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Product Review (submitted on October 7, 2015):
I bought this knife a year ago, plain sheepsfoot blade with orange handle. I've carry it with me everyday, and use it for a variety of tasks. The main reason I carry it is for self extrication out of my vehicle in the event of an accident (knock on wood). I love the sheepsfoot blade design because you can cut clothing off without cutting yourself or your patient. Rescue cutter cuts rope like butter and I imagine it would cut through a seatbelt without a problem. The G10 handle makes it very grippy with/without gloves on. The only con is that it is a little heavy, but it's also sturdy as hell so it's a tradeoff. So far its been extremely reliable, the knife locks perfectly with no wriggle and deploys quickly. The locking mechanism is very sturdy and I like it a lot more than other knives, you can deploy it with the thumbstud or pull back on the axis lock and swing it out and swing it back in. Overall i'm very impressed with the knife, the only con being the weight (tradeoff is reliability and strength).