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Mini-Reflex II Family

Product Review (submitted on May 9, 2018):
I'll tell you I've had my mini reflex 2 auto over 25 years. I bought for self defense. I've been in a wheelchair for 30 yrs. I only had one issue about 5 yrs after I bought it, that was a fault of my own letting someone use it for 5 minutes the broke the tip off. I sent it back thru my local dealer expecting to pay for a new blade. Instead the company sent me the newer model Reflex 2 and at no charge. I have been impressed with the knife and company. I got my Canceal Carry License and I carry this knife everyday. The issue after all these years the edge is getting a little daul. Which I'll be sending back to get sharpened. Sorry it took so long to write this review. Thank you for a great knife.