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Presidio II Family

Product Review (submitted on June 11, 2018):
I got my Mel Pardue Presidio shortly before going overseas in 2007 and I've carried it nearly every day since then. Like everyone else, I've used the butt of the knife as a makeshift hammer, and the blade as a screwdriver and a pry-bar. On three occasions, I've gone to an airport to catch a flight, forgotten it was on my belt until after I checked my bag, and had to mail it to myself. Two weeks ago I sent it in to Benchmade for the first time, after reading about the LifeSharp program. Of course, it had gotten a little less sharp over the intervening decade, and the opening-assist action was worn out and wouldn't fully open the blade on its own anymore. I just got it back in the mail today. The blade is razor sharp again, and when activated the action opens the blade so quickly it'll almost jump out of your hand if you're not holding on tight :) Cost for the sharpening and refurbishment? $0. What else could you possibly want from a knife or a knife-maker?