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Precipice® Family

Product Review (submitted on March 28, 2018):
My wife & kids surprised me with a Benchmade "Precipice" for Christmas (thank you family). The Benchmade replaced my Kershaw ($80 - assisted not an automatic knife). Anyways a friend of mine & I decided to go fishing along the Black River in the White Mountains. The day was coming to an end, the fishing was good & heading back I ended up facing down a black bear. Okay I normally carry a firearm but on this trip for some reason I left it at home, I tried to make myself look as big as possible & made a few loud noises. But this only made the bear more curious. I pulled my Benchmade out of my pocket preparing for what may come & the damn blade would not open, at a time I needed it the most. luckily I kept a backup knife clipped to the side of my pack (which by the way did not fail to open)... No really, I was at home trying to cut some cardboard & the knife wouldn't open. After a few try's it finally opened but then it would not close, I honestly only used the knife a handful of times opening some mail. Seriously though I liked the way the knife felt in my hand but I'm not so sure I could count on it if a situation arose where I needed to depend on it. What if I went hiking & a boulder fell on me pinning my arm & the only way I would survive was to remove my appendage but the knife would not open? Sure I paid the shipping to send the knife back for repairs (It's a $350.00 knife) & have been waiting a few weeks for its return. This was my first Benchmade & I'm not 100% it will be my last but... I have to say my cheap knife has out performed it so far.