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Product Review (submitted on February 2, 2018):
I'll start off my review saying that I use to have a Benchmade Stryker I purchased when I was 15. At that time, that $90 was a whole lot of money to me. I really liked that knife a lot and got a lot of compliments on it. Over my teenage years, it was stolen once by a "friend," and lost for a week. I had thought I lost it offroading, but ended up finding it in my gravel driveway about a week later. I assume it was probably ran over at one point, because the belt clip was bent in a little. Almost 10 years later, the knife was stolen again, but this time I never got it back.

Since I loved my stryker so much, I had wanted another benchmade for many years. I finally broke down about a year ago and bought this reasonably priced Casbah. The knife is the cheapest autoloader I had ever seen from Benchmade. The action is smooth from my experience and couldn't expect a better value compared to the prices of other Benchmade autos. It flips out so hard that my it slung out of my wife's hand the first time she opened it. I also really like the safety. My single only gripe about the Casbah is the belt clip. I wear pretty snug jeans, yet I end up catching the clip on all sorts of stuff. I actually just bent the clip out pretty bad by catching it on the foam armrest of my office chair. Otherwise, it's a great knife!