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Presidio II Family

Product Review (submitted on January 2, 2018):
This is my 4th Benchmade knife. The other three are a 940-2 Osborne (my EDC), a 183 Contego Fixed Blade (my general purpose bushcraf/tactical knife), and a 7 Hook (in my medical bag for cutting off boots and such). I have been consistently impressed with the build quality, the quality of the steels used, the sharpness of the blades, and the design/appeal to the eye. Benchmade makes beautiful knives at a price point that, while not cheap, are a real value for what you get.

So when I decided to buy a “hard use” folder, I had originally set my heart on a 810 Contego folder to match my fixed blade Contego because I really like the look of that reverse tanto blade. But them my son (who has a serious Benchmade fetish) showed me his 570 Presidio II, I was sold, and I ordered one for myself. I bought mine second hand, but in like brand new condition. It’s a First Production knife - #514 of 1000. When my Presidio II showed up in today’s mail, I was not disappointed. This is a big, beefy, rugged knife for a pocket folder. The Axis action is smooth as butter and it locks up like a bank vault.The blade itself looks thick enough to take a beating, without looking like an abalone pry-bar. And like all Benchmade knives, the cutting edge is scary sharp.

If you buy this knife, you will not be disappointed.