I got the knife and service report back, Benchmade had sharpened the blade without looking at the handle.

Functionally the knife is fine and from other Benchmade knives I own, I know that the S30V steel holds a good edge. It's just disappointing and unexpected to have a defect like this on a knife from Benchmade.

I returned to the store where I bought it and they wouldn't exchange it without my receipt, so now I have a knife that is perfectly functional, but I notice the defect every time I look at it or hold it.