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Product Review (submitted on December 29, 2017):

I purchased this knife about 3-4 years ago with the G10/Aluminum handle and M390 drop point, plain blade and satin finish. I loved the action and solid feeling as soon as I pulled it from the box. I carry it every day. I actually lost it from my pocket one day this past summer while prepping for a ride on my motorcycle. Never happened before and I can only assume I didn't clip it properly on the new rider jeans I was wearing. I thought it was lost forever and I as pretty bummed. I actually found it on the road about a block from home, where I had stopped briefly and gotten off the bike to put my cell phone in the tour pack. I noticed it had a couple of minor scratches on the handle where it had been driven over by vehicles and I was concerned it wouldn't operate properly. The knife opened and operated as smoothly as it ever did the clip fits slightly looser than before but still holds securely in my pocket. I've never had an issue where this knife was found loose or missing before or after this 1 incident. The fact it still operated like new after being left outside for 3 days (one of which was a stormy, rainy day) obviously been run over at least once and probably more speaks well for it's ruggedness and quality. I obviously gave it a good cleaning and still carry this knife every day and use it often. It holds it's edge very well and I couldn't be more satisfied with this knife.

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