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Barrage® Family

Product Review (submitted on April 7, 2018):

This was my first Benchmade product, I had heard a lot of good things about them and not a single bad thing about them. I browsed the site for a couple days and found that the Barrage would be great for me to use daily at work. I was impressed by the quality of the knife and how the spring would open it from any position and the satisfying click once it opened fully. I used it every day working from the day I got it for about 8 months and the blade stayed sharp no matter what I did to it. Unfortunately the knife has gone missing and I cannot find it, it has been a couple months since it went missing so I decided to order another knife from Benchmade. Great product. Great customer support (my order said processing for a long time so I gave them a call and they were able to give me updates on the making and shipment of my knife). Strongly recommend. not a single complaint about the product.

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