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917SBK Tactical Triage

Product Review (submitted on July 7, 2018):
Working as a LEO/Paramedicn, it’s necessary to have a good knife, window punch and strap cutter on you. I have several Rescue Hooks on different sets of gear (Plate Carrier, Jump Bag etc) and multiple Benchmade Knives. Window punches have been pretty clunky for years. While the rescue hooks and knives are great, sometimes you aren’t carrying a full loadout, if you are you may have to prioritize what you have because you can quickly have so much gear you can barely twist or turn. Enter the Tactical Triage having all of these in the package of a standard folder:
- Blade like most of my non-auto Benchmades
- Rescue Hook
- Carbide Window Punch

Pricey? Yes. Benchmade has never been known for being cheap, but quality isn’t low in cost.

If I had one suggestion it would be some sort of locking mechanism for the hook. I still love my 8 Hook with O2
wrench and have one on most of my loadouts, but the Tactical
Triage is perfect for my uses in rapid extrication. Benchmade also does a lot for military and first responders to make it a little cheaper to get quality tools in the hands of those who need them tbe most.