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940/943 Family

Product Review (submitted on March 15, 2018):

Long-time Benchmade owner; I have owned several makes over 15 years and my 943 has been my absolute favorite. Over the last few years though I’ve felt their quality and control dept have seriously dropped the ball, the customer service dept is the only reason why I keep buying.
My most recent purchase was a 940-1 which replaced my 10 year old 943 that I unfortunately lost.
The 940’s grind was horrible, blade was obese, not centered, the plunge line was off, and the action was sticky. Lifesharp replaced the blade on my dime for “cosmetic” reasons, blade still sticks a bit but I’m happy with it.
Overall the 940 and 943 still remains my favorite EDC, it’s a great design, but I hesitate to recommend it due to the cost and QC issues. If I had been a first time buyer I’m not sure if I’d buy again. If you do buy one, please buy direct from a dealer so you can see what your purchasing. The design itself is truly wonderful so I hope mine was an “oops” and isn’t becoming BM’s QC norm.

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