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Mini BarrageĀ® Family

Product Review (submitted on March 6, 2018):
I've wanted a Benchmade for a long time. For years I have been settling for something more in my price range and liking (but not loving) it because of the blade quality, weight, or overall feel. Within a short time I would find myself on the hunt for a new knife.

Then about 4-5 months ago I purchased the Mini Barrage (satin plain edge blade) with Valox handle as a present to myself.

Hands down this has been my BEST knife purchase and the first time I have not started looking for my next knife.

If you are looking for an EDC knife versatile enough that you can carry whether in the office or elsewhere...then you need to give this knife serious consideration.

* The weight and balance is great for an assisted opener. It seems like the assisted openers run a little heavier. I've become spoiled with assisted openers over the last several years so that functionality was a must.
* Assisted opener - Benchmade makes the best that I have tried to date. It opens with a positive feel.
* Construction - There is no wiggle.
* Size - Perfect for an EDC. It's slightly shorter than my last knife, but I have not missed the length.
* Blade - I've never had a knife so sharp out of the box and it has done great retaining the edge. No spotting or rusting on the blade.
* Valox handle - I was not familiar with this material, but it has a good feel and looks much better than the G10 in this model in my opinion.