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Product Review (submitted on January 15, 2018):
For as long as I can remember, my father carried a small pocket knife with him every day of his life. He lovingly referred to it as his "chicken sticker". I can remember as a boy wanting so badly to carry my own -- and was excited when I was gifted my first spyderco some 20+ yrs ago. I later received my first benchmade knife as a groomsman's gift roughly six years ago. While the spyderco had served me well, I had never had in my hands such a well made, razor sharp blade that both looked good & actually cut something. Needless to say I was hooked.

I bought the phaeton last year & have used it as my every day carry since I got it. It's mechanical function is snappy & the lock out is solid. It took more than a year for the grit and grime gathered as my EDC before the closing mechanism sometimes failed -- not as a poor function of the knife, just due to the knife being used constantly and gathering dirt & lint in my pocket. Fortunately it was easy to return to the opening/closing mechanism to form just by pulling the knife out and closing it again. I've sent it in for some #lifesharp work & am looking forward to it's return. The Phaeton has a nice smooth handle which makes it easy to get in and out of your pocket. It's also small and discreet enough that it can fit just about anywhere & still be out of the way but easily accessible.

So far, the knife has proven itself to be very durable and versatile. I would highly recommend it as an EDC, but be sure to check and understand your state laws regarding OTF knives.