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940/943 Family

Product Review (submitted on February 15, 2018):

I certainly waited too long to own a knife as nice as this. I recently bought the "162 bushcrafter" Benchmade and was so pleased with it that the 940 quickly became my next obsession. I have to say, the green aluminum finish is holding up well. It feels wonderful in the hand and is better than I anticipated. I love the reverse tanto blade. I carry this on me daily and the only detraction I can possibly muster is the clip is tight on jeans pockets. I am reluctant to stretch it out for worry that it won't be secure on thinner pockets. I highly recommend this knife. I have several friends who are very much impressed who say they are looking to buy their own. I have seen knives cheaper, they were cheaper knives. This is by far the best balance of materials, workmanship, and smooth function, I have ever owned in a knife. The Axis lock is a terrific feature. Makes assisted opening a non desired feature as the axis is secure and tight when opened and can be closed without assistance. It deploys to open with a flick. There can be no uncertainty with jurisdictional laws. This is a manual knife that performs better than an assisted or automatic without subjecting you to interpretations of laws. I am retired law enforcement and this is my EDC knife.

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